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Conference paper
Cobertura de los servicios de extensionismo en México: ¿Qué lograr? ¿Cómo lograrlo? ¿A través de quién lograrlo?

Esta exposición de Roberto Rendón, del Centro de Investigaciones Económicas, Sociales y Tecnológicas de la Agroindustria y la Agricultura Mundial (CIESTAAM) de la Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo, describe el extensionismo en México.
2014 - Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y Trigo (CIMMYT)

Food sovereignty for sale

Floating market for fresh fruit and vegetables in South Kalimantan, Indonesia (Photo: Traveller Kaskus) REPORT Supermarkets are undermining people’s control over food and farming in Asia
In the past decade or so, food corporations have been taking over a bigger and bigger slice of the retail pie, with major implications for the entire food chain. Corporate supermarkets are expanding faster in Asia than anywhere else on the planet. And as supermarkets and their procurement chains expand,...
2014 - GRAIN

Youth and agriculture

Key challenges and concrete solutions
This publication provides real life examples on how to re-engage youth in agriculture. It shows how tailor-made educational programmes can provide rural youth with the skills and insights needed to engage in farming and adopt environmentally friendly production methods. Many of the initiatives and approaches reported in this study originate...
Bahamas - Bangladesh - Brazil - Burkina Faso - Cambodia - Canada - China - Colombia - Ethiopia - France - Ghana - Grenada - Kenya - Madagascar - Mexico - Pakistan - Philippines - Republic of Moldova - Rwanda - Togo - Uganda - United States of America - Zambia

Food security and livelihoods assessment of fisher and agropastoralist households in Upper Egypt

This work is the result of a collaborative effort and fieldwork in Upper Egypt, with the goal of highlighting the challenges faced by communities and livelihoods that are often overlooked in mainstream development projects. This field study draws attention to the context and challenges that are unique to fishers and...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

El vivir y comer bien en los Andes Bolivianos

Aportes de los sistemas agroalimentarios y las estrategias de vida de las naciones indígenas originario campesinas a las políticas de seguridad y soberanía alimentarias
Esta es una publicación de relevante interés para los investigadores, los gestores de políticas públicas en seguridad con soberanía alimentaria, así como los militantes de los movimientos sociales: sindicales e indígena originaria campesinos que luchan por la construcción de un sistema agroalimentario global para el bien común de la humanidad. El...
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)

Feeding Europe: food sovereignty and agro-ecology

Over the past fifty years, the food system has become increasingly globalised and heavily dependent on cheap raw materials, chemical inputs and mechanisation. In short, the global food system is broken increasingly controlled by a handful of multinationals. This film demonstrates how people across Europe are re-organising their food supply...
2014 - Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEEurope)

Blog article
Supporting Farmer Co-operatives in Rwanda

WFP marks the International day of Co-operatives and commits to invest in capacity building of small-holder farmers through local purchases to achieve sustainable food security.

Countries recognize vital role of small-scale fishers

Today at the Food and Agriculture Organization Headquarters in Rome, countries endorsed a set of wide-reaching guidelines that will boost the already vital role of small-scale fishers in contributing to global food security, nutrition and poverty eradication. Small-scale fisheries account for more than 90 percent of the world’s capture fishers...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

The Perils of Productivity: Making ‘Good Farmers’ in Malwa, India

The idea of a ‘good farmer’ who adheres to scientific methods of crop production and produces high yields was commonly articulated by scientists and some farmers in Malwa, central India, while evaluating soybean farming. However, through detailed ethnographic description of the everyday practices of soybean farmers in Malwa, this paper...
2014 - Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology


迄今为止,孟加拉是世界上同等大小国 家中人口密度最大的,其人口密度超过一千 人每平方公里。并且,该地区土地稀缺和洪 水泛滥的情况正在逐年恶化。在这样的背景 下,农民们找到了一种利用新兴季节性岛屿 和漂浮菜园种植作物的新方法,尽管这样的 方法可能会威胁作物的生长。
2014 - LEISA China

Journal article
Bees bring a new buzz to family farming in Zimbabwe

One way that family farmers improve their resilience to both climatic and economic shocks is to diversify what is produced. More and different crops and livestock, particularly local varieties and breeds are being promoted. Two other options stand out too – bees and trees. These have the added advantages of...
2014 - ILEIA, Center for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture

Biodiversity for food security and family farming

Farmers and other experts such as Vandana Shiva and Victor Toledo explain why and how biodiversity is important for food security and for family farming. 
2014 - ILEIA Foundation

Aušra and Vladas Griciai farm

Aušra and Vladas Griciai family`s farm established in Kretinga district, Imbarė surroundings, Juodupėnų village. Part of the farm is certified as ecological. Currently, farmers are involved in “Landscape Program”. Major agricultural income is received from milk production. Aušra and Vladas are farming since 1993, after Lithuania regained its independence. Before...
2014 - Baltic Deal

No seeds, no future

For many generations subsistence farmers have successfully grown their own fruits and vegetables, and reared their own livestock. KwaHhohho in Mtubatuba, KwaZulu-Natal, has a rich history of these traditional farming practices. But these are under threat, and this small farming community is fighting to save their natural seeds and traditional...
South Africa
2014 - Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research (PAR)

Agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics

Agriculture accounts for roughly 40% of the EU budget. It is the only policy almost entirely funded from the EU budget, where European spending is largely complementary to national spending. The new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2014–20 demonstrates the central role of statistics and the need for a solid knowledge...
2014 - European Union

Magazine article
Rural reality check in Serbia

Serbia is still a mainly rural country. 65% of its national territory is in farmland, a further 30% in forestry. Of its 7.2 million people, 58% live in rural areas, and about two thirds of these rely wholly or partly on agriculture or forestry for their livelihood. These industries produce...
2014 - EU Agriculture and Rural development

Agriculture and livestock survey A1 farms 2012

This Report presents the results of the 2011-2012 Agriculture and Livestock Survey (ALS) in A1 Farms conducted by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency.
2014 - Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency

Kalna Dambrāni Farm

The farm Kalna Dambrāni is located in Viesīte County, Viesīte Rural municipality. Farm owners Iveta Tīrumniece and Ivars Tīrumnieks manage a total of 600 ha land and their main activity is dairy farming. The farmland is part of the basin of river Lielupe. The farm Kalna Dambrāni was established in...
2014 - Baltic Deal

Fact sheet
CYPRUS - Common Agricultural Policy

During the next 7 years, the new CAP is going to invest more than EUR 485 million in Cyprus's farming sector and rural areas. Key political priorities have been defined at European level such as: jobs, sustainability, modernization, innovation and quality. In parallel, flexibility is given to Cyprus to adapt...
2014 - European Commission

Conference paper
El modelo de Agencia de Desarrollo Rural (ADR) del Proyecto Estratégico de Seguridad Alimentaria (PESA)

Esta presentación de Julio Rosette, de la Unidad Técnica Nacional del Proyecto Estratégico de Seguridad Alimentaria (PESA), explica el modelo de este proyecto, su cobertura y alcances.
2014 - Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y Trigo (CIMMYT)
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