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Gestão sustentável na agricultura

A agropecuária brasileira, através de seus contínuos ganhos de produção e de produtividade, vem contribuindo de forma relevante para a segurança alimentar do País e, ao mesmo tempo, desempenhando a função de suprir o mundo com alimentos, biocombustíveis e fibras. Na safra 2013/2014 a produção brasileira dos principais alimentos mais...
2015 - Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento (MAPA)

Policy brief/paper
A Shift In Global Perspective: Institutionalizing Farmer Field Schools

The Farmer Field School (FFS) approach has been very successful and witnessed a strong expansion in many areas beyond crop production. Notwithstanding this success, the adoption of FFS in national extension often remains problematic and FFS activities have often been implemented in the margin of national institutions with strong reliance...
China - Indonesia - Jordan - Peru - Viet Nam
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Journal article
Strategies used by the saffron producers of Taliouine (Morocco) to adapt to climate change

In Morocco, the mountainous regions extend over about 26% of the national territory where 30% of the total population live. They contain opportunities for agriculture, forestry, pastureland and mining. The production systems in these zones are characterised by crop diversification. However, these areas have become vulnerable to the effects of...

Africa Agriculture Status Report 2015

Youth in Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa
African countries have the youngest population in the world and the largest share of the world’s available arable land. Indeed, as the Youth Division of the Africa Union Commission puts it, about 65% of the total population of Africa is below the age of 35 years and 10 million youth...
2015 - Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

Blog article
Scientists Call for Action at EXPO Milano on Salinity, a Growing Agricultural Crisis: The Case of Iraq

An estimated 25,000 hectares of Iraqi farmland are abandoned every year because of elevated salt levels from a combination of poor drainage system and salt-laden irrigation water, particularly in the Tigris-Euphrates basin in central and southern Iraq – the country’s traditional breadbasket. The ‘roadmap’ to implement evidence-based salinity reduction and management is no doubt...
2015 - International Center for Agriculture Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

Confederación Nacional Campesina y Trabajadores del Agro de Chile (CONAGRO)

La misión de CONAGRO es promover y extender la  organización, aportar al conocimiento, las capacidades y habilidades  de sus bases  de  pequeños/as productores/as campesinos/as y de los trabajadores/as asalariados/as del sector rural, para que hagan valer sus derechos, gestionen con éxitos sus  proyectos y negocios, actúen con eficacia  tras oportunidades y ...
2015 - Confederación Nacional Campesina y Trabajadores del Agro de Chile (CONAGRO)

Guía para la integración del enfoque de género en políticas agropecuarias y de cambio climático en América Latina

En este documento se sugieren cinco pasos para integrar el enfoque de género en las políticas públicas agropecuarias y de cambio climático. Cada uno de los pasos representa un momento en la formulación, entendiendo que el enfoque de género debe estar incluido en todas las etapas del proceso. Así mismo,...
2015 - Programa de Investigación de CGIAR en Cambio Climático, Agricultura y Seguridad Alimentaria (CCAFS)

Success stories on information and communication technologies for agriculture and rural development

Family farming remains the predominant form of agriculture in Asia and the Pacific. There are more than 570 million farms in the world of which over 500 million are family-owned. They are responsible for at least 56 percent of agricultural production. These smallholder resource-poor farmers are confronted by many challenges...
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

The first national Open Farm Day

More than 100 farms and agricultural producers across Estonia are open to receive visitors. The visitors will be able to see large and small farms, exciting agricultural technology, various animals and plants. It will be possible to taste real farm food and buy local produce. Each farm has its own programme,...

Journal article
Castor bean intercropped with annual crops: an option for family farming

Castor bean Ricinus communis L., due to its agroecological features, is suitable for family farming. A randomized complete block test was carried out at the district of Escobar, department of Paraguari, Paraguay, between August 2007 and July 2009, in order to assess the feasibility of intercropping castor bean with annual...
2015 - Universidad Nacional de Asunción

Fête De La Pomme

Fête de la pomme: activités: Conférence: Comment produire sans pesticide? Promenade dans les vergers Marché du terroir: 80 artisans et producteurs régionaux Pressage artisanal: apportez vos pommes et repartez avec votre jus! Concours de la meilleure tarte aux pommes Marche de la Pomme de 5 et 10 kms Etc.

