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Buenas Prácticas Pecuarias (BPP) para la producción y comercialización porcina familiar

El Manual promueve la implementación de Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas y Pecuarias (BPA-BPP) como una herramienta integral de desarrollo para la pequeña producción porcina. A partir del conocimiento disponible, se brindan recomendaciones que permiten mejorar la eficiencia de los niveles de producción respetando el medio ambiente, garantizar la calidad e inocuidad...
2012 - Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA)

Hoja informativa
Good practices in building rural institutions to increase food security

Continued population growth, urbanization and rising incomes are likely to continue to put pressure on food demand. International prices for most agricultural commodities are set to remain at 2010 levels or higher, at least for the next decade (OECD-FAO, 2010). Small-scale producers in many developing countries were not able to...
2012 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

The Good Family Dairy Farm Cork Ireland

Milking cows on a working dairy farm in Ireland  - a Family Farm

Artículo de revista especializada
Impact of climate change on small-holder farming

A case of eastern Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
Although there are well-established concerns about climate change effects in northern Ethiopia, there is little quantitative information concerning how serious these effects are to small holder farming. Moreover, studies on farm level adaptations that farmers make to minimise the potential impacts of climate change are lacking. Both quantitative and qualitative...
2012 - Mekelle University

Converting from Traditional to Organic Farming in Malta

The project beneficiary is a female farmer who has been growing and selling vegetables in Malta. She applied for EU funding to convert to organic farming. She had been considering this conversion for some time and the funding opportunity allowed her to put her ideas into practice. The objective of the...

Good Environmental Practices in Bioenergy Feedstock Production

Making Bioenergy Work for Climate and Food Security
Building on FAO’s work on good practices in agriculture and forestry, the BEFSCI project (see box below) has compiled a set of good environmental practices that can be implemented by bioenergy feedstock producers in order to minimize the risk of negative environmental impacts from their operations, and to ensure that...

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Fortalecimiento de los Programas de alimentación escolar en el marco de la iniciativa América Latina sin Hambre 2025

Folleto que explica brevemente los objetivos y características del Programa de Alimentación Escolar, en el marco de la iniciativa América Latina sin Hambre 2025.
2012 - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

Documento de trabajo
Органическое сельское хозяйство

Сегодня органическое сельское хозяйство получило признание во всем мире, а спрос на ор- ганик-продукты увеличивается с каждым годом. Органическое фермерство поддерживает здоровое состояние земли, экосистемы и людей, учитывая весь жизненный цикл веществ и элементов.
Russian Federation
2012 - Экологический Союз

Documento de trabajo
Conservation Agriculture in Mongolia

This paper explains an approach on Conservation Agriculture in Mongolia. Following a request by the Government of Mongolia, FAO has implemented the TCP project “Improved Cereal Production Technology” from 2000 to 2002. The project’s main objective was to introduce Conservation Agriculture (CA) technologies in the wheat-fallow production system of Mongolia...
2012 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Caracterización de la producción ovina en la agricultura familiar en la comuna de Paillaco Región de los Ríos Chile

El ganado menor es un rubro importante para los pequeños productores, ya que requiere menos espacio para la crianza y se lo considera como una fuente de ingreso rápido para resolver problemas imprevistos. En este contexto, este trabajo tuvo por finalidad analizar los aspectos socio-económicos, productivos, reproductivos y de comercialización...
2012 - Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh)

Documento/nota de orientación
Opportunities and challenges facing farmers in transitioning to a Green Economy agriculture practice

This policy paper has been prepared to highlight the key opportunities and challenges confronting farmers throughout the world as they consider and adopt practices that contribute to green economic development, poverty eradication and improved food security. It focuses on the role of farmers in green economic development and how a...
2012 - United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)

Market-oriented agricultural training

Agriculture plays a key role in the economic and social development of Georgia. Though over half of the active population works in this sector, it makes up only 17% of the GDP. The rural population has not benefited from the economic growth of recent years and is as a result...

A Vision for Sustainable Agriculture around the Baltic Sea

13 farmers’ organizations from eight countries within the Baltic Farmers’ Forum on the Environment (BFFE) present their contribution for sustainable farming around the Baltic Sea. Farmers are aware of their key role in water management in light of the sensitive Baltic Sea, and as part of the overall sustainable development...
Denmark - Estonia - Finland - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Sweden
2012 - Baltic Deal

3 successful practices for successful policies through the eyes of their protagonists

The case of Peru.
This document forms part of the systemization of the FAO project “Strengthening of High-Andean Indigenous Organizations and Recovery of their Traditional Products” (2007-2011), financed by the New Zealand Aid Programme. Its aim is to strengthen national capacities to recover, systemize, disseminate, adapt and replicate some of the processes and lessons...

Artículo de revista especializada
Agroecology Scaling Up for Food Sovereignty and Resiliency

The Green Revolution not only failed to ensure safe and abundant food production for all people, but it was launched under the assumptions that abundant water and cheap energy to fuel modern agriculture would always be available and that climate would be stable and not change. In some of the...
2012 - Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht

Documento/nota de orientación
Promoting ICT based agricultural knowledge management to increase production and productivity of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia

  The Agricultural sector has the greatest potential for improving rural livelihood and eradicating the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP). By the end of the GTP period, the government seeks to double yields of smallholder farmers largely by scaling-up best practices, producing high value crops, expanding irrigation development and promoting natural...
2012 - United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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FRANCE - Common Agricultural Policy

During the next 7 years, the new CAP is going to invest about EUR 63 billion in France's farming sector and rural areas. Key political priorities have been defined at European level such as: jobs, sustainability, modernizations, innovation and quality. In parallel, flexibility is given to France to adapt both...
2012 - European Commission

The supply of inorganic fertilizers to smallholder farmers in Mozambique

Evidence for fertilizer policy development
Inorganic fertilizer is one of a handful of agricultural technologies that have immense potential for raising the productivity of poor smallholders, enabling them to increase income, accumulate assets, and set themselves economically on a pathway out of poverty. The very low prevalence of fertilizer use by Mozambican farmers—below five percent—is...
2012 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

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Emergency food production support to poor families in eastern Libya

To provide immediate livelihood relief to at least 100 vulnerable families in rural and semi-rural areas in eastern Libya through the provision of agricultural inputs and technical support to maintain or expand their vegetable production capacity.
2012 - Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Actas de conferencia
Family Poultry interactions with other production systems (forestry, tree crops, annual crops, large animals, fisheries, etc): Nutritional opportunities and constraints. Proceedings of an e-conference 16 January - 3 February 2012

E-conference of the International Network for Family Poultry Development in collaboration with FAO and supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) / 16 January - 3 February 2012
2012 - International Network for Family Poultry Development (INFPD)
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