FAO Global Conference on Animal Health Innovation, Reference Centres and Vaccines

Improving animal health for sustainable livestock transformation and One Health implementation

23/09/2024 - 25/09/2024

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is organizing its first-ever Global Conference on Animal Health Innovation, Reference Centres and Vaccines from 23 to 25 September at FAO headquarters. The event aims to advance global efforts to enhance animal health, prevent disease outbreaks, and promote sustainable livestock production and One Health implementation, all while protecting human health and food security.

This conference will provide a forum for FAO Members to discuss major challenges and priorities in animal health and One Health. With the active participation of reference centres, vaccine developers and producers, veterinary laboratories, research institutions, and development partners, it will serve as a collaborative platform to develop targeted solutions, foster innovation to tackle global and regional issues, and advocate for best practices to transform the livestock sector.

In line with FAO Strategic Framework 2022-31 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the theme highlights the importance of strengthening the reference centres networks and increase accessibility of quality vaccines and support vaccination strategies aimed at improving animal health to make livestock systems more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable, including safeguarding public health and facilitating trade in livestock and animal products.


  • Provide Member countries with a platform for collaborative support in addressing key priorities and challenges across diverse regions.
  • Offer a comprehensive overview of FAO's mandate in controlling animal and zoonotic diseases, managing health emergencies, facilitating vaccine procurement, and advancing capacity-building s aligned with the SDGs.
  • Create platform between FAO Members and stakeholders, to develop targeted solutions, drive innovation, and advocate for sustainable livestock transformation.
  • Highlight the critical role of veterinary vaccines in disease control and eradication, underscoring current challenges and exploring innovative approaches in vaccinology, and ensuring the availability, accessibility of high-quality vaccines for effective animal health protection.
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