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Policy brief/paper
Towards multifunctional agriculture for social, environmental and economic sustainability

Agriculture operates within complex systems and is multifunctional in its nature. A multifunctional approach to implementing agricultural knowledge, science and technology (AKST) will enhance its impact on hunger and poverty, improving human nutrition and livelihoods in an equitable, environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner. Multifunctionality recognizes the inescapable interconnectedness of...
2012 - International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD)

Improving the Productivity of Small Farms through the Provision of Agricultural Machinery

The business is owned by a family which has been involved in cereal cultivation since 1996. Their income prior to the implementation of the project came exclusively from crop production and grants. The son of the family, who is an alumnus of the Agronomic Institute of Bucharest, had the idea...

Changing Soils - Improving the Effectiveness, Efficiency and Sustainability of Fertilizers

Since the 'Green Revolution', agricultural methods in India have developed by leaps and bounds and the use of chemical fertilizers has been the catalyst in many a success stories. But the unbalanced & uncontrolled use of fertilizers is gradually polluting the soil and destroying the ground water resources.
2012 - Agripolicy Outreach

Land degradation in Jordan. Review of knowledge resources

This publication is a baseline assessment reviewing the current knowledge of land degradation inthe rangelands of Jordan - known as Badia - with a special focus on its causes. It includes a reviewof current legislation and on-going initiatives to combat land degradation, along with an analysis ofthe main constraints limiting...
2012 - International Center for Agriculture Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

Togo et Bénin Entreprises d’accès aux marchés urbains pour l’agriculture familiale

Description du programme dont le but est d'augmenter et sécuriser les revenus des petites exploitations familiales agricoles dans différentes zones du Togo et du Bénin par la promotion d’Entreprises de Services et Organisations de Producteurs (ESOP) jouant un rôle de services à la production et d’interface pérenne entre des producteurs...
2012 - Entreprises, Territoires et Développement (ETD)

Policy brief/paper
Plan Sectorial de Agricultura Familiar 2011-2014

Vitrina tecnológica de hortalizas en ambientes protegidos, Estación Experimental Enrique Jiménez Núñez
En el documento se abordan en forma matricial, dos tipos de acciones, con sus objetivos, metas e indicadores: 1) un primer grupo que son aquellas tareas que ya han sido incorporadas por las instituciones responsables en los respectivos presupuestos institucionales y en el Plan Sectorial de Desarrollo Agropecuario 2011-2014 y...
Costa Rica
2012 - Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería (MAG)

Policy brief/paper
Llineamientos de la política pública nacional de equidad de género para las mujeres

La Política Pública Nacional de Equidad de Género, reconoce el aporte que las mujeres hacen a la producción y reproducción de nuestra sociedad. Las mujeres como sujetos sociales contribuyen al desarrollo del país en todos los ámbitos, sin embargo, aún persisten diversas formas de discriminación que aún las afectan y...
2012 - Alta Consejería Presidencial para la Equidad de la Mujer

Report part
Poverty assessment in Sudan: mapping natural resource potential

This is Part 3 of a study, presented in three reports that detail the results of a poverty assessment and mapping project in North and Southern Sudan. The study’s objective was to produce a rural poverty analysis and poverty maps for North and Southern Sudan, and based on these findings,...
South Sudan - Sudan
2012 - International Center for Agriculture Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

Magazine article
El empleo de las mujeres rurales en América Latina

En este Tema Especial del Panorama Laboral 2012 se presentan algunos datos estadísticos sobre el empleo de las mujeres rurales en América Latina, así como evidencia cualitativa generada a partir de una serie de estudios de casos sectoriales llevados a cabo conjuntamente por la Organización de las Naciones para la...
2012 - Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT)

Journal article
Relación entre parámetros océano-atmosféricos y la producción del café verde en Colombia

Se determina la influencia de la migración de la zona de convergencia intertropical (ZCIT) y de El Niño oscilación del sur (ENOS) en la producción de café verde en Colombia durante el periodo de 1960 a 2007. Se dan a conocer las relaciones temporales entre la serie de producción de...
2012 - Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia

Journal article
Agroecology, Food Sovereignty, and the New Green Revolution

In the face of recurrent global food crises, institutions of the corporate food regime propose a new Green Revolution coupled with a continuation of neoliberal economic policies. Because these are causes of the crises to begin with, this approach can worsen rather than end hunger. Building a countermovement depends in...
2012 - Taylor & Francis

Conference proceedings
Quality and processing potential of goats produced by smallholder farmers in Malawi

This research will evaluate carcass quality and processing potential of goat meat produced by smallholder farmers in Malawi. The farmers will keep local Malawi goat and Norwegian goats under three management systems (intensive, extensive and semi-intensive). The carcasses from these goats will be analyzed for gross and chemical composition. They...
2012 - Bunda College of Agriculture

Innovating Agriculture: "Fresh and Ready to eat" Produce in Umbria

A consortium composed of the University of Tuscia, Novamont – Research and innovation centre in agriculture – and three farms (Azienda Agricola Luca Treppaoli, Azienda Agraria Il Poggiolo, Azienda Agraria Pizzi Giorgiomaria) was formed to address the need for innovative solutions to the regional farms' struggle to survive in a...

Expanding a Semi-Subsistence Goat Farm

Marina Dicheva established her farm with 20 dairy sheep and 2 female goats in Alekovo in the region of Silistra in 2002. The farm began to focus solely on goat breeds in 2005 due to excellent conditions and the fact that, while goat breeding is a local tradition, few people...

Setting up a Young Farmer's vegetable farm

Leonard-Alin Plesea is a young farmer from the Jirlau Commune, famous across the country for its bountiful vegetable production. Eager to continue his family’s traditions, he attended a vegetable farming course and acquired practical experience at his family’s farm. In 2009 he leased 4 hectares of agricultural land from his...

Escuelas de campo y plan de agricultura familiar en El Salvador

Video sobre escuelas de campo realizadas en El Salvador. Se muestra a pequeños y medianos productores de camarón beneficiarios del “Plan de agricultura familiar” desarrollado por el Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería con el apoyo del IICA y otros organismos. Se les capacita en conocimiento técnico, comercialización, emprendimiento y normas...
El Salvador
2012 - Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA)

Fact sheet
Las escuelas de campo en el plan de agricultura familiar

Guía de fácil entendimiento sobre los principales aspectos del Plan de agricultura familiar y específicamente sobre las escuelas de campo. Incluye historias en formato cómic para dinamizar el contenido.
El Salvador
2012 - Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA)

Family farming newsletter for Latin America and the Caribbean, July-September 2012

Family farming in some Latin American and Caribbean countries represents more than 80% of all farm activities, more than 60% of food production and overall farmlands, and more than 70% of farm jobs. Not only does family farming provide food for cities, create jobs and generate income for the poor, it also contributes to the balanced development of...
Brazil - Ecuador - El Salvador

Social protection for food security

A report by The High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition
Social protection has risen rapidly up the development policy agenda in the last decade. There is also a clear trend to making social protection, as well as food security, ‘rights-based’ rather than ‘discretionary’. Yet no clear consensus has so far emerged concerning many basic design choices and implementation modalities of...
2012 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Food Security Portal

The Food Security Portal, facilitated by IFPRI, aims to provide improved food security for the world's poor and increased resilience of global food systems against food and financial crises. The project brings together international, regional, and country-level data, news, and research aimed at meeting countries' immediate food security needs, as...
2012 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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