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Social protection for food security

A report by The High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition
Social protection has risen rapidly up the development policy agenda in the last decade. There is also a clear trend to making social protection, as well as food security, ‘rights-based’ rather than ‘discretionary’. Yet no clear consensus has so far emerged concerning many basic design choices and implementation modalities of...
2012 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Food Security Portal

The Food Security Portal, facilitated by IFPRI, aims to provide improved food security for the world's poor and increased resilience of global food systems against food and financial crises. The project brings together international, regional, and country-level data, news, and research aimed at meeting countries' immediate food security needs, as...
2012 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Views on Smallholder Farming in Malawi with Alice Kachere

Alice Kachere, a smallholder farmer from Malawi, talks about the challenges she faces as well as the training she has benefited from.
2012 - FarmingFirst

Organic farming in Italy

The Italian organic sector has in fact significant growth opportunities in terms of supply, given the increase in demand that has continued for more than six years. However, organic surface has been substantially stationary for about ten years, while the number of organic farms, especially smaller ones, continues to shrink....
2012 - National Rural Network 2007-2013

Case study
A review of available knowledge on land degradation in Morocco

This publication reviews the historical and current literature on land degradati on in Morocco andpresents the results of a case study in the western part of the country. It is intended as a reflection on the baseline causes for land degradation, so contributing to the development of enabling agricultural policies and the...
2012 - International Center for Agriculture Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

Journal article
L'agriculture familiale, indispensable au développement de l'Afrique

Alors que l'agriculture a occupé une place de choix dans les débats de Rio+20,  et que les forces de la société civile y ont défendu l'agriculture familiale,  l'étude "RuralStruc" permet d'éclairer sous un jour nouveau son rôle  dans la lutte pour le développement. A l'initiative de la Banque mondiale, du ...
2012 - Banque mondiale

Fact sheet
Problemáticas y oportunidades ambientales de la producción porcina familiar

A nivel mundial, la carne de cerdo es una de las preferidas por los seres humanos, y según estimaciones, se espera que su consumo siga aumentando conforme crezca la población. En nuestro país se observa un fuerte crecimiento anual, registrándose en el año 2009 7,95 kg/hab/año; en el 2010 8.06...
2012 - Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria Argentina (INTA)

Estudio sobre la contaminación del suelo después de tres ciclos de crianza de cerdos con el sistema de cama profunda a pequeña escala

El presente trabajo refiere los resultados obtenidos de los estudios físico-químicos y microbiológicos realizados al suelo después de tres ciclos de crianza de cerdos en el sistema de cama profunda a pequeña escala. La determinación de la composición físicoquímica abarcó los parámetros de materia orgánica, pH, fósforo total y nitrógeno...
2012 - Tropicultura

Pequeña agricultura y gastronomía

Oportunidades y desafíos
La gastronomía peruana experimenta desde hace diez años un increíble boom que la pone en la vitrina mundial, y que abre una serie de oportunidades sin precedentes para los pequeños agricultores de nuestro país. Es así que la cocina está sirviendo, entonces, para saldar una vieja deuda con el campesino...
2012 - Sociedad Peruana de Gastronomía (APEGA)

Sustainable agricultural livelihoods in marginal areas (SALMA)

Project information document
The World Bank SALMA project would contribute to the economic infrastructure area of engagement outlined in the Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for FY11-14 and is aligned with the lessons learned in the FY08-09 Interim Strategy Note. Three aspects of economic infrastructure are addressed: agriculture, environment, and transportation. The project is...
2012 - the World Bank (WB)

Lanzamiento proyecto Apega - BID Fomin

Proyecto "Articulación de Pequeños Productores con Mercados Gastronómicos". Video presentado en Mistura 2012.
2012 - Sociedad Peruana de Gastronomía (APEGA)

Conference paper
Smallholder market access in Kyoga Plains agricultural zone in Uganda

The study aimed at determining factors affecting smallholders’ market access so as to advise on crucial strategic interventions.
2012 - Bunda College of Agriculture

Case study
Family Farm Management System in Burkina and Mali support 51000 farmers

Cotton has been for the past thirty years, the only credible alternative for the economic development of several Sahel countries in West and Central Africa, including Burkina Faso, Benin, Mali, Chad, etc. The cotton sector has not only structured rural areas through human capital investment, but also contributed significantly to...
Burkina Faso - Mali
2012 - SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

The New Zealand Farming Story: Tackling Agricultural Emissions

This film is the product of years of research into how New Zealand can reduce our agricultural greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) to reduce climate change. It covers the basic science along with current and potential future technological solutions. With a range of views from farmers to scientists to economists, the...
New Zealand
2012 - MotuResearch1

Social Protection and Resilience

This e-learning course, entitled Resilience in Food Security Analysis, introduces you to the concept of resilience and its possible use in food security analysis.
2012 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Fact sheet
Elaboración de un concentrado orgánico para la alimentación de aves ponedoras

Receta japonesa para elaborar un concentrado orgánico para aves ponedoras. En cada país se puede adaptar dicha receta con sustitutos locales. 
Costa Rica
2012 - Ministerio de Agrícultura y Ganadería (MAG)

Case study
Potentiel de développement de l'agriculture de conservation des petites exploitations agricoles familiales : étude de cas à Gori et Kompienbiga (Burkina Faso)

L’agriculture de conservation (AC) est de plus en plus envisagée comme une alternative pour assurer la gestion durable des ressources naturelles et améliorer les conditions de vie et la sécurité alimentaire des exploitants agricoles de l’Afrique subsaharienne mais des doutes subsistent sur son applicabilité dans cet environnement agro-écologique, notamment dans...
Burkina Faso
2012 - Centre international de hautes études agronomiques méditerranéennes (CIHEAM-IAMM)

Foro de universidades para la agricultura familiar de la Región Pampeana

Este documento tiene por objetivo presentar la constitución y dinámica del Foro de Universidades para la Agricultura Familiar de la Región Pampeana, la sistematización de sus primeros debates y acciones, como así también algunas líneas de acción en las que participan las instituciones que lo integran, dentro del encuadre institucional...
2012 - Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico para la Pequeña Agricultura Familiar Región Pampeana (IPAF)

Case study
Evaluation of draught animal power systems for maize and cotton production at smallholder-farmer level in Masvingo province

An evaluation of smallholder draught animal power systems was conducted in six study areas in Masvingo and Chivi districts of Masvingo province over two seasons 1999-2000 and 2000-2002. The objective was to investigate the effect of renovating animal-drawn ploughs and cultivators on field performance and on maize and cotton yields...
2012 - University of Zimbabwe

Act No. 89/2012 Coll. Civil code

Civil code is the basic private legal legislation regulating the status of individual subjects including for example agricultural tenure. (available in Czech language only)
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