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Qanat Irrigated Agricultural Heritage Systems of Kashan, Isfahan Province Islamic Republic of Iran

The most important agricultural systems such as Pomegranate, Pistachio, and Saffron farming systems are irrigated by Qanat. The geographical regions around the Central Desert of Iran which is also one of the most traditional agricultural areas have been using the Qanat technology for providing water for agriculture and human consumption...
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Sitio web
Family Farming website

The website about family farmers and their farms, begun in 2014 to show the diversity of family farmers ‘Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth‘ by a collection of first hand experiences (snapshots) as an educational resource for anywhere in the world. The concept of this comes from the  International...
Afghanistan - Albania - Algeria - American Samoa - Andorra - Angola - Anguilla - Antarctica - Antigua and Barbuda - Argentina - Armenia - Aruba - Australia - Austria - Azerbaijan - Bahamas - Bahrain - Bangladesh - Barbados - Belarus - Belgium - Belize - Benin - Bermuda - Bhutan - Bolivia (Plurinational State of) - Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Botswana - Bouvet Island - Brazil - British Virgin Islands - Brunei Darussalam - Bulgaria - Burkina Faso - Burundi - Cabo Verde - Cambodia - Cameroon - Canada - Cayman Islands - Central African Republic - Chad - Channel Islands - Chile - China - China, Hong Kong SAR - China, Macao SAR - Christmas Island - Cocos (Keeling) Islands - Colombia - Comoros - Congo - Cook Islands - Costa Rica - Croatia - Cuba - Curaçao - Cyprus - Czechia - Côte d'Ivoire - Democratic People's Republic of Korea - Democratic Republic of the Congo - Denmark - Djibouti - Dominica - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Egypt - El Salvador - Equatorial Guinea - Eritrea - Estonia - Ethiopia - Faroe Islands - Fiji - Finland - France - French Guiana - French Polynesia - French Southern Territories - Gabon - Gambia - Georgia - Germany - Ghana - Gibraltar - Greece - Greenland - Grenada - Guadeloupe - Guam - Guatemala - Guernsey - Guinea - Guinea-Bissau - Guyana - Haiti - Heard Island and McDonald Islands - Holy See
2014 - Family farms.enviroed4all

Artículo de revista especializada
Logística de distribución de productos perecederos: estudios de caso Fuente de Oro (Meta) y Viotá (Cundinamarca)

Se analiza la operación logística de distribución de los municipios de Fuente de Oro (Meta) y Viotá (Cundinamarca) en el marco del proceso Mercados Campesinos. A través de la caracterización de la cadena de suministro (CS) se elabora un diagnóstico de la operación logística que incluye análisis de costos y...
2014 - Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia

Final Report for the International Symposium on Agroecology for Food Security and Nutrition

FAO held, with the support of France, the Swiss Development Cooperation and the Foreign Office of Agriculture of Switzerland, the International Symposium on Agroecology for Food Security and Nutrition at its headquarters in Rome on 18 and 19 September 2014 and a side-event on the Symposium during COAG on 30...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Hoja informativa
FAO’s contribution to reducing and preventing child labour in agriculture 2012-2014

Child labour is work that interferes with compulsory schooling or damages children’s health and personal development. Thanks to continuous efforts at the international and local level, recent global data,1 show that the number of children engaged in child labour worldwide has significantly declined from 215 to 168 million children (40 percent decline...
Cambodia - Lao People's Democratic Republic - Malawi - Mali - Niger - United Republic of Tanzania
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Artículo de blog

在印度奥里萨邦部落地区,林农轮作被 称为Pudu chaso,这样的农作方法对于维持农 作物的多样性是十分重要,并且产生各种栽 培方式。作物轮作,间作,和其他可持续农 业实践是Pudu农民传承传统知识的一部分, 这有助于创造他们所居住的景观。 然而,这一切都在受到不断的威胁。商 业伐木摧毁了部落的大片森林,在那里曾经 是部落的妇女用来采集食物和燃料的地方, 现在几乎完全消失。该地区还将继续遭受各 种破坏,人们通过修建道路、铁路和建水坝 来吸引企业的投资;但同时,部落土地和人 民生活也受到了破坏。在科拉普特区域,超 过一半的人(约一百万)已经由于新水库建 设而流离失所,超过一万公顷的森林土地被 破坏。
2014 - Center for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge

Artículo de revista especializada
Impact of minimum tillage and crop rotation as climate change adaptation strategies on farmer welfare in smallholder farming systems of Zambia

The purpose of this study was to estimate the impact of minimum tillage and crop rotation on maize yields and incomes for farmers adopting the strategies. The study used cross sectional data collected in 2012/13 from 1231 households across six districts of Zambia and applied propensity score matching techniques and...

