Evaluation at FAO

Evaluation of FAO’s role and work in the humanitarian – development – peace nexus


The HDP nexus or “triple nexus” refers to the interlinkages between humanitarian, development and peace actions and actors, necessary for sustainable development. In his remarks to the General Assembly in December 2016, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres named ‘sustaining peace’ as a pillar of sustainable development along with humanitarian response and development.

These transformations are particularly relevant to FAO which, as a dual mandate agency, finds itself uniquely positioned in relation to the HDP nexus. FAO has a long history of working on issues that address humanitarian relief and development, and through its work on resilience, it has aimed to have a long-term impact on vulnerable populations and their ability to recover from disasters and crises as well as to prevent them.

This strategic, high-level, formative and learning oriented evaluation, will focus on two main purposes:

i) review how FAO has, and is currently, addressing the humanitarian development nexus and implicitly or explicitly engaging with the conflict/peace dimension of the triple nexus, including how this can be strengthened.

ii) provide methodological guidance for evaluating HDP nexus ways of working that can be used in subsequent evaluations.

“Food and agriculture is a basic human right. When you talk about basic human rights it is essential to have peace.” FAO DG, Qu Dongyu