Evaluation at FAO

Evaluation of FAO’s contribution to knowledge on food and agriculture


This evaluation assessed the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of FAO’s knowledge products and services, including quality assurance and dissemination processes. Data for the evaluation were collected from over 3500 stakeholders, users and staff and from over 1200 documents, networks and databases and 50 other evaluations. The evaluation found that FAO produces a broad range of knowledge products and services, which largely respond to the Organization’s mandate. These products and services are recognized for their technical excellence, have enhanced technical knowledge and provided evidence base for policies and programmes. The evaluation also found that sometimes these products and services were designed with limited involvement of users; hence some of them were not tailored enough to users’ needs and are not easily accessible. It recommends that FAO pay greater attention to users’ and learners’ needs in the design of its knowledge products and services and strengthen and apply quality assurance measures and mechanisms consistently.

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