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Does the payment method matter in online shopping behaviour?

Study on the Romanian market of vegetables during the pandemic crisis

Abstract: The present study, centred on customer online shopping behaviours, aims at analysing the frequency of vegetable acquisition and its main determining factors, while considering different methods of payment, i.e. cash, debit card, and bank transfer on the Romanian market. Using data obtained from a questionnaire applied nationwide, a descriptive analysis and logistic regression were performed. An immature market in terms of digitalisation, characterised by the customers’ mistrust in online bank transfers, but also in products sold online was observed. In addition, the income, education, gender, and size of the household appeared to be significant in relation to the frequency of online orders for vegetables. Moreover, our results indicated that a higher customer readiness for a high price, large quantity, and a monthly delivery subscription comes bundled with a higher frequency of acquisition in the case of bank transfers. Our findings are especially focusing on the vegetable local producers’ promotion process, with its main desideratum of properly responding through adaptation to the continuously changing customers’ requirements, particularly when special contexts like the pandemic appear. Accordingly, our paper intended to offer several concrete responses in this regard, indicating some possible paths for better managing the communication process on the vegetable market.

Title of publication: Agricultural Economics
Volumen: 70
N.0: 2024 (1)
ISSN: 0139-570X
Intervalo de páginas: 34-47
Autor: Ioan Sebastian Brumă
Otros autores: Cristina Cautisanu, Lucian Tanasă, Simona-Roxana Ulman, Meda Gâlea, Alexandra Raluca Jelea
Organización: Gheorghe Zane Institute for Economic and Social Research Romanian Academy Iasi Branch
Otras organizaciones: Integrated Centre of Environmental Science Studies in the North East Region (CERNESIM), Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Academy of Romanian Scientists
Año: 2024
País(es): Romania
Cobertura geográfica: Unión Europea
Tipo: Artículo de revista especializada
Idioma utilizado para los contenidos: English

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