Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Talamh Beo

Type of Organization: Farmers' organization
Areas of work: Agroecology
Region: Europe and Central Asia
Country: Ireland
We believe that farmers and communities should be at the centre of decision-making for food and agriculture systems and developing agricultural policies. We stand for a system which puts the power back into the hands of farmers, communities and citizens instead of corporate interests and industrial agriculture and food production. Talamh Beo are Ireland’s only members of the European Coordination Via Campesina – itself part of La Via Campesina, the international movement of farmers with more than 180 member organisations in 82 countries. Talamh Beo are working for agroecology, regenerative farming and food sovereignty. We stand for: 1. Food, fuel and fibre sovereignty 2. Land use which improves social, economic and environmental conditions 3. Resilient rural and farming communities 4. Direct access to culturally appropriate, nutrient dense, quality and local food 5. Every citizen having access to healthy, regionally produced, affordable food from farmers they can trust