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Nature & Faune: Success stories in management of wildlife and nature in Africa

This Issue of the magazine aims at reflecting on and rekindling interest in successful field projects, capacity-building initiatives and networking of natural resources practitioners. It is a strategy to sustain ideas that could enhance conservation of wildlife and natural ecosystems and improve Africa's rural livelihoods. This edition of Nature &...
Côte d'Ivoire - Ethiopia - Ghana - Liberia - Sudan
2009 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Encuesta Nacional Agropecuaria 2008

La Encuesta Nacional Agropecuaria 2008 (ENA 2008) se ha realizado con el propósito de estimar el número de Unidades de Producción Agropecuaria a nivel de Departamentos, lo que permitirá conocer a su vez los recursos agropecuarios con que cuenta cada uno de ellos y de esta manera contribuir a la...
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
2009 - Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE)

Una huerta para todos

La tercera edición tiene el objetivo de proveer una guía metodológica práctica al proceso de montaje y puesta en marcha de huertas familiares centradas en la auto producción de alimentos nutritivos e inocuos como aporte significativo en fibras minerales y vitaminas para la alimentación de la población, afectada por la...
2009 - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

Journal article
The emergence of the work class “family farmer” as individuals with rights in the path of the Brazilian rural syndicalism

The process of the family farmers' recognition as individuals with rights demonstrates having their first roots, in spite of being recent, if compared to the history of the Brazilian rural syndicalism, still in the constitution of the labor-syndical legislation in 1930. Therefore, seeking to explore that process the present paper...
2009 - Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Assessment Of The European And North American Market For Organic Cacao, Coffee And Vanilla

Organic Monitor was commissioned by Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations to assess the European and North American market for organic ingredients: organic cocoa, coffee and vanilla. The purpose of the study is to investigate the market potential for Pacific Island Country (PIC) growers. The focus is...
Canada - United States of America
2009 - Organic Monitor

Case study
Livelihoods, Power and Choice:

The Vulnerability of the Northern Rizaygat, Darfur, Sudan
Livelihoods in Darfur are intimately linked to the conflict, none more so than the livelihoods of the Northern Rizaygat—a group of Arabicspeaking, camel-herding nomads living in the Sudanese states of North, South, and West Darfur. They have achieved notoriety for their role in the Janjaweed—the pejorative name given to the...
South Sudan - Sudan

Policy brief/paper
Climate Change And Food Security In The Pacific

This brief has been prepared for the UN Convention on Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen, December 2009, to raise awareness of the imminent impacts of climate change on food security in Pacific island countries and territories and to urge participants to consider the importance of mainstreaming food security in climate-related...
Cook Islands - Fiji - Micronesia (Federated States of) - Niue - Papua New Guinea - Samoa - Solomon Islands - Tonga - Tuvalu - Vanuatu

Comparative Analysis Of Organic And Non-Organic Farming Systems: A Critical Assessment Of Farm Profitability

The last decades have seen a proliferation of economic studies that have compared the economic performance of organic and non-organic farming systems. Several criticisms were formulated questioning the validity of such comparisons, partly because of the inherent difference between the two systems (in terms of complexity, diversity and objectives other...
2009 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Fact sheet
Factors Affecting Conversion From Conventional To Organic Vegetable Farming In Thailand

There is barrier among farmers in developing countries to convert to organic farming. This study examines factors affecting the decision of Thai vegetable farmers to convert and suggests possible measures to improve conversion
2009 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Glossary On Organic Agriculture

The FAO Glossary on Organic Agriculture in English, French and Spanish contains 401 concepts and definitions, where appropriate, which have been selected from FAO and international documents and publications on Organic Agriculture, as well as from the proceedings of meetings of experts discussing Organic Agriculture and Food Security issues. The...

