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Family Farming Newsletter for Latin America and the Caribbean, January-March 2013

The year 2013 is of particular importance: it is the year we celebrate the International Year of Quinoa (IYQ), and we formally begin to prepare for the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) in 2014. Quinoa and Family Farming go hand in hand: both can contribute substantially toward the fight against hunger. However, to tap their...
Nicaragua - Paraguay - Peru - Suriname - Uruguay

Document technique
Financing smallholder farmers to increase incomes and transform lives in rural communities

Without financial access and sufficient yearly earnings, many farmers also lose up to 50 percent of their annual potential income because they must gain quick access to cash to afford household expenses all year. In the time leading up to harvest, farmers often experience a “hungry season” in which they...
Democratic Republic of the Congo - Ghana - Malawi - Mozambique - Rwanda - Uganda - United Republic of Tanzania
2013 - Opportunity International

Sistematización de acceso a mercados a pequeños y pequeñas productoras agrícolas en Centro América

El problema de la distribución de beneficios, producto del desequilibrio en las relaciones de poder en la toma de decisiones entre productores y empresas, es la que amerita el establecimiento de políticas públicas para proteger a los pequeños productores. De forma general se ha identificado que los productores rurales son...
Guatemala - Honduras
2013 - Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales Sede Guatemala (FLACSO)

Document de travail
Determinants of small-scale farmer participation in supermarket channels and impact on household income

Evidence from Indonesia
This paper attempts to contribute to the emerging literature with focusing on one important high-value agricultural product in Indonesia: chili. More specifically we examine the factors that determine chili farmers participation in supermarket channel and to investigate the impacts of this participation on their income. This study focuses on chilies...
2013 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Modelling agri-food policy impact at farm-household level in developing countries

This report presents a farm household model for use in the context of developing countries to gain knowledge on food security and rural poverty alleviation under different economic conditions and agri-food policy options. This model, called FSSIM-Dev (Farming System Simulator for Developing Countries), is an extension of the FSSIM model...
Sierra Leone
2013 - European Commission

Document de travail
Agricultural mechanization in Ghana

Is specialization in agricultural mechanization a viable business model?
The Government of Ghana (GoG) since 2007 has been providing subsidized agricultural machines to individual farmers and private enterprises established as specialized Agricultural Mechanization Services Enterprise Centers (AMSECs) to offer tractor-hire services to small-scale farmers across the country. Current demand in the country is primarily focused on land preparation services,...
2013 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Cartera de Programas y Proyectos de la UCAR

Esta publicación bilingue fue realizada para brindar información sobre la cartera de programas y Proyectos de la Unidad para el Cambio Rural (UCAR) respecto a objetivos, áreas de intervención, estrategias, montos de inversión, etc.
2013 - Unidad para el Cambio Rural (UCAR)

Note/document d'orientation
Voluntary standards

Impacting smallholders' market participation
Voluntary standards are part of a growing trend in global markets. As a result, FAO and member countries are being asked to respond adequately to the opportunities and challenges presented by business models that could foster both increased food security and better market access for small-scale producers. FAO reviewed the...
2013 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Irrigation in Central Asia in figures

It is in the mandate of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), as stated in Article 1 of its constitution, “to collect, analyse, interpret and disseminate information related to nutrition, food and agriculture”. Within this framework, in 1993 FAO launched a programme known as AQUASTAT, its...
Afghanistan - Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan
2013 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Fiche d'information
Agricultores pequeños y familiares

Folleto que describe quienes son agricultores pequeños y familiares, su importancia en relación a la sostenibilidad y los múltiples beneficios que ellos generan.
India - Viet Nam
2013 - Vías de la Sostenibilidad

Climate Change Strategy of the Small Producers’ Organizations for Fair Trade in Mesoamerica

Roadmap 2012-2015
This document is an update of the Strategy on Climate Change of the CLAC for Mesoamerica (Central America and Chiapas, southern Mexico), which extends geographical scope to the Dominican Republic, an island state in the Caribbean Sea. It incorporates the latest scientific findings on climate change manifestations and impacts. It...
2013 - Coordinadora Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Pequeños Productores de Comercio Justo (CLAC)

