Evaluation at FAO

Evaluation of the project "Integrating climate resilience into agricultural and pastoral production for food security in vulnerable rural areas through the farmers field school approach"


Burkina Faso's socio-economic characteristics and geographical location make it vulnerable to disasters in general and climate change in particular. The project, implemented by FAO from May 2015 to August 2020, aimed to “enhance the capacity of Burkina Faso’s agricultural and pastoral sectors to cope with climate change, by mainstreaming climate change adaptation (CCA) practices and strategies into on-going agricultural development initiatives and agricultural policies and programming and upscaling of farmers adoption of CCA technologies and practices through a network of already established farmer field schools (FFS)”.

The project has contributed highly to the sustainable management of 20 432.75 ha of land and built the capacities of 29 201 beneficiaries, including 10 528 (57 percent women) in farmer field schools/agro-pastoral field schools. However, this result is weakened by the lack of anticipation in formalising collaboration with co-financing partners involved in these activities.

Project code: GCP/BKF/054/LDF
GEF ID: 5014