L’évaluation à la FAO

Evaluation of FAO’s Contribution in South Sudan


This evaluation assessed the overall FAO country programme in South Sudan, including the response to the 2013 Level 3 emergency and the development, institutional and coordination activities up to December 2015. It found that FAO played an exceptional leadership role in the humanitarian response to the South Sudan crisis and provided livelihood kits to nearly 750,000 households over the two-year period. The Organization built a strong farmer field schools programme in the country, which beneficiaries said has positively impacted their knowledge and agricultural practices. It notes however that in the livestock sector FAO has put its efforts more on emergency delivery of animal health services and paid less attention to the broader more development-oriented work. It notes also that emergency actions have been based largely on analysis and recommendations from the integrated food security phase classification, which appropriately encouraged geographical targeting of conflict areas but was too aggregated for targeting at the district, village or household levels. It recommends that the livestock sector should now receive more attention and that there should be greater differentiation between the most conflict-affected and the less conflict-affected states to facilitate optimal application of developmental approaches.

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