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Género y políticas de tierras

Experiencias en cuatro países de América Latina partir de los Criterios de Evaluación de Género de GLTN
La presente publicación recoge cuatro de estos estudios con los que se evaluaron distintas políticas y herramientas con enfoque de género utilizando los Criterios de Género desarrollados por GLTN. Los estudios se elaboraron en 2014 en Nicaragua, Colombia, Costa Rica y Bolivia. El estudio considera la revisión y análisis de las siguientes leyes y programas: •...
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) - Colombia - Costa Rica - Nicaragua
2016 - International Land Coalition (ILC)

Blog article
No peace without freedom from want

At Kenya conference, FAO leader highlights role of agriculture in preventing conflict, enabling recovery
"Ending hunger and malnutrition, addressing humanitarian and protracted crises, preventing and resolving conflicts, and building peace are not separate tasks, but simply different facets of the same challenge," Graziano da Silva said at a side-event on ‘Peace and Food Security', hosted by FAO, at the sixth Tokyo International Conference on...
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Regional training on Fisheries and Aquaculture Emergency Response

Responding to emergencies and disasters, whether natural or human-induced, has become an increasingly important part of the mandate of international organizations over the past decades. This trend is likely to continue into the future, particularly as the impacts of climate change, and the increase in episodes of conflict, become more...
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Composting to beat striga

Compost is more powerful than manure. What is less known is that the micro-organisms in compost attack striga seeds in the soil. Compost also decreases the amount of striga that will sprout, and reduces its negative effect on cereal crops. Let us look at how farmers in northeast Mali make...
2016 - Access Agriculture

Journal article
Urban harvests: food security and local fish and shellfish in Southcentral Alaska

Alaska is known for its many fisheries, which support an extensive global marketplace, a thriving tourism industry, and also contribute much to diets of many Alaskans. Yet, some research has suggested that Alaska’s food security has been impacted negatively by the development of export-oriented commercial fisheries and tourism-oriented sport fisheries....

Case study
Seed Mothers

The Adivasi communities of Odisha, India, have experienced substantial losses of many natural resources from their area, which are key elements ensuring their food and livelihood security. Many farmers from the Adivasi communities have lost diverse varieties of traditional local crops like millet based mix crops while trying out market...
2016 - Organisation for Rural Reconstruction & Integrated Social Service Activities (ORRISSA)


World Farmers’ Organisation Newsletter. The topic this month is the Generational Renewal in Agriculture, stressing the key role of youth in the sector.
2016 - World Farmers Organization

Historia con mujeres, mujeres en la historia - "Protagonistas rurales"

Esta es la historia de vida de Mira Díaz, nacida y criada en los ingenios azucareros de Tucumán, un ejemplo de mujer luchadora incansable. En los ’60 ante los cierres de éstos, y la pérdida de miles de empleos, Mira trabajó y peleó por la equidad de derechos de las...
2016 - Unidad para el Cambio Rural (UCAR)

Blog article
Promotion of family farming

Inades-Formation believes that family farming is the basis for security and food sovereignty of people in Africa. Therefore, the indispensable solution to eradicate hunger and food insecurity in Africa is the support (political, economic, technical and institutional) and the promotion of family farming. By improving its productivity, family farming can...
2016 - Inades-Formation

Grow row by row

Farmers in northern Nigeria are changing the way they intercrop their sorghum and millet with cowpea. By planting both crops at higher densities and in separate rows, and by applying some organic fertilizer, they harvest more and reduce damage by the parasitic weed striga. It is one of the strategies...
2016 - Access Agriculture

Stewardship in Small-Scale Fisheries Workshop

The Stewardship in Small-Scale Fisheries workshop provided a platform for sharing information about stewardship activities involving small-scale fishing people in various parts of the world. The workshop objectives were to: 1) to assess the ecological and social impacts of SSF fishing gears, and 2) highlight the main factors for successful...
2016 - Too Big To Ignore

Case study
Improving feed intake in cows, sheep and goats

My farm is Berkeley Farm Dairy, Wroughton, Wiltshire, UK. I farm with my husband, Nick and son, Edward. We converted to organic farming in 1997. We have 140 Guernsey cows and process our own milk. We supply an organic box company and local shops and restaurants with milk, cream and...
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2016 - EIP-AGRI

Estimates of European food waste levels

Food waste is an issue of importance to global food security and good environmental governance, directly linked with environmental (e.g. energy, climate change, water, availability of resources), economic (e.g. resource efficiency, price volatility, increasing costs, consumption, waste management, commodity markets) and social (e.g. health, equality) impacts. Different studies show that...
European Union
2016 - Fusion

Regional Workshop on Institutionalization of Farmer Field Schools at the Local and National Level

The purpose of the regional workshop is to share and learn from country experience and lesson learnt on institutionalization of FFS at the local and national level, develop guidelines and recommendations on the institutionalization of FFS in relation to the concerned chapter in FAO’s Guidance Document on FFS, assess needs...
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Fortalecimiento del sistema de prevención y control de la Rabia Paralítica Bovina

El proyecto proporciona asistencia técnica a los países beneficiarios mediante el fortalecimiento de los sistemas de prevención y control de la Rabia Paralítica Bovina (RPB) en los ecosistemas endémicos prioritarios, con un enfoque que está orientado en tres relevantes componentes de intervención Promoción intersectorial para una salud Vigilancia epidemiológica y control de...
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) - Guatemala - Honduras - Peru
2016 - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

Conference paper
The impact of the use of new technologies on farmers' wheat yield in Ethiopia

This study examines the impact of the Wheat Initiative technology package promoted by the research and extension systems in Ethiopia on wheat growers in the highlands of the country. The package includes improved wheat seed, a lower seeding density, row planting, fertilizer recommendations, and marketing assistance. A sample of 490...
2016 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Fact sheet
Facts and Figures Rural Development in the European Union

After the first Cork conference in 1996, Rural Development Policy was introduced as the second pillar of the CAP and a European policy in its own right. Its focus is the economic, environmental and social sustainability of EU rural areas. In the current programming period this is reflected in the...
European Union
2016 - European Commission

How to amplify agroecology

“Agroecology is a process. You cannot expect a process to be perfect immediately. But once you make a step, you are moving.” With these words, Ugandan family farmer Jowelia Mukiibi captured both the essence of the agroecological transition and the attention of her audience: over 70 people representing 30 organisations doing...
2016 - Cultivate!

The determinants of women’s business entrepreneurship

The study provides the results of research into the women’s motives for engaging in business activity, the internal determinants (personal traits) and external conditions of running business, the intentions to develop the business, and the expectations about measures for facilitating and supporting the business activity of women. It was found,...

Reservar el acceso a la tierra

¿Por qué reservar el acceso a la tierra y a los recursos naturales a las pequeñas explotaciones agrícolas? Este vídeo muestra la importancia social y económica de las pequeñas explotaciones agrícolas, cómo contribuyen a alimentar el mundo y, por tanto, por qué necesitan el acceso a los recursos naturales (tierra, agua,...
2016 - Fondation Nicolas Hulot
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