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‘Local’ Level Analysis of FNS Pathways in Spain

Exploring two case studies: New initiatives of peri-urban agriculture and Food and Nutrition Security in remote rural areas
This report is focussed peri-urban agriculture and food and nutrition security remote rural areas in Spain. This report presents the interpretations of the researchers, and does not necessarily reflect the views and nuances of the initiatives and respondents themselves. In total there are nine separate ‘local’ level analysis reports from...
2016 - Universitat Politècnica de València

Innovative markets for sustainable agriculture

How innovations in market institutions encourage sustainable agriculture in developing countries
The key issues that this volume addresses are innovations in organizational and institutional arrangements that have enabled the creation of local markets for sustainably farmed agricultural products or, rather, “institutional innovations”. Institutional innovations can be described as new rules and forms of interactions. They help redefine sustainable practices locally and...
Benin - Bolivia (Plurinational State of) - Ecuador - India - Indonesia - Iran (Islamic Republic of) - Namibia - Nigeria - Philippines - Thailand - Trinidad and Tobago - Uganda - United Republic of Tanzania
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Referente Agrícola: Uso y manejo responsable de productos agroquímicos

Podcast trimestral del Programa Intensificación Sustentable en América Latina del CIMMYT, donde se abordan temáticas relevantes a la implementación de prácticas y tecnologías sustentables en el campo.
2016 - Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y Trigo (CIMMYT)

Case study
A change made by women-friendly agro-markets

The building of a zinc shelter in the market at Morahang, Nepal, has helped hundreds of women farmers to trade their produce. The initiative came as a result of reform of the market management committee to be led by local women.
2016 - ActionAid Nepal

The World of Organic Agriculture 2016

Statistics & Emerging Trends 2016
Organic agriculture is practiced in 172 countries, and 43.7 million hectares of agricultural land are managed organically by approximately 2.3 million farmers. The global sales of organic food and drink reached 80 billion US dollars in 2014. The 17th edition of The World of Organic Agriculture, published by the Research Institute...
2016 - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL

Blog article
Celebrating International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 2016

August 9 is International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. This year’s theme is Indigenous Peoples and Education to highlight the importance of education and preserving indigenous knowledge.   Around the world, many indigenous people cannot access the basic right to education. Their traditional methods of teaching, learning, and cultivating food are...
2016 - FoodTank

Blog article
Animal welfare deserves better from investment policy

International finance institutions and member state export credit agencies continue to invest in projects outside the EU involving cruel farm animal confinement systems banned in the EU. Better joined-up thinking is needed with regard to investment policy and animal welfare, writes Joanna Swabe.
European Union
2016 - EuroActive

Farmers’ testimonies on Conservation Agriculture in Timor-Leste

Eight small-scale Timorese farmers (four men and four women) from four municipalities explain their experiences in testing and adopting conservation agriculture in Timor-Leste. 
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Blog article
La France, championne d’Europe de l’agriculture bio en circuit court, mais plus pour longtemps ?

Une fois n’est pas coutume, la France est en pointe en Europe dans le développement de circuits courts, qui associent agriculteurs et consommateurs pour des produits de qualité vendus au prix le plus juste pour chacun. L’agriculture biologique poursuit également son essor : 21 nouvelles fermes en bio se créent ou...

Learning from the way peasants assess their farm

Whereas yield increases are considered central in modernised agriculture, they can be seen as just one element of impact in peasant family farming. In assessing their farms, peasants depart from the specificities of their farm, the ecosystem in which it is embedded, and the community, markets and family dynamics in which...
2016 - Cultivate!

Well dried seed is good seed

Farmers face great difficulties with drying their seeds because seed absorbs moisture from the soil. As a result, seed quality deteriorates, and no-one can expect good yields by using poor quality seed. In this video you can see how farmers of Maria village solved this problem. Now they are no...
2016 - Access Agriculture

Journal article
Beyond ‘voting with your chopsticks’: Community organising for safe food in China

This paper describes the recent emergence of alternative food networks in China in the context of widespread food quality concerns. Drawing on interviews and public blog posts, we illustrate how participants in these networks are moving beyond instrumental market relations and developing the collective agency necessary to participate in shaping...
2016 - Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)

Promotion of non-wood forest products-based micro-enterprise in the Near East and North Africa Region

Regional Workshop Report
The Near East and North Africa (NENA) region has limited forest resources with limited potential for timber production. However, NENA forests has huge potential for the production of a wide range of NonWood Forest Products (NWFPs) and the utilization of NWFPs by local communities for food, fodder, medicine and income...
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Blog article
Ukraine and FAO sign 4-year cooperation agreement

Under the terms of an agreement, FAO will work with Ukraine to help the country improve its business climate, develop the agri-food production chain, facilitate access to markets, improve food security, carry out land reform, better manage natural resources and cope with climate change. The “FAO Country Programming Framework for Ukraine...
2016 - Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations

Blog article
AfDB President offers roadmap towards agriculture transformation at TICAD Summit

The President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Akinwumi Adesina, has outlined a roadmap towards the transformation of agriculture in Africa. The President laid emphasis on combating malnutrition in children, turning African farmlands into major suppliers of food for export and putting funds at the disposal of local banks to...
2016 - African Development Bank (AfDB)

Magazine article
Participatory Guarantee Systems - A platform for knowledge exchange

The significance and value of local and traditional farmers’ knowledge on improving agricultural practices is gaining more and more recognition. Participatory Guarantee Systems have been shown to hold great potential, to encourage knowledge sharing between farmers, and thus contribute to nurturing farmers’ knowledge.
2016 - Leisa India

Blog article
Pesticide manufacturers’ own tests reveal serious harm to honeybees

Unpublished field trials by pesticide manufacturers show their products cause serious harm to honeybees at high levels, leading to calls from senior scientists for the companies to end the secrecy which cloaks much of their research.
European Union
2016 - EurActiv

Reviving soils with mucuna

In the coastal savanna of West Africa, farmers explain how a mucuna cover crop helped to revive their highly degraded soil, and suppress the noxious weeds Striga and Imperata. They show how to grow it to benefit your maize and cassava, and why discussing land tenure in your community really...
2016 - Access Agriculture

Expositores participam de oficina de capacitação para a Biofach

Nos dias 13 e 14 de dezembro começa a Oficina de Capacitação para a feira Biofach, que acontece em fevereiro de 2017 na Alemanha. O evento acontece em Brasília e os agricultores familiares que levarão os produtos para o evento receberão orientação para alavancar as vendas. Além de técnicos da Secretaria Especial de...
2016 - Secretaria Especial de Agricultura Familiar e do Desenvolvimento Agrário (SEAD)

Traditional and new women’s roles in rural areas

Entering Poland to European Union which resulted in accepting The Common Agricultural Policy caused a variety of changes in polish villages and countries. Previous problems of rural areas like fragmentation and low efficiency of farms, bad financial situation of inhabitants, high rate of unemployment, relatively low educational level and lack...
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