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Revitalizing small scale agriculture in Zimbabwe Conservation Agriculture using the 2 wheel tractor

In Zimbabwe, small-scale farmers are contributing immensely to the agricultural production of the country. Since Independence, they have been the main players in the production of crops like cotton and maize and have lately even taken over tobacco production. They are not only growing food to feed themselves; they also...
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Blog article
Les jeunes et le secteur rural : les victimes du chômage au Maroc

Le premier trimestre est souvent encourageant mais pour celui-ci ce n’est pas du tout le cas. Surtout en termes d’emplois. Et le secteur agricole et celui qui en souffre le plus. En milieu rural, l’agriculture a enregistré d’énormes pertes d’emplois, établissant le nombre de chômeurs au niveau national de 1,16...

Inflection Point: Unlocking growth in the era of farmer finance

Learning Lab & Initiative for Smallholder Finance
Following decades of more singular approaches to providing smallholder farmers with financial services, the smallholder finance industry is now marked by a more diverse set of actors – financial service providers, funders, market and research platforms, and technical assistance providers – yielding new approaches to collaboration and greater access to information...
2016 - Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab

Newsletter article
Job creation and social inclusion

Outreach Local economic development Attracting revenue
Job creation is a challenge everywhere in Europe, including in fisheries areas, whether coastal or inland. Nevertheless, many fisheries areas have specific opportunities they can exploit, within but also outside of traditional fishing activities, and often linked to the attractiveness of the areas concerned. A challenge, however, is to broaden...
2016 - FARNET

Blog article
Pioneering Kyrgyzstan farmer catches the quinoa wave

As protein-rich quinoa becomes a trendy food choice worldwide, one pioneering farmer in remote Kyrgyzstan is reaping the benefits. Azamat Kaseev in Kyrgyzstan’s Issyk-Kul province harvested his quinoa crop earlier this month. Equipment, training, field testing and more were provided under an FAO project designed to test the feasibility of quinoa...
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Blog article
La FAO au chevet des oasis maghrébines

En Afrique du Nord, la superficie des oasis est estimée à environ 350.000 ha. Elles représentent un creuset de vie pour les populations locales qui y puisent leurs ressources. Consciente de leur valeur économique et sociale ainsi que de leur contribution à la sécurité alimentaire des communautés oasiennes et la conservation...
Mauritania - Morocco - Tunisia
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Global Food Forum 2016

The agri-food sector is at the crossroads between huge opportunities and massive pressure. Every single decision needs to be informed by a wide range of factors, where citizen expectations, breakthrough technologies and consumption patterns in developed but also in developing countries are only the tip of the iceberg.  To cope with...

Dimitra Newsletter: Rural women’s empowerment and collective action

Just one year ago, world leaders committed to working towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) designed to change the course of the 21st century and address challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, education, etc. All these objectives are inextricably linked, and the success of one often depends on...
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Technical paper
Les petites prospérités rurales en Itasy, Madagascar

Apport d’une analyse microéconomique des classes sociales intermédiaires dans l’étude des dynamiques du changement structurel
L’agriculture et le secteur rural jouent un rôle primordial dans le processus de développement des pays à base agricole. Cette fonction ne peut être assurée qu’à l’aide de politiques publiques qui tiennent compte de la diversité et de la complexité des milieux ruraux. Le préalable est donc d’avoir des connaissances...
2016 - Universite de Bordeaux

Conference proceedings
Rural communication services for family farming. Contributions, evidence and perspectives

Supporting dialogic communication and knowledge sharing processes is a powerful means of helping farmer organizations, indigenous peoples, rural communities and civil society organizations to make their voices heard and be part of the development agenda. Rural communication services and policies can translate farmers’ right to communication into fair and transparent...
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Blog article
Georgia benefits from obsolete pesticide clean-up

During the Soviet era, pesticides were habitually overused or misused in efforts to boost food production. Today, large quantities of obsolete and banned pesticides pose a significant threat to people’s health and the environment. Georgia said goodbye to the last of its stocks of old pesticides last month, as a convoy...
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Sridonoretno Coffee

On the coffee flavor is actually very Universal Indonesia, he can translate a matter of taste in every country and eventually everyone recognizes that Indonesian coffee is the best.

Blog article
Community Supported Agriculture in Norway

The official policy of the present Norwegian government is to encourage fewer, bigger farms. With only 3% of the land suitable for farming, Norwegian agricultural production is limited and most of the food comes from abroad. In the fjords, there are big salmon farms largely for export, and Norway still...
2016 - URGENCI

Magazine article
Pulse Panchayat - Achieving self-sufficiency in pulse production

Pulse panchayat is an integrated approach in establishing a sustainable production, value addition and marketing system. The initiative implemented by a Farmer Producer Company in Tamil Nadu, is moving towards achieving self-sufficiency in pulse production.
2016 - Leisa India

AgroForum Mare Balticum – Environmentally Smart Agriculture

Current situation in European agriculture has to meet new challenges due to volatile agricultural markets and uncertain political situation in neighbouring countries. Past events have shown various bottlenecks in contemporary food production and trade. In order to provide for global food security, it is necessary to intensify agriculture, boost production,...
2016 - Estonian University of Life Sciences

Blog article
Where are forests in Europe’s Sustainable Development Goals plans?

Forests are vital to achieving the SDGs and the aims of the Paris Agreement. Without action to protect forests, the problems posed by poverty and climate change will only get worse, 
European Union
2016 - EurActiv

Sustainable Mechanization. Creating new perspectives in rural areas

Josef Kienzle speaks about mechanization: What is it, how can it improve small farmers’ livelihoods and how does it bring perspectives to the youth in rural areas? 
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Magazine article
Perspectives: Strengthening people’s knowledge

For the past half century agricultural innovation has denied a voice to the many groups who work outside the profession of science – farmers, food providers, women and the urban poor. The value of their expertise gained through practical experience must be recognised in the production and validation of knowledge....
India - Mali
2016 - ILEIA - centre for learning on sustainable agriculture

Newsletter article
Venezuela’s food revolution has fought off big agribusiness and promoted agroecology

Just days before the progressive National Assembly of Venezuela was dissolved, deputies passed a law which lays the foundation for a truly democratic food system. The country has not only banned genetically modified seeds, but set up democratic structures to ensure that seeds cannot be privatized and indigenous knowledge cannot...
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
2016 - Common Dreams

Regional Office for Africa Quarterly Newsletter for a Hunger Free Africa. January - April 2016

This edition of the RAF Newsletter is a special coverage from FAO-RAF that takes into account activities marking the 29th Session of the FAO Regional Conference for Africa held in Abidjan. It presents to readers pictorial narratives and captions of the conference with key quotes from key personalities of the...
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
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