Organic supply chains for small farmer income generation in developing countries

Case studies in India, Thailand, Brazil, Hungary and Africa
Despite the increasing attention given to organic supply chains over the past decade, there are still significant market opportunities to pursue. The demand for organic products in developing countries continues to grow and price premiums for organic certified products are available, albeit not comparable with those of a decade or...
Brazil - Hungary - India - South Africa - Uganda
2013 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

A New Emerging Rural World

An Overview of Rural Change in Africa
This atlas on rural change in Africa was prepared at the request of the NEPAD Agency and under the overall coordination and guidance of Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, NEPAD Agency CEO, Estherine Lisinge Fotabong, Programme Implementation and Coordination Director, and Benoît Faivre-Dupaigre, Agriculture Adviser to the CEO. It is part of the...
2013 - New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)

Potentially Important Food Plants of Sri Lanka

Formed in 2007, Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group (FPS) creates science-based educational materials, which: identify highly nutritious local food plants, explain how to grow them in a sustainable, agroecological way, detail the nutritional value of the plants and describe why human bodies require those nutrients. The resources created by FPS allows people to better...
Sri Lanka

Metodología participativa para la construcción de biocorredores para el buen vivir

Articulación en acción
El objetivo del presente documento es describir los avances metodológicos logrados por el PPD con el apoyo metodológico del Programa de Articulación de Redes Territoriales para la quinta fase operativa del Programa de Pequeñas Donaciones en el marco del Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo. La presente guía, está...
2013 - Programa de Pequeñas Donaciones del FMAM

Article du bulletin d’information
Trabajo infantil en la agricultura

Una forma de reproducir la pobreza entre generaciones
Boletín dedicado a la temática del trabajo infantil en la agriculturaen América Latina y el Caribe. 168 millones de niños en el mundo se ven obligados a realizar trabajo infantil, viendo vulnerados sus derechos más elementales; de ellos, 98 millones, es decir, 58% del total lo hace en la agricultura, por...

Seguridad alimentaria con soberanía: Propuesta práctica de desarrollo rural para zonas alto andinas

La presente publicación desarrolla un “modelo de finca” el cual, de ser replicado, podría permitir un nivel adecuado de seguridad alimentaria en hogares rurales de ecosistemas de altiplano andino, considerando dos tipos de geografías: zonas planas y zonas de ladera. Esto constituye un esfuerzo inédito para identificar de manera cuantificada...
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
2013 - Soluciones Prácticas

Integrated Crop Management Vol. 20-2013

Mechanization for Rural Development: A review of patterns and progress from around the world
This publication presents a kaleidoscopic view of agricultural mechanization experiences from around the globe and, as such, provides a solid launching pad for the promotion of sustainable mechanization technologies that are so vital if we are to feed, with due regard to the planet’s natural capital, the burgeoning world population...
2013 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Comptes rendus de conférence
A Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Policies for Water and Food Security

The International Conference on Policies for Water and Food Security in Dry Areas was co-organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Land reclamation and its Agricultural Research Center, ICARDA, FAO, IFAD and IRDC. The conference was held in Cairo on 24-26 June, 2013 and attended by some 200 policy...

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Identificación y caracterización de tecnologías campesinas e indígenas usadas en sistemas productivos de altura vulnerables a eventos climáticos extremos en las Regiones Andina y Mesoamericana - TAAF Meso Andino

El objetivo general del proyecto es contribuir al conocimiento y difusión de tecnologías campesinas e indígenas utilizadas en la agricultura familiar, como medidas de adaptación frente a eventos extremos climáticos en zonas vulnerables de altura.Tres variables para la identificacion de tecnologias de adaptacion: Sistemas productivos agrícolas y uso optimo agua Agrobiodiversidad Técnicas de...
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) - Ecuador - Guatemala - Peru
2013 - Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA)
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