Evaluation at FAO

Evaluation of the project “Strengthening the adaptive capacity and resilience of rural communities using micro watershed approaches to climate change and variability to attain sustainable food security in Cambodia”


Cambodia is among the Least Developed Countries that continue to struggle with serious environmental issues, among which are climate change, water resources and land degradation. The project, implemented from 2014 to 2020, contributed to build the adaptive capacity of rural communities and reduce their vulnerability to climate change through micro-watershed management and climate resilient agriculture practices through interventions at national, sub-national and community levels. It was designed to address barriers at all levels (local to national) stemming from lack of awareness, knowledge, understanding and capacity concerning climate change adaptation and the absence of alternative livelihoods, particularly affecting rural women.

The evaluation found that the project activities made some important steps in contributing to reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience for climate change adaptation in the pilot communes. While the project managed to implement many of the outputs, a number of issues and delays limited the effectiveness on-the-ground of this innovative yet ambitious project.

Project code: GCP/CMB/036/LDF
GEF ID: 4434