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Access to Markets

Manila, 10/06/2021 10/06/2021
The event aims to inform, educate, and learn about the issues and challenges of the challenges facing family farmers in accessing markets in local and global value chains.

Sustainable Fishing

Manila, 09/06/2021 09/06/2021
The event aims to increase the understanding of the participants about the issues faced by small scale men and women fishers in the Asia Pacific region.

Agroecological Organic Production Systems

Manila, 08/06/2021 08/06/2021
The event aims to inform and educate the participants about the challenges of the present food system and the role of agroecology and organic production systems in addressing these issues. [...]

Climate Change Adaptation

Manila, 07/06/2021 07/06/2021
The event aims to inform and educate the participants about the challenges of the present food system and how adaptation of climate change innovation systems can address these issues.

Our Small Scale Fishers' Matters

Negombo, 07/06/2021 07/06/2021
The National Fisheries Solidarity (NAFSO) is organising a webinar on the 7th of June to celebrate the launch of the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture (IYAFA 2022). 

Food Systems Independent Dialogue: The transformative potential of the UNDFF towards sustainable, resilient, inclusive and viable food systems

ARKAUTE Araba , 03/06/2021 03/06/2021
The UNDFF has recognized the key role of family farmers towards ensuring global and local food security, strengthening sustainable food systems, eradicating poverty, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development. [...]

UN Decade of Family Farming: leveraging on successful results to scale-up implementation towards sustainable food systems

Rome, 27/05/2021 28/05/2021
The event aims to complement information gathered during the data collection exercise for reporting on the results of the first biennium; discuss policy solutions implemented for the support of family farming.   [...]

2nd Virtual Conference for the Exchange of Experiences of the AFCI of COPROFAM

Montevideo, 30/04/2021 30/04/2021
The main experiences of the meeting are the HortiCrece Program, active in the Chilean region of O'Higgins, and the history of the Cooperative Unit No. 1 in Cololó (UCNº 1), [...]

Regional Policy Forum on Developing Public Policies for Family Farming: Reaching Out to the Grassroots through Participatory Policy Making

Los Baños Philippines, 27/04/2021 27/04/2021
The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA), in partnership with the Asian Farmers' Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA) and the Food and Agriculture [...]

FAO Brussels Dialogue - Exchanges with the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU

Brussels, 14/04/2021 14/04/2021
Strengthening family farming-centred food systems Pathways for global transformations
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