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Evaluation of FAO’s Country Programme in Guatemala 2013-2016


In 2016, the FAO Office of Evaluation Conducted the Evaluation of the FAO’s Country Programme in Guatemala during the period 2013- 2016. FAO's work in the country over the last four years has been guided by its Country Programming Framework (CPF) 2013-2016, prepared in 2012 and approved by the Government of Guatemala in January 2013.

The overall objective of the FAO Country Program Evaluation in Guatemala is to assess the achievement of the results planned in the Country Programming Framework 2013-2016 in order to provide information for the next CPF. The specific objectives of the evaluation are to: (i) assess the relevance of FAO interventions in response to country-prioritized country needs; (Ii) to evaluate FAO's contributions to the results identified in the four priority areas of the MPP; Iii) identify learning and factors that have an impact on the achievement of results; And iv) identify topics and areas where future work could be oriented.

The evaluation covers the entirety of FAO's cooperation with Guatemala in the period 2013-2016, including national, regional and global projects and actions of the regular program of the country office.

The full evaluation report is available to download in Spanish. 


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