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A strategic approach to Malta’s new Rural Development Programme, 2014-2020

The project engaged with key stakeholders through interviews and discussion groups to explore a range of identified thematic issues, along with economic modeling to explore impacts of alternative measures and CAP reform on the agricultural economy of Malta. The aim was to develop a strategy to enable Malta to make...

Document de travail
Rural Development Policy and Local Governance: Implementing The Leader Axis in South-Eastern Peloponnese, Greece

The new model of agricultural policy in Europe, applied through the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs), has been considered most appropriate for the case of Greece, given the structural problems of this country’s farm sector (including the high proportion of mountainous, less favored areas in its territory) and the need for...

Desafios da diversificação, direitos do agricultor familiar - mundo do tabaco

Entrevista com Cleimary Zotti, do Departamento de Estudos Socioeconômcos Rruais (DESER), organização não governamental. O DESER acompanha a realidade do agricultrua familiar, em especial do produtor de tabaco e sabe que é preciso gerar informações reais. É possível ter boa renda com a produção do tabaco, mas é preciso levar em conta...
2013 - Aliança de Controle do Tabagismo (ACT)

Producción de hortalizas en fitotoldos como medios de vida y adaptación al cambio climático en la zona alta de las microcuencas del Quillcay, provincia de Huaraz - Región Ancash

El proyecto busca suplir algunas de las necesidades mediante la instalación de huertos comunales con fitotoldos para la producción de hortalizas de zonas bajas (costa, sierra y selva), en zonas alto andinas a más de 3,500 msnm. 
2013 - Soluciones Prácticas

Lessons learned note

Gender mainstreaming in small-scale fisheries
This document provides lessons learned (good and bad) from three years of RFLP field activities on mainstreaming gender across the six collaborating RFLP countries, namely Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste and Vietnam
Cambodia - Philippines - Sri Lanka - Timor-Leste - Viet Nam
2013 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Agroecología y resiliencia socioecológica adaptándose al cambio climático

Un desafío clave para los científicos tanto sociales como biológicos es definir un marco conceptual y metodológico para poder descifrar los principios y mecanismos claves que explican la resiliencia de los sistemas diversificados, de manera de que estos puedan ser transmitidos a otros agricultores en cada región para que mejoren...
Argentina - Brazil - Chile - Colombia - Cuba - Mexico - Peru - Spain
2013 - Sociedad Científica Latinoamericana de Agroecología (SOCLA)

Document de travail
Improved livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Iraq through integrated pest management and use of organic fertilizer

This working paper summarizes the findings of the socioeconomic component of the research project Improved livelihoods of small-scale farmers in Iraq through integrated pest management and use of organic fertilizer, that was managed by ICARDA and funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Ministry of Agriculture...
2013 - International Center for Agriculture Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

Article de revue
Sembrar consejos, cosechar éxitos

Existe un amplio consenso en cuanto a que el capital humano es un factor relevante en el desempeño productivo de los pequeños productores agrícolas, el cual considera tanto las habilidades innatas como también aquellas que son adquiridas. La extensión agrícola cumple un rol fundamental en la entrega de los insumos...
2013 - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Article de revue
Social economy and family farming: The experience of the Rio Hondo Village fair (Argentina)

This essay aims at analyzing the specificity of marketing systems which include Family Farming. We study the Fair in Villa Rio Hondo (Santiago del Estero, Argentina) in order to identify the actors, their organization and their potential. On the one hand, the article attempts to explain certain processes aimed at...
2013 - Universidad de los Andes (ULA)

Site web
Federation Of Free Farmers

The Federations of Free Farmers (FFF) is currently one of the largest and most effective non-governmental organizations of rural workers in the Philippines. It was organized in 1953 by a group of Catholic laymen soon after the break-up of the Communist-led revolutionary movement in the country during the term of...
2013 - Federation Of Free Farmers

Bulletin d'information
Information on Forests and Forestry in The Czech Republic by 2012

Contrary to a slight improvement in 2011, the gross domestic product experienced a year-on-year decline in 2012, namely by 1.2% at constant prices. The situation even worsened in the course of the year and the drop in GDP in the Czech Republic was more profound than both in the EU...

