Evaluation at FAO

Evaluation of the role and work of the Sub-Regional Office for North Africa (SNE) 2017-2020


The evaluation of the role and work of the Subregional Office for North Africa (SNE) responds to a request from its Coordinator, in a context of constant developments at the subregional and institutional level, to lead a collective reflection on the positioning of the SNE and on the adequacy of its organizational processes. The analysis is based on a staff survey, a participatory internal workshop, a series of individual interviews with staff, and a review of many secondary sources. Reviewing the role of SNE, particularly in relation to the relevant Regional and Country Offices, reveals a need for clarification, and the difficult application of the subsidiarity principle. The role of SNE as a technical support hub for Country Offices is patent, and not entirely served by the skill mix available in SNE. As far as implementation is concerned, the assistance bias in favor of the host country, reveals a need to more clearly distinguish the SNE and national Representation’s missions.