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L’ exploitation agricole familiale du Sénégal et la pauvreté ?

L'article décrit les Exploitations Agricoles Familiales (EAF) au Sénégal, fortes créatrices d’emploi: sur les 48,5% des actifs occupés dans le secteur primaire, 45,7% sont regroupés dans le secteur de l’agriculture de l’élevage et de la forêt. Cependant, les ménages agricoles au Sénégal sont très pauvres:24% seulement d’entre eux parviennent à couvrir leurs besoins céréaliers...

Conference paper
Proyecto de cadenas de valor en Centroamérica: El caso de las hortalizas no tradicionales de exportación en Guatemala

Esta presentación, desarrollada por Martha Cordero de la Unidad de Comercio Internacional e Industria de CEPAL México, describe las cadenas de valor identificando estrategias, eslabones y restricciones.
2014 - Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL)

Fact sheet
Somalia fisheries: data at a glance

Somalia's fish resources remain one of the most under exploited due a variety of factors. The Horn of Africa nation also has one of the lowest per capita fish consumption in the world.
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)


近年来,数百万公顷的退化风沙侵蚀区又变回“森林”,几乎遍及世界上所有的干旱地区。 荒漠景观已经完全改变,但值得注意的是这些树木并不是由人工种植。外来树种迅速蔓延,形 成大片茂密的森林。这种情景会使当地农民和牧民快乐吗?其实他们很痛苦,因为这些外来入 侵物种使他们的生活变得更糟糕。入侵植物破坏牧场,成为农田杂草,阻塞道路,社区被迫迁 移。这样的经历在各个国家不断上演。现在,很多人都在学习如何利用这些新资源。
2014 - AgriCultures Network

Un projet à succès de la FAO au Burundi: ''Appui à la technologie post-capture de poisson''

La pêche joue un rôle important dans la vie économique et sociale au Burundi. Pourtant, environ 10 à 15% du poisson et des produits halieutiques étaient perdus au cours de la phase de transformation. Le séchage du poisson qui est la technique de transformation la plus courante dans le pays,...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Boletín informativo Puente, n° 87

El boletín informativo Puente pertenece a la Fundación para el Desarrollo en Justicia y Paz (FUNDAPAZ). El número 87, correspondiente al tercer cuatrimestre de 2014, incluye artículos sobre: Agricultura familiar, un tesoro cada vez más valioso Algarrobos con sabor a miel Se formó el Movimiento Provincial de Pequeños Productores de Santa Fe Capacitación en...
2014 - Fundación para el Desarrollo en Justicia y Paz (FUNDAPAZ)

Conference paper
La gestión territorial con enfoque de red de valor y manejo sustentable

Esta presentación, desarrollada por Guillermo Portugal de Esquema Sumario Proyecto Territorial Microcuencas, México, describe los cambios en el enfoque del desarrollo rural, criterios en la implementación de programas de desarrollo territorial, el propósito del desarrollo territorial y una metodología de análisis de la red de valor y evaluación biofísica del...
2014 - Esquema Sumario Proyecto Territorial Microcuencas, México

Conference proceedings
Investing in smallholer family farmers for the future we want

Smallholder family farmers are people working in any area of agriculture who derive a significant portion of their income from farming, involve members of the family in managing the farm and rely predominantly on family labour. These farms vary in size, ranging from 0.25 hectares to 10 hectares depending on...
2014 - International Fund for International Development (IFAD)

Programa de Agricultura Familiar - PAF

En el marco de la estrategia de Desarrollo Rural, el Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural creó el Programa de Apoyo a la Agricultura Familiar- PAF, con el propósito de combatir la pobreza en el sector rural, ampliar la clase media del campo y cerrar las brechas entre lo urbano...
2014 - Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural Colombia

Journal article
Scaling up agroforestry requires research ‘in’ rather than ‘for’ development

Recent high-level policy papers call for scaling-up agroforestry to sustainably increase agricultural production and maintain environmental services. Evidence suggests that this will not be achieved by wide scale promotion of a few iconic agroforestry practices. Instead, three key issues need to be addressed. First, fine-scale variation in social, economic and...
2014 - Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Agroecology: how to make the very best of Europe's CAP

The Common Agricultural Policy shapes how Europe produces food, but in many ways its no longer fit for purpose. In this video, Arc2020 and Friends of the Earth Europe spotlight the options and opportunities in the CAP for choosing farming methods which are good for people and the planet -...

Case study
The contribution of rural smallholder farming landscapes towards carbon sequestration

A case study of Maleka parish, Mayuge district
Uganda’s landscape is dominated by Small scale farmers who maintain trees on-farm to satisfy their basic needs. On-farm trees contribute to reduction of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and in this way contribute climate change mitigation. It has been observed that some farms are not managing trees appropriately. In order...
2014 - Makerere University

Enlace. La revista de la agricultura de conservación nº 21

En la 66ª sesión de la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas se declaró oficialmente 2014 como el “Año Internacional de la Agricultura Familiar” (AIAF), con el objetivo reconocer el papel fundamental de los agricultores familiares en el desarrollo rural y otorgarles un lugar prioritario en las políticas agrícolas, ambientales...
2014 - Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y Trigo (CIMMYT)

Agricultural Policy and European Integration in Southeastern Europe 2014

The countries of the Southeastern European (SEE) region pronounced their intention to move towards integration with the European Union (EU) in order to create a stable, united, and more prosperous region. The EU integration process should foster political stability and socio-economic and sustainable development in the region. The SEE candidate...

Newsletter article
Family agriculture, technology and development

This CIRAD ‘Technology transfer and development newsletter’ underlines the central challenge of building innovation capacities of family producers and CIRAD’s commitment to the issues since the start of the ‘family agriculture and globalisation programme’.
2014 - Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement (CIRAD)

P4P Purchase for Progress. The Story

Connecting farmers to markets
This publication provides an overview of the achievements made, challenges faced and lessons learned throughout the five year Purchase for Progress (P4P) pilot. It highlights the experience of farmers, governments and other partners in the 20 pilot countries.
2014 - World Food Programme (WFP)

Report Typology WAW: France

This Report on the typology of the agricultural holdings in France is based on data from the agricultural census 2000. It uses three main criteria: labor type, commercialization and management type. A specific variable related to the direct marketing is used and put into debates. The identification of the diversification...
2014 - World Agricultures Watch (WAW)

Smallholder ecologies

This document provides a review of the scientific literature on agreocology, including global, regional, national and local studies. In the Annex, the performance of various agroecological management systems are described and compared. Based on these findings, key steps towards an agroecological transition are outlined.

Blog article
ESA's response to Family Farming: Regional Implementation Workshop 2014

In 2008, the initiative to declare an International Year of Family Farming was launched by the World Rural Forum (WRF), in collaboration with more than 350 organizations from 60 countries on 5 continents. These included major regional networks of family farmers’ organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In 2011,...
2014 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Policy brief/paper
The Forest and Farm Facility

building strength in numbers
This briefing describes the stages, benefits and challenges of organising, and explains FFF’s strategies, and how governments can help producer groups transform forest and farming landscapes.
2014 - The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
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