Evaluation at FAO

Evaluation of FAO’s contribution to enable inclusive and efficient agricultural and food systems (SO4)


In today’s interconnected world, with globalized food trade and resource flows across different regions, a ‘systems thinking’ for sustainable consumption and production patterns is needed. FAO’s SO4 programme is about broadening perspectives - from a focus on production to a holistic agricultural and food system approach. It seeks to optimize resource efficiencies in the production and delivery of cost-effective, healthy and safe products for all, while ensuring the inclusion and integration of smallholder producers, vulnerable consumer groups and economically weaker countries. The evaluation found the programme highly relevant, yet its food systems approach not well understood. FAO is well-positioned to support countries in developing sustainable food systems; however, it needs to better communicate its value offering and ensure that the skill sets are in place to collaborate with a wider range of stakeholders. Innovative approaches for resource mobilization should be pursued for significant impacts.