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Regional Dialogue on the UNDFF in the NENA Region

Cairo, 19/05/2022 19/05/2022
This Regional Dialogue feeds to the Global Forum of the UN Decade of Family Farming 2019 – 2028 (UNDFF) to assess the main challenges faced and identify the policy areas and key topics [...]

Global Conference: Family Farming at the core of Sustainable Food Systems

Rome, 23/11/2021 26/11/2021
The World Rural Forum is organising this Global Conference with the wish to scale up the implementation of the UNDFF 2019-2028 towards more sustainable and resilient food systems.

United Nations Decade of Family Farming officially launched in Tunisia

Tunisi, 11/11/2021 11/11/2021
The United Nations Decade of Family Farming (2019-2028) has officially been launched in Tunisia by the Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries, Mahmoud Elyes Hamza.

Family Farming week in the SICA Region

San José, 25/10/2021 29/10/2021
The SICA Family Farming Week 2021 aims at generating a space for consultation, dialogue and validation of the guidelines for the pillars of the Action Plan in the SICA Region. [...]

International Symposium on Globally Important Agricultural Heritage and Family Farming

Tokyo, 18/10/2021 20/10/2021
The Symposium will focus on how the main features of GIAHS sites and the UN Decade of Family Farming action plan can jointly strengthen the multidimensionality of family farming.

UNDFF Action Plans: A Pathway for Food Systems Transformation in Asia

Manila, 06/10/2021 07/10/2021
On the first day the event will combine case presentations about UNDFF Action Plans and a plenary debate with the aim of sharing experiences. On the second day the experiences presented [...]

Young Farmers’ Roundtable for the support of youth and the generational sustainability of Family Farming

Rome, 04/10/2021 05/10/2021
The Roundtable will explore how the UNDFF can help young farmers and their organizations to bring results, in particular through the implementation of activities in its Global Action Plan transversal [...]

UNDFF Action Plans: A Pathway for Food Systems Transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean

Santiago de Chile, 29/09/2021 29/09/2021
The event will combine case presentations and a plenary discussion aiming to share experiences and encourage collaboration of relevant actors to implement the UNDFF 2019-2028 in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Strengthening Women's Leadership in Family Farming and Sustainable Food Systems

Manila, 30/07/2021 30/07/2021
The purpose of these virtual meetings will be to strengthen the capacities of women family farmers and their leadership role within the framework of the UNDFF.

Review and Finalization of the Regional Action Plan for Family Farming in South Asia

Bangkok, 29/07/2021 29/07/2021
This follow up regional consultation meeting aims to present, validate and endorse the draft Regional Action Plan for Family Farming in South Asia.
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