Journal article
Boosting smallholder production for food security

Some approaches and evidence from studies in sub-Saharan
This paper uses the sustainable livelihoods framework to explore the contribution of smallholder production to food security in some sub-Saharan African countries and relates it to the South African case. Noting that many of the world’s hungry are smallholder farmers, it is clear that food insecurity is closely linked to...
Angola - Benin - Botswana - Burkina Faso - Cabo Verde - Chad - Congo - Eritrea - Eswatini - Ethiopia - Gabon - Gambia - Ghana - Guinea - Guinea-Bissau - Kenya - Lesotho - Liberia - Madagascar - Mali - Mauritius - Mozambique - Namibia - Niger - Nigeria - Rwanda - Senegal - Sierra Leone - South Africa - Uganda - Zambia - Zimbabwe

Journal article
Persistent myths about emergency seed aid

Seed interventions are the major agricultural response during emergency and recovery phases of humanitarian relief. They are implemented by diverse agencies, and widely promoted: for instance the FAO alone managed 400 such projects between 2003 and 2005. However, seed aid suffers from a lack of critical attention, perpetuating widespread myths...

Revista Agropólis

Sitio web de la revista Agrópolis, la es una publicación semestral de la Fundación para el Desarrollo Regional en los países del Mercosur ampliado (FUNDER). Es de carácter no gubernamental y su Directorio está conformado por personalidades de Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay y Uruguay. Agrópolis se idea como espacio de reflexión en el que...
Argentina - Brazil - Paraguay - Uruguay
2009 - Fundación para el Desarrollo Regional en los países del Mercosur ampliado (FUNDER)

Journal article
Understanding and strengthening informal seed markets

Informal markets receive little attention from governments and researchers, despite their centrality to farmers’ seed security. This paper documents the importance of informal markets for supplying seed and restocking critical plant genetic resources in normal and stress periods. It analyses farmers’ rationales for using such markets and their strategic actions...

Harmonization and Equivalence in Organic Agriculture - volume 6

Background Papers of the International Task Force on Harmonization and Equivalence in Organic Agriculture
This sixth and last volume in our publication series features the final results of the International Task Force on Harmonization and Equivalence in Organic Agriculture (ITF). The ITF worked from 2003 to 2008 in search of solutions to trade barriers created by worldwide proliferation of organic standards and technical regulations....

Increasing Incomes And Food Security Of Small Farmers In West And Central Africa Through Exports Of Organic And Fair-Trade Tropical Products: Project Impact Study In Ghana - Mango

The project has supported the Volta Mango Growers Association (VOMAGA). This report presents the results of a survey among a sample of the mango farmers on the impact of the project. The report first gives an introduction to the mango sector in Ghana and the project partners and activities. Subsequently...
2009 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Conference proceedings
Seminario: Enfoques de desarrollo territorial y rural

Los días 28 y 29 de mayo de 2008, se llevó a cabo en Bolivia, el Seminario sobre “Enfoques de Desarrollo Territorial y Desarrollo Rural” a iniciativa del Postgrado en Ciencias del Desarrollo de la Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (CIDES/UMSA) el Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA)...
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
2009 - Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (CIDES-UMSA)

Increasing Incomes And Food Security Of Small Farmers In West And Central Africa Through Exports Of Organic And Fair-Trade Tropical Products: Project Impact Study In Ghana - Pineapple

The FAO project “Increasing incomes and food security of small farmers in West and Central Africa through exports of organic and fair-trade tropical products” has supported the Ekumfi Atwia WAD Organic Farmers Association (EAWOFA) and its exporter Weya Agricultural Development/African Foods Ltd (WAD). This report presents the results of a...
2009 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Women and natural resources in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a beautiful country with a rich history. Today it faces enormous challenges. Afghanistan’s terrain is mountainous, dry, and subject to extreme droughts and devastating floods. Decades of conflict coupled with abuse, overexploitation and mismanagement of its natural resources have decimated its forests, degraded its rangelands and wetlands, and...
2009 - United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)

Politiques agricoles africaines et développement des exploitations agricoles familiales

Déclaration liminaire à la conférence publique animée par la Coordination régionale de la Coalition pour la Protection du Patrimoine Génétique Africain-COPAGEN à Cotounou, Bénin, sur les politiques agricoles africaines et le développement des exploitations agricoles familiales.
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