Оценка в ФАО

Final Evaluation of the Project “Strengthening Agricultural Market Information Systems Globally and in Selected Countries (Bangladesh, India and Nigeria) Using Innovative Methods and Digital Technology”


Food price volatility is one of the major concerns for development practitioners and policymakers worldwide. FAO’s project aimed to address this issue by improving data reliability, timeliness and frequency through capacity development activities in national institutions, as well as developing and piloting improved methodologies in three targeted countries: Bangladesh, India and Nigeria. The evaluation found that the project was appropriate and relevant, but it was limited in scope and coverage due to the small budget and short time frame. FAO’s ability to understand and work with government processes and stakeholders was one important contributing factor for the achievement of the results; however, it is essential to look beyond FAO’s traditional partners (e.g. the private sector and civil society) to achieve holistic project results.  Decentralized institutional arrangements within FAO and oversight committees in the country have proved to be vital for developing project ownership and effective implementation coordination. FAO should continue to promote the use of this committees consisting of key stakeholders for better design, coordination and ownership of projects.

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