XV World Forestry Congress

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The future is now: Investing in young forestry professionals and career development

May 5, 2022 | 9:00 AM KST - 11:30 AM KST

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Event programme
Press release: Young people call for more opportunities, training and political participation in the forest sector

The forest sector is evolving: views of and within the sector are changing and there is a wider variety of stakeholders engaged in forest-related issues than ever before. The sector’s workforce is ageing and there is a challenge to find professionals with a balance of sufficient technical and soft skills to deal with a growing number of diverse stakeholders and to navigate the sector’s evolution. At the same time, it is important for the sector to recognize the expertise and contributions of its youth, providing an enabling environment that allows young professionals to thrive and grow into leaders. In this context, the forest sector needs to invest in its young professionals. This investment needs to go beyond financial efforts to include career development strategies that incorporate time, experience, mentorship and opportunities for young professionals to showcase their expertise, share knowledge and network with their peers.


This session will provide insights to and recommendations for improving career development within the forest sector, and to promote a culture and/or establish a space for young professionals to share their expertise and perspectives within the sector and at conferences. The event will also launch a new global network for young professionals in the forest sector (ForYP).

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