Journal article
Transformations agricoles et agricultures familiales

quelques défis mis en lumière durant l’Année internationale de l’agriculture familiale
Ce numéro thématique des Cahiers Agricultures apporte une contribution à les perspectives post-AIAF, en continuité de travaux initiés dès 2008 par l’initiative d’Observatoire des agricultures du monde et d’un séminaire international organisé sur ce sujet lors du 10e symposium de l’International Farming System Association (, portant sur les enjeux des...
2015 - Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement (CIRAD)

Blog article
FAO, Brazil join hands for nutrition education curriculum review

The South – South Cooperation project seeks to address nutrition security in schools
Nutrition education experts in Malawi have initiated a review of the country’s nutrition education curriculum to be incorporated in the curricula of Teacher Training Colleges. The review was made during a two-day national consultation workshop held in Kasungu from 16-17 November 2015 under the “Strengthening School Food & Nutrition Programs...
Brazil - Malawi
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Blog article
Innovación institucional: tema de intercambio en la XXIV REAF en Paraguay

Del 24 al 27 de noviembre se realizó en Paraguay, en ejercicio de la Presidencia Pro Témpore del MERCOSUR, la XXIV Reunión Especializada de la Agricultura Familiar (REAF), con la participación de representantes del sector público y organizaciones de la sociedad civil de Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay, Venezuela, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile...
2015 - Reunión Especializada sobre Agricultura Familiar de MERCOSUR (REAF)

Mulheres e Agroecologia

Coletânea sobre estudos rurais e gênero: Prêmio Margarida Alves 4ª Edição
Esta coletânea contém os trabalhos premiados na 4ª edição do Prêmio Margarida Alves de Estudos Rurais e Gênero, realizado pelo Ministério do Desenvolvimento Agrário (MDA), por meio da Diretoria de Políticas para Mulheres (DPMR) e do Núcleo de Estudos Agrários e Desenvolvimento Rural (Nead), em parceria com o Instituto Nacional...
2015 - Ministério do Desenvolvimento Agrário

Cameroun: Les grands trésors de la petite agriculture familiale

Article sur le lancement du Programme d'amélioration de la productivité des petits exploitants (Apape/Sapep) Le programme Sapep rentre dans la perspective des nouveaux projets d'appui au Programme d'amélioration de la productivité des filières agricoles au Cameroun. Il concerne les cultures telles que le maïs, le manioc le haricot et l'arachide.
2015 - Ministère de l'Agriculture et du Développement Rural (Minader)

Conference paper
Alianza Sudamericana por el Suelo

El día 30 de Octubre se aprovechará la jornada para realizar una reunión de planificación y discusión interna de la Alianza Sudamericana por el Suelo, se contará también con un espacio de reunión con el grupo Ad-hoc de Suelos del CAS. El presente documento corresponde a la agenda tentativa.
2015 - Oficina Regional de la FAO para América Latina y el Caribe (FAO/RLC)

Wheat Landraces in Farmers’ Fields In Tajikistan: National Survey, Collection, And Conservation, 2013-2015

Tajikistan is one of the centers of wheat diversity in Central Asia. From the beginning of the 1870s, a series of expeditions were conducted in Central Asia by Russian scientists to collect wheat landraces. Since that time, many landraces and, more recently, commercial wheat cultivars have been collected and used...
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations

Case study
Making Local Food Work

Making Local Food Work began life in 2007 to help people to take ownership of their food and where it comes from by supporting a range of community food enterprises across England. Handmade Bakery Making Local Food Work, led by Plunkett Foundation, pooled the expertise of six partner organisations - Co-operatives...
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2015 - Making Local Food Work

If our small farms are allowed to wither, the whole nation will suffer

Conservationists tell us about the extinction of wildlife, but there is another more insidious extinction going on right now – the disappearance of traditional dairy farmers, who have supplied our nation’s milk for generations. As each demoralised farmer quietly gives up and goes out of milk – and there are...
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2015 - Sustainable Food Trust
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