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Research for Regi committee - cohesion in mountainous regions of the EU

Their specific potentials and opportunities of mountain areas need to be considered as much as their challenges. Mountain areas are too diverse to elaborate an integrated European strategy. However, a framework for development strategies in mountain areas can be developed, taking into account the specific challenges and importance of mountain...
European Union
2016 - European Parliament

Revista especializada
Vulnerability of Pacific Island agriculture and forestry to climate change

Pacific Island countries and territories already face a range of development challenges due to their specific geographic and socio-economic characteristics, and their generally high exposure to natural hazards. The projected changes to the climate of the Pacific Island region over the coming decades present another challenging dimension that the region...
2016 - Pacific Community

X° European Mountain Convention Mountains’ vulnerability to climate change: how can people and territories adapt and mitigate its effects?

Mountain areas have difficult climatic and environmental conditions, but mountain people are used to adapting to these. Thanks to their great experience of innovation and adaptation, they have already started to tackle the challenge of climate change. This X European Mountain Convention will present a state-of-the-art of the situation in...
2016 - euromontana

Film from summermountain farming with goats in Norway, Norsk seterkultur

This short film is showing a bit from the daily life on a summer mountain goat farm I Western Norway. It shows a modern and mechanized summer mountain farm with mechanized milking. The milk is preceded and on the farm. The chesse is sold from the farm and delivered to...
2016 - Norsk seterkultur

Artículo de revista
Improving access to vegetable seeds for resilient family farms in Costa Rica

A group of coffee farmers in Turrialba, Costa Rica, is successfully exploring diversification options with horticultural food crops. This is being done in collaboration with two vegetable seed banks that allow family farmers to use varieties freely under the multilateral system of FAO´s International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for...
Costa Rica
2016 - ILEIA - centre for learning on sustainable agriculture

Agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics - 2015

Globalisation, climate change, population growth and urbanisation are all having an impact on the world’s agriculture. Through the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which accounts for the biggest share of the EU budget, the EU is driving developments in this strategic sector. Latest figures show that farming employs over 20 million...
2016 - European Union

Estudio de caso
Provision farm

Positive cases of accessing land in Romania.
Nestled at the foot of the Vladeasa Mountains lies Sancraiu, a commune composed of five villages in Transylvania. One of the villages is Alunisu that provides an exquisite example of Romania’s subsistent peasantry. Here, Lars Veraart and Robyn Bors-Veraart set up their farm called Provision, the Transylvania School of Self Sufficient Living, which not only...
2016 - Eco Ruralis

Artículo de boletín informativo
High Nature Value (HNV) Farming: Safeguarding Europe’s Biodiversity

Since 1990, in 25 European countries the populations of a group of common farmland birds have been reduced by roughly 25% and in some cases as much as 50%. This decrease in bird numbers along with the wider decrease in biodiversity in the EU is largely related to loss of...
European Union
2016 - european evaluation helpdesk for rural development

Artículo de blog
How Nordic countries can inspire the EU’s bioenergy policy

The forest not only supplies the raw material for paper and solid wood products, it also has a great potential for renewable energy production. As the EU designs its energy and climate policy for post-2020, it is essential to consider this remarkable asset. Without a congruent EU bioenergy policy with the...
European Union - Sweden
2016 - ÉuroActiv

Sitio web
Exhibits on Google Cultural Institute

Fundația ADEPT Transilvania  is listed among the 1.000 worldwide cultural institutions on the Google Cultural Institute, which brings together millions of artifacts from multiple partners, with the stories that bring them to life, in a virtual museum
2016 - Google

Artículo de blog
Agroecology in Asia and Pacific

Various agro-ecological practices have existed in the region, primarily as an alternative to conventional chemical-intensive farming based on Green Revolution prescriptions. These alternatives are often directed at enhancing soil fertility, through organic matter management and water conservation. Throughout Asia and the Pacific, different terms are used for specific practices including:...
2016 - Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture INDIA

Fostering Agricultural Market Activities II (FARMA II)

USAID/Sweden FARMA II project is the third generation of USAID and Government of Sweden projects focused on the agricultural sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Previous projects assisted Bosnia and Herzegovina to increase sales and exports for certain crops and food products within the agricultural sector.
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Eco-pastoral diagnosis in the Karaburun Peninsula

15 to 22 May 2016. Conclusions and strategic issues for natural protected areas
This short report is produced within the frame of the BiodivBalkans project (2012-2016). This project is dedicated to foster rural development in mountainous regions through the construction of Signs of Quality and Origin (SIQO). One of its main outputs was to shed the light on the pastoral and localized livestock...

Estudio de caso
Communal Life of Love and Unity of the Mountain People

Mountain people learn, live, love and unite for life – to awaken and search for the treasure within the mountain. By combining our wisdom, we can co-exist and develop to our fullest potential, working towards holistic dignity and sustainability. This initiative involves 1,144 families, mainly concentrated in Mae Win, Mae...
2016 - The Communal Life of Love and Unity of the Mountain People (CLUMP) foundation

The “Reading Mountains” festival

Based on the success of the 1st edition, the Alpine Convention is organizing the Reading Mountains festival The “Reading Mountains” festival is an opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity of the Alps – its many languages, different, yet similar cultural heritage and its arts in all shapes and forms. For this...

Artículo de blog
Asia-Pacific: agricultural perspectives

Asia’s position in the global food market tilts heavily towards demand due to its huge population and limited agricultural resources. With only one-fifth of the world’s agricultural land, the region hosts more than half of the global population. Asia has achieved significant production improvements over the last 50 years but...
2016 - Radobank

Actas de conferencia
Proceedings of the X European Mountain Convention

From 3 to 5 October 2016, around 260 mountain actors (researchers, farmers, environmentalists, elected representatives from local and regional authorities, representatives of chambers of commerce and development agencies) met in Bragança, Portugal during the X European Mountain Convention organized by Euromontana. This X European Mountain Convention presented a state-of-the-art of the...

Support to family farming and small scale agriculture as a strategy to achieve rural poverty reduction

The workshop “Support to family farming and small scale agriculture to achieve rural poverty reduction. Opportunities and priorities to strengthen FAO Regional Initiatives” is aimed at analysing the main trends in family farming and debating the strategy and achievements of the three FAO Regional Initiatives related to family farming and...
2016 - Food And Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Artículo de blog
Avoiding milk losses with healthier cows

Europe’s farmers face a tall order. Long tasked with providing us with safe and affordable food, they are now expected to help generate jobs and economic growth as well. This priority was at the heart of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s State of the European Union speech earlier this month....
European Union
2016 - EurActiv

European forest ecosystems

State and trends
The importance of forests with regard to supporting human needs is considerable. Forests are rich in biodiversity and valuable for recreation, water regulation and soil protection. As well as for providing timber and other non-wood forest products, forests are important for mitigating climate change and for the renewable energy sector....
European Union
2016 - European Environment Agency
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