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Evaluation of the project on Strengthening the Sustainability of Land Restitution Processes in Colombia


This evaluation assessed the extent to which the project has contributed to strengthening the socioeconomic status of returnee families and families displaced as result of the socio-political conflict in Colombia in the context of land restitution. It found that the project has contributed significantly to the establishment of returnee families and helped improve their livelihood. The technical support has improved institutional capacity of the Land Restitution Unit including their operational and leadership structure. Women participation has been significant in the characterisation of ethnic territories and many of them are now landowners. The evaluation however notes that within the framework of the project, a preliminary analysis of the capacities, preferences and needs of returnee women was not conducted prior to the intervention. It recommends that future projects should seek to address the specific needs of returnee families in order to enhance their sustainability and pay more attention to gender training of the technicians involved. They should involve and work more closely with local territorial authorities.

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