Étude de cas
Learning routes

Experiences in Morocco and Egypt
After screening several success cases within these two themes in different countries, Morocco (farmers’ organisations) and Egypt (water management) were chosen as the host countries for the Learning Routes. Six exemplary cases (three per route) were selected. As preparation for the Learning Route, Procasur and ILEIA, supported by local KariaNet...
Egypt - Morocco
2013 - Centre for lLearning on Sustainable Agriculture (ILEIA)

Étude de cas
SCI: Planting with Space

The use of finger millet seedlings has shown very positive results in the region of Tahtai Maichew, near Aksum, Ethiopia, as has the use of alternative management practices for a number of other crops. The principles that make up a System of Crop Intensification are now spreading through the regions...
2013 - Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA)

Revue spécialisée
Exploraciones N°18: Mujeres Jóvenes Rurales en Colombia

El  presente  texto  pretende  dar  cuenta  de  la  configuración  de  procesos  organizativos  de mujeres jóvenes rurales en Colombia, en un escenario conflictivo y en el marco del acceso a una  serie  de  oportunidades  y  beneficios  a  los  que  las  anteriores  generaciones no habían accedido. La idea no es solo discernir...
2013 - Instituto para el Desarrollo Rural de Sudamérica (IPDRS)

Article de revue
¿Es viable la agricultura familiar en pleno siglo XXI?

La Revista Agraria reunió a reconocidos expertos para reflexionar sobre los actuales retos de la agricultura familiar en el país. Participaron Julio San Román, agrónomo y agricultor en el valle Chancay-Huaral; Juan Torres, ecologista y profesor de la UNALM; Roberto Ugás, agrónomo y profesor en la UNALM; y Mario Tapia,...
2013 - Centro Peruano de Estudios Sociales (CEPES)

Incentivo à diversificação, organização dos pequenos agricultores - mundo do tabaco

Entrevista com Rosiéle Ludtke, do Movimento dos Pequenos Agricultores (MPA) e das Mulheres Camponesas.  O maior desafio dos agricultores que tem uma pequena propriedade, especialmente das mulheres, é ter garantia de compra de sua produção. O fato de não ter um mercado garantido complica a diversificação - o fumo tem mercado...
2013 - Aliança de Controle do Tabagismo (ACT)

Document de travail
Farmer Preferences for Drought Tolerance in Hybrid versus Inbred Rice

Evidence from Bihar, India
Recent efforts to develop rice cultivars with drought-tolerance (DT) traits have resulted in the release of several varieties that demonstrate significant resilience to drought stresses. This paper addresses the previously unanswered question of whether the private sector might play a future role in developing similar strains through applications of advanced...
2013 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Fiche d'information
Conditional cash assistanceto build resilience against water scarcityin the West Bank - Creating employment opportunities and enhancing adaptive capacities to recurrent drought within protracted crises

Drought-like conditions coupled with chronic water shortages due to restricted access of Palestinians to their water resources has been threatening the livelihoods of thousands of poor farming families in the West Bank, especially those dependent on rain-fed crops and livestock as an indispensable supplementary source for their income and food...
2013 - Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)

Global Symposium on Soils and Water

The Global Symposium on Soils and Water (GSOWA23) will be held in a hybrid format from 02 to 05 October 2023. As 95 percent of our food is produced on land, with soil and water playing crucial roles, understanding the interconnectedness of the resources and the need for integrated management is...
2013 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Étude de cas
Alimentación escolar y las posibilidades de compra directa de la agricultura familiar

Estudio de caso en ocho países
El Panorama de la alimentación escolar y posibilidades de compra directa de la agricultura familiar en países de América Latina es un aporte de FAO que contribuye a la comprensión del tema, para fortalecer su abordaje, posibilitando el desarrollo de PAE sostenibles en los países participantes, considerando su realidad con...
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) - Colombia - El Salvador - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Paraguay - Peru
2013 - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)
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