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Bangladesh Food Safety Cluster Evaluation


This report presents the findings of the evaluation on the FAO contribution to food safety in Bangladesh through two projects: Improving Food Safety (GCP/BGD/047/NET) and Institutionalization of Food Safety in Bangladesh for Safer Food (GCP/BGD/054/USA). These projects were implemented by the FAO in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (GCP/BGD/047/NET) and Ministry of Food (GCP/BGD/054/USA). The majority of FAO’s interventions to enhance food safety capacity in Bangladesh were implemented under the two projects.

The overall objective of the evaluation was to identify lessons learned and make recommendations for FAO’s current and future interventions in food safety in Bangladesh. The specific objectives were to i) assess the strategic relevance of the food safety cluster, which consists of the two projects, to national policies, strategies and development objectives; and ii) assess the food safety cluster’s contributions to the results identified under the priority areas and strategic framework of the Country Programming Framework.

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