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Protection of indigenous agricultural products and foodstuffs

Important possibility for small family farmers is protection of their speciffic, indigenous agricultural products so they can obtain better recognition and market position. On this web page potential beneficiaries can find all relevant information about protection and labeling of their products.  
Croatia - European Union
2014 - Ministry of agriculture

Fact sheet
Año Internacional de la Agricultura Familiar, AIAF 2014, Comité de Impulso Nacional Colombia

Este documento resume la situación de la agricultura familiar en el mundo, el camino hacia el AIAF 2014, y presenta al Comité de Impulso Nacional Colombiano.
2014 - Comité de Impulso Nacional Colombia (CIN-AF)

Territorialidad Tz´utujil

La descampesinización está íntimamente ligada con la destrucción de la vida y la identidad de los pueblos indígenas. La vida campesina está en peligro y, en Guatemala, la mayoría de familias campesinas son indígenas. Con el despojo corporativo de sus territorios ancestrales, está en peligro no sólo el valor del...
2014 - Instituto de Estudios Agrarios y Rurales (IDEAR)

Case study
Elmley National Nature Reserve

Philip and Corinne Merricks took over the ownership and management of Kingshill Farm, which became Elmley National Nature Reserve (NNR) in the 1970s. They both have a passion for nature conservation and have developed a truly unique farming and conservation system over the years. Elmley was designated a National Nature...
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2014 - European Land Owners

Newsletter article
Turkish bank’s ad campaign honours family farms

This video advertisement combine dazzling rural images with a nostalgic Turkish song and the Twitter hashtag #senbirakipgitmediye. They are part of a major campaign launched in late November by Sekerbank, targeting small-scale farms with special loan products.
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Sources of Life. Seeds and family farming in Brazil

Family farmers in the Paraná region of Brazil are conserving local and traditional seeds and promoting diversification of varieties. They are supported by organisations such as AS-PTA. Access and use of these seeds creates autonomy, food sovereignty and sustainable livelihoods. The government's PAA program is playing a major role in...
2014 - ILEIA Foundation

Estado del arte de la quinua en el mundo en 2013

El "Estado del arte de la quinua en el mundo en 2013" es una publicación conjunta entre el CIRAD y la FAO que reúne en un solo libro toda la información relevante sobre la quinua generada por los más destacados investigadores del mundo, organizaciones de productores, tomadores de decisión, y...
2014 - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

Journal article
Cybulski Farm

Marcin Cybulski inherited a 25 Ha plot of land from his parents in 2010. Since then, the estate has grown some 80 Ha under the management of Marcin. In 2012, he was able to expand his holdings to 87 Ha with the aid of a young farmer programme in Poland....

Report part
Defining ecologically valuable grasslands

The CAP aims to address (regulate, support) the totality of EU agricultural activity and agricultural land. Agricultural land must fall into one of only three categories named by the policy, i.e. permanent crops; arable and permanent pasture (permanent grassland in the definition proposed in the reformed CAP Regulations, see Section...
2014 - European Commission

Fact sheet
A time of transition

Most of Near east and North Africa societies have been in the midst of social and political transition in recent years. Three of them changed governments following the events of 2011, and some have endured armed conflict. Moreover, most of them face the challenge of food security in a drylands...
Egypt - Sudan - Syrian Arab Republic - Tunisia - Yemen
2014 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)


Somos un programa de cooperación que impulsa políticas, programas, estrategias e iniciativas para salvaguardar y promover las cocinas de Iberoamérica, como vía para alcanzar un desarrollo sostenible en nuestra región.   Desde 2014 trabajamos para rescatar y fomentar nuestras cocinas tradicionales, sus saberes y significados, cadenas productivas sostenibles e innovación culinaria.  Iberocinas es...
2014 - Cooperación iberoamericana de la Secretaría General Iberoamericana (SEGIB)

Conference paper
El extensionismo en México: Visión y retos para impulsar la agricultura familiar

Esta presentación es parte de las ponenencias del evento "Extensionismo y agricultura familiar: recomendaciones para una estrategia integral" y fue desarrollada por Jorge Galo Medina Torres, Director General de Desarrollo de Capacidades y Extensionismo Rural, SAGARPA. Este documento presenta la situación de la agricultura familiar, y el extensionismo asociado a ella. ...
2014 - Secretaría de Agricultura, Ganadería, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentación (Sagarpa)

Call of Zagora. "Oasis Family Farming: Opportunities and threats"

Part of the International Family Farming Year proclaimed by the United Nations Organization, the Zagora Oasis International Forum association held on December 18-21; 2014 the Forum's 3rd edition under the topic "Oasis Family Farming: Opportunities and threats" Over three days, participants made of associations, experts and researchers along with the...
2014 - RADDO

Journal article
Woźniak Farm

The Woźniak farm has been in the family since 1928, when Jan Woźniak’s Grandfather bought 8 Ha of land. In 1976 the farm was enlarged to 10.5 Ha by Jan’s father, and later in 1986 to its current size of 19 Ha.

Conference paper
Addressing Gender Gap in Agriculture and the Rural Sector in the Near East and North Africa

In the Near East and North Africa (NENA), the role of women in agriculture and the rural sector has increased significantly. In many countries of the region, agricultural incomes no longer suffice to sustain the livelihoods of rural men and women. This has resulted, in particular, in massive migration of...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

La promotion des activités génératrices de revenus pour le développement de l’agriculture familiale ».

Discours prononcé par le Ministre de l’Agriculture, de l’Elevage, de la Pêche et de la Sécurité Alimentaire du Gabon , Monsieur Luc Oyoubi, lors de l'ouverture de la deuxième édition de la Foire Agricole de Libreville.
2014 - Ministère de l'Agriculture et de l'Entreprenariat agricole chargé de la mise en œuvre du Programme Graine

Blog article
Mujeres que gracias a ferias agroecológicas mejoran su tierra y su vida en Paraguay

En estos días se ha celebrado una nueva edición de la Feria Jakaru Porã Haguã (“Para que podamos comer bien”, en guaraní) en la capital de Paraguay, Asunción. Estas ferias, que también tienen lugar en otros lugares del país, como Concepción o San Pedro, son un espacio de intercambio entre productores/as y consumidores/as que optan...
2014 - OXFAM

Agroecology: farmer's perspectives

The video outlines three case studies of farmers utilizing agroecological practices in their farming systems. It focuses on complex adaptive rice systems in the Easter part of the island of Java, Indonesia; on a large-scale farm in the Netherlands applying sustainable soil management practices; and on social aspects of agroecology...
Brazil - Indonesia - Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Journal article
Hartmann Farm

Imre Hartmann has been involved with agriculture for all his working life. During the communist era he headed one of the sectors of a co-operative farm. As an independent farmer, he started off rearing Hungarian Grey Steppe Cattle in the 1980s, and pork later in the 1990s. After the Restitution,...

Conference paper
Vegetable growing on family farms in Belarus

Vegetable growing - specialization of family farms in Stolin district of Belarus.  About 5,000 family farms grow vegetables in the Stolin district (about 50% of family farms) in Belarus Agricultural lands in family farms – 500 ha of greenhouses and 3000 ha of open fields Family farms are very small –greenhouses...
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