Evaluation at FAO

OED guidance note on evaluation syntheses

This guidance note supports colleagues at the FAO Office of Evaluation with respect to planning, formulating and conducting evaluation syntheses. It could also be used as a reference document for FAO project personnel or partners. A reference table in the guidance note (Table 2) clarifies the main differences in wider evidence synthesis, as well as provides web links to further information. It distinguishes between the types of synthesis which can be appropriate to conduct depending whether less or more time and resources are available.

UNEG Evaluation Competency Framework

This document provides revised evaluation competencies for the United Nations system. UNEG originally published the evaluation competencies in 2008 for heads of evaluation departments and evaluators. These revisions reflect the substantial consensus that evaluation competencies are important not only for evaluators and evaluation unit heads, but also for evaluation commissioners and users.

Norms and Standards for Evaluation

FAO strives for the highest international standards in its evaluation practice. It adheres to norms and standards established by the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG).

These norms and standards provide a benchmark against which all organizations and programmes of the UN system can gauge their performance and aim to strengthen, professionalise and improve the quality of evaluation throughout the UN system.

OED project evaluation manual for decentralized offices - Planning and conducting project evaluations under Budget Holder's responsibility

This manual provides guidance on the planning, formulation and conduct of evaluations of FAO's projects and programmes. It is intended for headquarters and decentralized offices staff who undertake their own evaluation processes with technical guidance and backstopping support from the Office of Evaluation, and for FAO project formulators, Budget Holders (BH) and Liaison Officers who need information related to project evaluation processes and principles.

OED Capacity Development Evaluation Framework

This framework serves as guidance on how OED evaluations can assess the processes and outcomes of FAO capacity development interventions. Although primarily targeting evaluation practitioners, the framework can be used by FAO staff engaged in project design and implementation as well as decentralized offices managing project reviews and evaluations.