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2016 International Conference on Pulses: Conference program & abstract book

The International Conference on Pulses for Health, Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture in Drylands was held on the occasion of the 2016 International Year of Pulses to provide a platform to various stakeholders, including scientists, policy-makers, extension workers, traders and entrepreneurs, to discuss the various contributions of pulses to food and nutritional security and ecosystem...
2016 - International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

الفلاحة الطبيعية : الحديقة المصغرة

No description available
2016 - Terre et Humanisme

Primera Convocatoria proyecto "Más allá del AIAF 2014: apoyo a Comités Nacionales de la Agricultura Familiar CCNNAF"

Convocatoria a iniciativas de Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil (representativas de la Agricultura Familiar) enmarcadas en el proyecto “Más allá del AIAF 2014: apoyo a Comités Nacionales de la Agricultura Familiar CCNNAF”. El proyecto de apoyo a los CCNNAF es implementado por el Foro Rural Mundial (FRM), en consorcio con el...

Hoja informativa
INIAP Ñusta nueva variedad. Nueva variedad de cebada de grano descubierto para el Sur del Ecuador

El INIAP desarrolló una nueva variedad de cebada para la zona sur del Ecuador con 13% de proteína y un rendimiento promedio de 4,38 de toneladas por hectárea, presenta tolerancia a roya amarilla, roya de la hoja, escaldadura y el enanismo. El nombre ñusta deriva de la palabra en kichua...
2016 - Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIAP)

Inspirational Ideas - Pulses- superfood for the future

2016 is the UN’s year of the pulse. Watch the video from the FAO then read the article below to find out about how innnovations in food products using pulses, such as ‘pulled oat’ or faba bean yoghurt, combined with the results of research to improve their productivity, means that...
2016 - EIP Agri

Adapting agriculture to Climate Change: a Perspective from Ethiopia

This presentation was held by Million Beley from MELCA-Ethiopia at the World Food Day 2016 event in Stockholm on the 14th of October 2016.
2016 - SIANI

Estudio de caso
Ecologically Integrated Farming System in the South of Vietnam: Rice-Duck-Shrimp Farming in Ben Tre Province

Rice and ducks have been ‘good friends’ of farmers in the Mekong Delta for a long time. Traditionally, farmers in the Mekong Delta planted rice paddies and raised ducks by releasing them into the paddy fields after the harvest to eat residues. A Japanese farmer, Mr. Takao Furuno, took this traditional Asian farming...
Viet Nam
2016 - Seed to Table

Documento de la Conferencia
La agricultura familiar en las políticas públicas de los países del MERCOSUR:Avances en el posicionamiento en las agendas públicas en los últimos 10 años

El Proyecto Insignia de Agricultura Familiar (PIAF) del IICA y la Reunión Especializada sobre Agricultura Familiar (REAF) del MERCOSUR organizan este foro técnico que busca sensibilizar a los funcionarios gubernamentales, del sector privado y personal técnico del IICA en las Américas, acerca de las políticas públicas para la agricultura familiar. En este enlace se...
2016 - Proyecto Insignia de Agricultura Familiar (PIAF) del IICA

Cereal supply and demand balance for sub-Saharan African countries

Situation as of May 2016
The Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture (GIEWS) continuously monitors crop prospects and food security situation at global, regional, national and sub-national levels and warns of impending food difficulties and emergencies. Established in the wake of the world food crisis of the early 1970’s, GIEWS maintains...
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Artículo de blog
FAO pre-cop regional dialogue identifies road map and regional priorities to address climate change impacts on agriculture

The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) concludeat the Headquarters of the League of Arab States in Cairo, the series of the regional Pre-COP22 dialogues on the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) and Climate Finance. The three days’ meeting, organized jointly by the Government of Egypt, the League...
2016 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Europeans, Agriculture and the CAP

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was introduced in 1962. It is a common policy for all the Member States of the European Union and is managed, and funded from the resources of the EU annual budget, of which the CAP constitutes almost 40% of the total budget. The main aims...
2016 - European Union

Artículo de blog
Estados constroem planos de agroecologia inspirados no Planapo

As diretrizes, metas e eixos estratégicos definidos pelo Plano Nacional de Agroecologia e Produção Orgânica (Planapo) têm auxiliado estados brasileiros na construção de um marco legal que oriente as ações para a transição agroecológica e a segurança alimentar em várias unidades da federação. Experiências como a da Bahia, Distrito Federal,...
2016 - Secretaria Especial de Agricultura Familiar e do Desenvolvimento Agrário (SEAD)

Artículo de blog
Africa’s evolving food systems

Most rural Africans now live and farm in liberalised markets, which most African and international policy forums assume to be the best basis for economic activities. But there is considerable debate about these developments, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Agriculture in Africa plays an important role in eradicating hunger and poverty, providing...
2016 - International Institute for Environment and Development IIED

Artículo de revista especializada
Adoption and farm-level impact of conservation agriculture in Central Ethiopia

Soil erosion and degradation is an important agro-ecological challenge in the highlands of Ethiopia. Conservation agriculture (CA) has a long time been identified as one of the key interventions that could abate the current trend of physical and chemical erosion of soil. This study analyzed adoption of the different components...

Artículo de revista especializada
Fabrication d’aliment du bétail issue de la cueillette de gousses de Piliostigma reticulatum : une opportunité pour les femmes rurales burkinabé

Les gousses de l’arbre fourrager de Piliostigma reticulatum sont très utilisées au Burkina Faso. Comme peu de données existent sur cette activité, une enquête a été conduite en zone nord-soudanienne auprès de 90 personnes. Les résultats montrent que la collecte et la transformation des gousses sont menées par des femmes...
Burkina Faso
2016 - Centre national de la recherche scientifique et technologique (Burkina Faso)

What drives urban food policy: Lessons learned from five case studies

Cities are emerging as major players in forging equitable, resilient and sustainable food systems. Increasingly, city governments around the globe are using their powers to address pressing foodrelated problems, such as food and nutrition insecurity and obesity. Moreover, through integrated, cross-departmental action, they are using food to help resolve wider...
2016 - Ipes Food

“Smart farming: Harvesting the digital dividends across the EU”

Though still associated with bucolic imagery, farmers confront a steep challenge: produce 60% more food for an additional 2.3 billion people by 2050 while using scarce natural resources more efficiently and adapting to climate change. Luckily  ICT is here to help: sensor-based, data-intensive ‘smart’ farming will potentially add $10b per...

Sustainable High Nature Value (HNV) farming

High Nature Value (HNV) farming is a relatively new concept that has been developed since the early 1990s as a policy tool to describe those farming systems in Europe which are of greatest biodiversity value. Instead of focusing only upon the maintenance of rare or endangered species and habitats on...
2016 - EIP-AGRI Agriculture and Innovation

Artículo de blog
New support for Kenya to focus on smallholder agriculture

Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, signed financing agreements with Kenya, together with Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta. The support provided will focus, amongst others, on supporting smallholder agriculture through access to finance, training or market integration.
2016 - European Commission

Artículo de revista especializada
Characterization of production system and breeding practices of sheep producers in Doyogena district, Southern Ethiopia

An exploratory survey was undertaken in Doyogena district of Southern Nation Nationalities Peoples region of Ethiopia to understand the sheep production system, the breeding practices, selection criteria and sheep production constraints in order to develop a sheep breeding strategy. Data were collected from 107 households using semi-structured questionnaire and group...
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