Actions intégrées en nutrition et alimentation-1

Le programme s’inscrit  dans le cadre de l’initiative de l’Union Européenne visant à accélérer l’atteinte de l’Objectif du Millénaire pour le Développement (OMD) 1c, « réduire de moitié, d’ici 2015, la proportion de la population vivant dans l’extrême pauvreté et souffrant de la faim ».  Il est coordonné par la...
2014 - Union Européenne (UE)

Improving food and nutrition security of vulnerable households in Zimbabwe

During the 2012/2013 agricultural season, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) implemented a market-based agriculture input assistance programme in Zimbabwe. FAO together with key partners aimed at reducing poverty and food insecurity in Zimbabwe, by helping to increase the productivity and income of small-scale farmers as...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Artículo de blog
Fish drying method changes lives in Burundi

FAO project to introduce simple raised drying racks improves livelihoods and nutrition for communities along the shores of Lake Tanganyika and beyond

Aksakals’ guide on Community-based Landscape Restoration (CLR)

A century ago forests covered large foot hill chains in Uzbekistan and provided manifold benefits. Currently, only 7.3% of Uzbekistan is forested. Specifically villages below mountains or lower ranges suffer from mud flows after hails and even slight rains. Climate change will fuel the serisks, e.g. by increase of hails....
2014 - ICARDA

Artículo de revista especializada
Difusión de seis nuevas variedades de papa en Boyacá y Cundinamarca (Colombia) entre 2003 y 2010

Entre los años 2003 y 2005, la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Bogotá, ha liberado al mercado de Boyacá y Cundinamarca seis nuevas variedades de papa tetraploide: Pastusa Suprema, Esmeralda, Betina, Punto Azul, Rubí y Roja Nariño. A pesar de que actualmente todas ya se encuentran en el mercado en...
2014 - Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia

Adaptación en ecosistemas de montaña

Las montañas proporcionan diversos servicios ambientales como agua, energía, suelo y biodiversidad y son de vital importancia no solo para las poblaciones locales sino también para los ecosistemas y las poblaciones que se encuentran a menor altitud. Por consiguiente, el impacto del cambio climático en los ecosistemas de montaña está...
2014 - Soluciones prácticas

Artículo de revista especializada
Perceptions of drought among rural farmers in the Savelugu district in the northern Savannah of Ghana

Drought is one of the most constraining climate extremes to livelihoods particularly in dryland environments. Effective adaptation to drought is partly dependent on farmers’ perceptions and how these are harmonised with scientific knowledge systems into local adaptation policies and strategies. This paper examined the perceptions of drought among farmers in...
2014 - University of Ghana

Artículo de blog
New initiative enables Somali farmers to produce food assistance

For the first time, Somali farmers are turning themselves into suppliers of high-quality food assistance for their fellow Somali people. European Union, Austria and United Nations food agencies are backing landmark initiative

Apple-producing family farms in South Tyrol

An agriculture innovation
Apple production in South Tyrol is a true illustration of a vibrant agricultural innovation system. It is a collaborative and pluralistic structure that comprises private and public actors, different tiers of producer organizations, cooperatives, research, extension and advisory services, all geared towards integrating small-scale apple producers in a highly productive, profitable and efficient system.Today,...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Mulheres rurais e autonomia

Formação e articulação para efetivar políticas públicas nos Territórios da Cidadania
O Estado Brasileiro assumiu o compromisso de reduzir as desigualdades de gênero no nosso país reconhecendo as particularidades do meio rural. Para isto, desde 2003 vem implementando um conjunto de políticas e programas que buscam garantir direitos à cidadania e ao desenvolvimento econômico, bem como, promover a autonomia das mulheres...
2014 - Ministério do Desenvolvimento Agrário (MDA), Brasil

Les Droits d’abord, les Droits toujours : Les pecheurs artisans et leurs communautés du point de vue des droits humains - Série d’articles extraits de la revue Samudra

Malgré leur importante contribution à l’éradication de la pauvreté, à la sécurité alimentaire, les pêcheurs et autres travailleurs de la pêche artisanale continuent à être marginalisés à divers niveaux. C’est dans ce contexte que le Comité des pêches (COFI) de l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture (FAO) a...
2014 - International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

Revista especializada
Les dossiers d'Agropolis International: Family Farming

The topics covered in this Dossier concern 21 research units based in Languedoc-Roussillon Region, involving over 1 000 researchers whose activities are fully or partially focused on addressing—in collaboration with many partners—major family farming challenges in France and worldwide.The scientists have developed four multidisciplinary approaches to deal with family farming...
Brazil - Cameroon - Egypt - Kenya - Madagascar - Morocco - Niger - Peru - Thailand

The good honey from Pastor Kamara

Pastor John Kamara, Musaia, Koinadugu Province, Sierra Leone.Through the narrative of his life, Pastor Kamara tells the story of the development and improvement of honey business in Sierra Leone. From the struggle to make a living collecting honey in the traditional way to the success of producing raw honey with...
Sierra Leone
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
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