L’évaluation à la FAO

Evaluation of the El-Niño response in Zimbabwe: The farmers perspective


To respond to the strongest El Niño events in 50 years crisis in Southern Africa, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) activated a corporate surge to support affected governments and help them restore agricultural production, incomes and assets, and increase household access to nutritious food.

In 2018 an evaluation team visited farmers in the field across different communities, and asked how FAO supported them in coping with the crisis, what they have learned, and if their livelihoods have improved as a result of the response.

This video showcases the experiences of farmers in Zimbabwe, providing their perspectives through lessons that can be useful to other farmers, and translated into improved strategic and programmatic approaches on the part of decision-makers, resource partners and implementing agencies.

Dowload the full evaluation report here.