Evaluation at FAO

Evaluation of the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund


The Africa Solidarity Trust Fund (ASTF) is a funding vehicle for the pursuit of joint and coordinated action to defeat hunger and malnutrition, improve the livelihood of farmers, and guarantee food and nutrition security for all Africans. An evaluation of the initiative from 2012-2017 shows that ASTF is highly relevant and an important funding mechanism to support African countries in pursuing their set priorities and objectives, in accordance with the commitment of the Malabo Declaration to end hunger in Africa by 2025 and achieve food security. ASTF has been instrumental in funding emerging thematic areas for FAO’s work in Africa, such as youth employment, food safety and resilience interventions. The Fund has also helped FAO reinforce strategic partnerships with key regional development actors in Africa, such as the African Union and SADC. To ensure the Funds’ replenishment, there is need to develop and implement a communication and resource mobilization strategy.

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