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Blog article
The day I adopted an olive tree

A year ago this week, I adopted an olive tree. I called it Carmen, after my grandmother. Whenever I want to know about my tree I just need to open an app that I have installed on my mobile phone. I can see pictures of it and whether it has...
2017 - SIMRA

Learning Journey on LSPA in Lebanon

Learning Journey on Local Solidarity Partnerships for Agroecology between producers and consumers in Lebanon, November 22-25, 2017
Urgenci, the international network of Local Solidarity Partnerships for Agroecology between producers and consumers (LSPA) and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). As part of the 3-year mutual commitment, the Mediterranean network, including members...
Algeria - Egypt - France - Greece - Italy - Jordan - Lebanon - Palestine - Tunisia - Türkiye
2017 - Urgenci

Learning journey to Lebanon

Between November 22 - 25, 2017 Lebanon hosted the 2nd Learning Journey on LSPA: Local Solidarity Partnerships for Agro-ecology between producers and consumers. Around 20 facilitators from 11 Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria) participated and shared their experiences through meetings and site...
Algeria - Egypt - France - Greece - Italy - Jordan - Lebanon - Palestine - Syrian Arab Republic - Tunisia - Türkiye
2017 - Urgenci

Learning Journey on LSPA in Turkey

Towards a Mediterranean Training for Local and Solidarity -based Partnerships for Agroecology
How to strengthen producers-consumers relationships ? This activity is one of the numerous exercises to be tried out during Urgenci's learning journeys. The latest of these journeys took place in Turkey 4-8 October, thanks to the support from the Civil Society Team of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Some tasks...
2017 - Urgenci

¡Compartiendo la cosecha!

Sharing the Harvest!
Ecologistas en Acción finally published the e-book : Compartiendo la cosecha: Agricultura Apoyada por la Comunidad, una guía ciudadana, a Spanish version of Sharing the Harvest, by Elizabeth Henderson y Robyn Van En. In this Spanish translation of the thoroughly revised and expanded classic, Elizabeth Henderson provides us with valuable...
2017 - Ecologistas en Acción

Afghanistan’s Milky Way

The two women in this story are among 8,000 Afghan milk farmers, mostly women, who were introduced to the business through the dairy cooperative movement. Founded by FAO in 2002, the movement is expanding steadily and is now based on thriving co-operative-managed enterprises, thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation...
2017 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Blog article
The Omnibus regulation has been adopted for agriculture

The Omnibus Regulation for agriculture has been adopted on the 13th December 2017, as a separate act from the rest of the proposed Omnibus regulation. It brings several changes in the implementation of the current CAP for the first and second pillars, aiming to simplify the implementation of the policy. New...
2017 - Euromontana

Blog article
An online market to connect small farmers with urban consumers

Adelaide.Farm is a project that built up an online market for small farmers to connect with the urban consumers in south Portugal. Through the website, the consumers can buy products (from a responsible agriculture) and even have an online vegetable garden, while the farmers can sell their products at fair...
2017 - Euromontana

Book Announcement and Call for Papers: Farmer Innovations and Best Practices by Shifting Cultivators in Asia-Pacific

A trilogy of books has been designed as a sequel to the highly-acclaimed publication "Voices from the Forest: Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into Sustainable Upland Farming" (RFF Press, 2007) that brought scientific attention to indigenous innovations in improved fallow management. A third and final volume, edited by Malcolm F. Cairns and with the continued assistance...
2017 - Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research

Farming Nature: Bulgaria

In this video we travel to West Stara Planina, Bulgaria, in the south-eastern corner of Europe. We will learn how High Nature Value grasslands are preserved in this country by enthusiastic farmers like Pavlin Antonov, who apply rotational mob grazing to ensure the best production and environmental value in his...
2016 - European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism

Farming Nature: Ireland - Community and Conservation on Achill Island

Filmed on Achill Island in September 2015 this video highlights the Natura 2000 habitats Machair Grassland and Upland Heath, both present on the Island. Supporting the type of traditional extensive farming that is practiced here is essential for maintaining these habitats. Taking a more targeted approach to agri-environment schemes can...
2016 - European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism

Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas - newsletter

SIMRA (Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas) is a four-year project (2016-2020) funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. It aims to advance understanding of social innovation and innovative governance in agriculture, forestry and rural development – and how to boost them – in marginalised rural areas across Europe...
2016 - Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas

Blog article
Climate change – A positive contribution from the mountains

From 3 to 5 October 2016, around 260 mountain actors (researchers, farmers, environmentalists, elected representatives from local and regional authorities, representatives of chambers of commerce and development adeclaration finale bragancagencies) met in Bragança, Portugal during the X European Mountain Convention organised by Euromontana.
European Union
2016 - EuroMontana

Research for Regi committee - cohesion in mountainous regions of the EU

Their specific potentials and opportunities of mountain areas need to be considered as much as their challenges. Mountain areas are too diverse to elaborate an integrated European strategy. However, a framework for development strategies in mountain areas can be developed, taking into account the specific challenges and importance of mountain...
European Union
2016 - European Parliament

Vulnerability of Pacific Island agriculture and forestry to climate change

Pacific Island countries and territories already face a range of development challenges due to their specific geographic and socio-economic characteristics, and their generally high exposure to natural hazards. The projected changes to the climate of the Pacific Island region over the coming decades present another challenging dimension that the region...
2016 - Pacific Community

X° European Mountain Convention Mountains’ vulnerability to climate change: how can people and territories adapt and mitigate its effects?

Mountain areas have difficult climatic and environmental conditions, but mountain people are used to adapting to these. Thanks to their great experience of innovation and adaptation, they have already started to tackle the challenge of climate change. This X European Mountain Convention will present a state-of-the-art of the situation in...
2016 - euromontana

1,000-year-old agricultural practice, China's solution to sustainable farming

"More than a thousand years old practice of raising fish in rice paddies by Chinese farmers not only preserves environment, but also benefits local community", said Jose Graziano da Silva, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, in Qingtian county, in East China's Zhejiang province,...
2016 - China Daily

Film from summermountain farming with goats in Norway, Norsk seterkultur

This short film is showing a bit from the daily life on a summer mountain goat farm I Western Norway. It shows a modern and mechanized summer mountain farm with mechanized milking. The milk is preceded and on the farm. The chesse is sold from the farm and delivered to...
2016 - Norsk seterkultur

Magazine article
Improving access to vegetable seeds for resilient family farms in Costa Rica

A group of coffee farmers in Turrialba, Costa Rica, is successfully exploring diversification options with horticultural food crops. This is being done in collaboration with two vegetable seed banks that allow family farmers to use varieties freely under the multilateral system of FAO´s International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for...
Costa Rica
2016 - ILEIA - centre for learning on sustainable agriculture

Agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics - 2015

Globalisation, climate change, population growth and urbanisation are all having an impact on the world’s agriculture. Through the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which accounts for the biggest share of the EU budget, the EU is driving developments in this strategic sector. Latest figures show that farming employs over 20 million...
2016 - European Union
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