L’évaluation à la FAO

Final evaluation of the project National Food Security Information System in Kyrgyzstan


This evaluation assessed the European Union funded Food Security Information System project in Kyrgyzstan. Using a variety of data collection and analysis methods, it puts forward recommendations to improve sustainability of the existing system and inform the development of future projects. It found that the project is highly relevant to the context of Kyrgyzstan’s economic transition and is consistent with the European Union food security strategies and FAO strategic framework. Considering its ambitious design, the project produced cost-effective outputs; it converted many activities into the expected outputs and this significantly improved the production of reliable data and their dissemination to government partners. It concluded that the project is logical but overdesigned for the level of resources committed to it. Some project outputs were not completed while some activities were performed only as pilot or demonstration. It recommends that FAO and the Government should seek funds to implement the remaining activities, and set up an appropriate results-based monitoring and evaluation system for future projects in the country.

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