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Report part
Land at risk of abandonment: definition and data

Over the last decades abandonment of farm land can be observed in several parts of Europe (Pointereau 2008, Brouwer et al 1997 and Pinto Correia 1992). Mainly due to the declining viability of small scale and / or extensive farming systems, farmers are sometimes forced to give up the land...
2014 - European Commission

UCAR: Mujeres Rurales

UCAR - MAGyP: Este video corresponde a la serie "Mujeres Rurales" que se emite por la TV Pública: mujeres que trabajan, producen, deciden y sostienen.
2014 - Unidad para el Cambio Rural (UCAR)

Journal article
La alimentación porcina con productos no tradicionales: cincuenta años de investigaciones en el Instituto de Ciencia Animal

Se informan los principales resultados obtenidos en el Instituto de Ciencia Animal, desde su fundación hasta 2014, en investigaciones acerca de la utilización de recursos locales destinados a la alimentación porcina. Se refieren los avances logrados en el empleo de la caña de azúcar y sus derivados, productos obtenidos por vía...
2014 - Instituto de Ciencia Animal, San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque, Cuba

Fact sheet
Agroecología y circuitos cortos en Ecuador

Agroecología Ecuador, consolidación de la oferta organizada de productos campesinos agroecológicos y circuitos cortos de comercialización en la sierra del sur
Esta ficha presenta las etapas y los primeros resultados de una cooperación implementada por AVSF en Ecuador en apoyo a gobiernos locales, ONGs y organizaciones campesinas del Austro ecuatoriano. Desde hace quince años, estos actores decidieron por una parte, promover juntos una agricultura más sostenible, basada en prácticas de agroecología y, por...
2014 - Agrónomos y Veterinarios Sin Fronteras (AVSF)

A vegetable garden for all

A Vegetable Garden for All is a self-instruction manual in family horticultural production, prepared originally by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, in support of the Technical Cooperation Network for Food Production.The objective of this manual is to present...

Case study
Jiaxian Traditional Chinese Date Gardens

Jujube is a unique fruit species native to China. Located in the Jinshaan Canyon at the middle reach of the Yellow River, the Jia Count is recognized as the place with the longest history of jujube cultivation. It boasts a large over-one-thousand-year-old jujube community. The community presents the whole domestication...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Conference paper
Development of organic agriculture in Belarus

Main actors, challenges, barriers and first successes
Agriculture plays an important role in the economics of Belarus with 7.9 % of GDP and 8.1 % of population employed in agricultural sector (Agriculture of Republic of Belarus, 2013). Intensive agricultural production is the major direction of agriculture development in Belarus. It demands significant subsides and provides negative consequences...

Case study
Les exploitations familiales vues par elles-mêmes

Le mouvement paysan sénégalais a entrepris dès les années 1990 de s’intéresser à la situation et aux dynamiques des exploitations familiales. Ce travail a permis de construire une connaissance de l’intérieur de la réalité de ces exploitations. Au total, 2 000 exploitations familiales sont aujourd’hui suivies au Sénégal selon la...
2014 - Inter-Réseaux Développement Rural (IR)

Estudio para un Sello de Productos y Servicios de la Agricultura Familiar Campesina

El objetivo del presente estudio, fue identificar, investigar y analizar los posibles factores que valora el mercado (oferta y demanda) en los productos y servicios desarrollados por productores de la Agricultura Familiar Campesina (AFC) y construir, según su valorización, la estrategia y plataforma más adecuada para la implementación de un...
2014 - Universidad de Chile

Guía de diagnósticos participativos y desarrollo de base

El enfoque de desarrollo de base es el punto de articulación e inspiración para la actuación de RedEAmérica y sus miembros. Y uno de los propósitos esenciales de este enfoque es afianzar la capacidad colectiva de las comunidades y sus organizaciones para definir sus necesidades, descubrir las alternativas de acción...
2014 - Corporación RedEAmérica

Innovations and Opportunities in Small-Scale Fisheries

A seminar regarding Innovations and Opportunities in Small-Scale Fisheries
2014 - UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries

Journal article
Agriculture, Land Tenure and International Migration in Rural Guatemala

In this paper, it has been demanded what the effects of migration and remittances are on land tenure, agriculture and forests, based on empirical evidence from four rural communities in Guatemala. The results suggest that remittances improve migrant families' access to agricultural land which – depending on the context –...
2014 - Centre for Development and the Environment – SUM, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Guidelines for assessing nutrition-related knowledge, attitudes and practices

Having physical and economic access to food on their own are not sufficient to ensure that people are food secure and well nourished. It is essential that people understand what constitutes a healthy diet; in particular, what nutrition-related health issues affect their communities and how to address these through food-based approaches, and know how...

Policy brief/paper
Country fact sheet on food and agriculture policy trends. Yemen

Yemen’s economy is heavily dependent on oil exports, representing about 90 percent of export earnings and income from oil production constituting 70 to 75 percent of government revenue. Agriculture is a vital sector in the Yemeni economy and is the main source of employment for about 37 percent of the...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Report part
Farmland afforestation in the EU

The study aims to gain more knowledge of the environmental effects of farmland afforestation in order to better understand the factors behind successful afforestation in rural development programmes, and the pitfalls to avoid. Minor references are made to related measures such as afforestation of non-agricultural land and forestry measures for...
2014 - European Commission

Mujeres Mayangna: Esperanzas y sueños

En la Región Autónoma del Caribe Norte de Nicaragua se encuentra la reserva Biosfera de Bosawas y otras áreas que forman parte del Corredor Biológico Mesoamericano, el área protegida binacional más importante de Centroamérica constituida por las reserva biosfera Bosawas en Nicaragua y en la hermana república de honduras, las...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Policy brief/paper
Country fact sheet on food and agriculture policy trends. Iran

In the Near East and North Africa region, Iran has the second largest economy (after Saudi Arabia) and population (after Egypt). Iran ranks second in the world in natural gas reserves and third in oil reserves.1 The agriculture and rural sector share in the GDP has declined in the last...
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Agriculture familiale, gestion foncière et changement climatique:opportunités et défis pour la promotion agricole dans l'Atacora-Donga

Colloque de réflexion sur la promotion de l'agriculture familiale  dans l’Atacora-Donga, au Bénin. Ce colloque visait globalement à assurer une meilleure compréhension du concept d’agriculture familiale et son développement dans le contexte du changement climatique et de la dynamique actuelle de gestion du foncier, ceci, pour impulser la mise en oeuvre d’actions...

Conference paper
Creating an innovation platform for research impact: Lessons from the smallholder soyabean program in Zimbabwe

This paper outlines the establishment of a broad innovation platform on to which more players were invited in efforts to meet the demands of participating farmers. We share this experience to encourage others to undertake impact-oriented programs. Scientific papers emanating from this work have been published in a wide range...
2014 - University of Zimbabwe

AsiaDHRRA 2012-14 Network Report

This report captures three years of accomplishments beginning 2012 to 2014. It highlights AsiaDHRRA work that has evolved the past three years as an agri-agency member of  AgriCord, alongside other  accomplishments as a  regional network of DHRRAs dedicated to building partnerships among rural development stakeholders towards the empowerment of organized...
2014 - Asian Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia (AsiaDHRRA)
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