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Fact sheet
EU CAP Network Factsheet Innovation, Knowledge exchange | Farm data for better farm performance

Digital technologies and data-based solutions can help farmers work more precisely, efficiently and sustainably. Read the factsheet Farm data for better farm performance including knowledge gaps and research needs, more information and inspirational ideas.  
European Union
2023 - EU CAP Network

Blog article
The Innovation Award for Women Farmers

This competition was developed by Copa-Cogeca to shed a light on the hundreds of innovative projects conducted every year all over Europe by Women farmers. In 2023 it will particularly showcase the innovative and novel solutions implemented by women that are supporting all the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental...
European Union
2023 - Copa&Cogeca

Working paper
Agroecological practices are widely used by African farmers

The Viability of Agroecological Practices in Africa Project Team
Agroecology is a body of knowledge, practices and political movements that aims to support transformation of food and agricultural systems to long-term social and environmental sustainability. African farmers face multiple challenges, and agroecology has been proposed as contributing to solutions and hence is being supported and promoted on the continent....
Burkina Faso - Ethiopia - Kenya - Madagascar - Malawi - Senegal - Tunisia - United Republic of Tanzania
2023 - Viability Project Team. 2023. Agroecological practices are widely used by African farmers. Working Paper 2. Bogor, Indonesia and Nairobi, Kenya: CIFOR-ICRAF: The Transformative Partnership Platform on Agroecology.

Policy brief/paper
Agroecology dialogue series - The interface between agroecology and territorial approaches for food systems transformation

T his paper presents five main findings and key recommendations (see summary in Figure 1) of a dialogue that explored how integrating agroecology† and territorial approaches†† might support and accelerate a systemic transformation at scale in food systems. Agroecology offers values and principles that underpin sustainable solutions to challenges around...
2023 - ©FAO, Biovision Foundation, Food Policy Forum for Change, and Agroecology Coalition

Policy brief/paper
Agroecology dialogue series - Beyond the farm: Exploring the synergies between agroecology and conservation communities

T his paper presents five main messages and key recommendations of a dialogue that explored opportunities and limitations of agroecology to address conservation needs beyond the farm. The messages hereby presented look beyond classical on-farm conservation approaches (e.g. conservation of local crop varieties and crop wild relatives) and focus instead...
2023 - ©FAO, Biovision Foundation, Food Policy Forum for Change, and Agroecology Coalition

Blog article
Albania, Jordan, and Morocco: FAO project to accelerate food systems transformation pathways

 Food systems stakeholders in Albania, Jordan, and Morocco have gotten a boost from a project funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy and implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to operationalize their food systems transformation pathways. “SFS-MED: a multi-stakeholder...
Albania - Jordan - Morocco
2023 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Policy brief/paper
Agroecology dialogue series - Agroecology as a response to agri-input scarcity

T his paper presents four main findings and key recommendations of a dialogue that explored the role of agroecology in increasing resilience to agriinput scarcity in the context of the current global food crisis. It aims to support and feed into the Coalition for food systems transformation through Agroecology (Agroecology...
2023 - ©FAO, Biovision Foundation, Food Policy Forum for Change, and Agroecology Coalition

Nuevos enfoques para el desarrollo rural en los territorios

La representación de FAO en Chile, en articulación con la Subsecretaría de Desarrollo Regional y Administrativo (SUBDERE), del Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública de Chile, le invitan a participar del Trayecto de Capacitación ofrecido a través del Núcleo de Capacitación en Políticas Públicas (FAO para América Latina y el...
2023 - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU): Master of Science in Agroecology

Students learn about farming and food systems, acquire communication and facilitation skills, and become able to turn theory into action. Students also learn how to reflect and to open up to new ideas while recognizing the goals, needs and interests of their co-workers. The program is designed to develop agroecologists...
2023 - Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)

Blog article
Putting the evaluation pieces in place to assess the next CAP’s performance

Feeding Europe’s growing population requires more sustainable food production, but another summer of extreme weather, alongside severely disrupted supply chains, have once again highlighted the need to move towards a more resilient and regenerative food system – and the next Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) (2023 - 2027) is set to...
European Union
2023 - EU CAP Network

Blog article
Blé et guerre en Ukraine : quels impacts pour l’Afrique ?

