L’évaluation à la FAO

Evaluation of FAO Strategic Objective 5: Increase the Resilience of Livelihoods to Threats and Crises


In the FAO’s Reviewed Strategic Framework 2010-19, Strategic Objective 5 (SO5) was dedicated to “increase the resilience of livelihoods to threats and crises”. This evaluation reviewed the conceptual and planning framework for SO5, FAO’s capacity to translate the framework into action, preliminary results achieved, and FAO’s global positioning in resilience. The evaluation found that collaboration within FAO has markedly improved under SO5, although there are still opportunities for greater synergies between different units, and that FAO has positioned itself well to contribute to the resilience agenda. The renewed international interest in resilience represents an opportunity for FAO. Seizing it will require strengthened operational, programmatic and technical capacity, greater use of pooled funds to mitigate funding unpredictability and investing in resilience capabilities and processes over the long term, an increased attention to training and knowledge management, and dedicated efforts to document and scale up good practices accrued from decades of FAO’s work in resilience.

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