Alors que le conflit russo-ukrainien s’installe dans la durée, l’approvisionnement en blé des pays d’Afrique qui dépendent de l’extérieur constitue une source d’inquiétude majeure. Cet approvisionnement est avant tout tributaire des capacités de l’Union européenne et de la Russie à exporter et la réduction de l’offre ukrainienne en blé renforce...
2023 - FARM (Fondation pour l’agriculture et la ruralité dans le monde)

IX Congreso Internacional de Agroecología - Cultivando Sistemas Alimentarios Locales de Base Agroecológica

el Laboratorio de Historia de los Agroecosistemas ( de la Universidad Pablo de Olavide y el think tank Alimentta ( son los organizadores del IX Congreso Internacional de Agroecología, que tendrá lugar en Sevilla (estado español), en las instalaciones de la Universidad Pablo de Olavide entre el 19 y el...
2023 - University Pablo de Olavide

Seeding Tomorrow

Seeds and people: we have shaped each other. Throughout most of our history, people have chosen the most resilient, most productive, most nutritious seeds. Those seeds have nourished us for the following year, and the year after that. Sowing, selecting, saving and sharing the source of new life was an intrinsic...
2023 - The Gaia Foundation

Discover and protect Kitarasa Banana

Slow Food reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding banana biodiversity in East Africa
The Kitarasa Banana is an important element of food culture at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. This banana variety is used to make flour for porridge, to produce a traditional local beer and as mixture with traditional dishes. Nevertheless, Kitarasa producers are decreasing, due to changes in culture, lifestyle, poor...

CSA as a LifeCOACH

CSA as a LifeCOACH, a film developed by filmmakers Ondrej Sovik and Martin Matej, explores the value of mentorship and apprenticeship in small-scale, agroecological farming in the beating world of community-supported agriculture (CSA). To resist the loss of agroecological knowledge, to combat the devastating consequences of climate change, and to...
Czechia - Hungary - Italy
2023 - Asociace místních potravinových iniciativ

Blog article
Las tortillas de maíz nativo, riqueza en biodiversidad y bioculturalidad

En el artículo, el Dr. Alejandro Espinosa de Cibiogem habla de la necesidad de preservar los maíces nativos mexicanos para cuidar la diversidad biológica y nuestras tortillas, alimento principal de México.
2023 - Vía Orgánica

Inspirational idea: Controlling wireworms in potato production

Austrian Operational Group looking for alternative, environmentally friendly control methods. Wireworms, the larvae of click beetles, cause major losses in potato production across Europe. The situation in recent years seems to be worsening due to climate change as Johannes Mayer, Austrian potato farmer explains: “Wireworm damage is more significant in drier...
2023 - EIP-AGRI

FAO Forestry Programme

Through its Forestry Programme, FAO seeks to have transformational impacts that benefit forests and forest-dependent people and help achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals. FAO’s approach balances economic, social and environmental objectives to enable the present generation to benefit from the Earth’s forest resources...
2023 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Blog article
Thematic Group on Rural Youth Employment: the Voice of Rural Youth 

One of the priorities for moving European rural youth forward is to create sustainable and high-quality rural jobs accessible to young people. Rural youth unemployment rates are higher than the average throughout the EU and rural employment opportunities tend to be relatively limited, with a prevalence of seasonal jobs.    Supporting youth...
European Union
2023 - EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Network

Guía de Agroecología para Municipios

Propuestas de políticas públicas para la promoción y protección de la agroecología a nivel municipal
La agroecología constituye un cambio de paradigma en términos productivos, socio-ambientales, filosóficos y espirituales, basado en una relación armoniosa con la naturaleza de la que somos parte como humanidad. El enfoque agroecológico procura el desarrollo de agroecosistemas sustentados en los procesos de los ecosistemas naturales y promueve la independencia de...
2023 - Dirección Nacional de Agroecología - Subsecretaría de Alimentos, Bioeconomía y Desarrollo Regional
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