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South Asia Workshop and Symposium on Fisheries and Coastal Area Management 26 September - 1 October 1996, Madras (Chennai), India

Fishworkers’ organizations the world over are concerned about the degradation of coastal habitats vital to fishery resources. This concern was articulated in the first-ever Conference of Fishworkers and their Supporters in Rome in 1984, and, subsequently, in all the three conferences organized by ICSF since 1986. In the conference in...
1997 - International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

Note/document d'orientation
Market access by smallholder farmers in Malawi

Implications for technology adoption, agricultural productivity, and crop income
In Malawi, maize is the major crop and food staple. Given limited off-farm employment opportunities, much-needed increases in household income for improving food security must come from gains in agricultural productivity through better technology and more profitable crops. In the past, agricultural policy promoted hybrid maize and, more recently, tobacco...
1997 - International Food Policy Research Institute

Land Reform and Private Farming in Moldova

Major changes have been made in the ownership of agricultural land in Moldova since 1992. These changes became possible when members and workers in large-scale farm enterprises began to receive individual rights to a share of land and farm assets and were allowed free decision between keeping their share in...
Republic of Moldova

Agricultura familiar en Argentina

El término agricultura familiar comprende los medios de producción que pertenecen a la familia y también incluye la administración, organización y el trabajo agrícola llevado a cabo por la misma. En Argentina, el 80% de las empresas agrícolas y ganaderas productivas registradas en el Censo Agrícola y Ganadero están constituidas...

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Act on agriculture

Basic legislation for the whole agriculture is given by the Act No. 252/1997 Coll., on Agriculture, as amended. (available in Czech language only).

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Encouraging sustainable smallholder agriculture in Namibia

Farming in Namibia’s Northern Communal Areas (NCAs) is predominantly for subsistence purposes, and is characterised by very low and even declining productivity due to a combination of low and uneven rainfall and poor soils, with conditions of extreme income inequality and poverty, under nutrition, out-migration of labour and high population...

Article de revue spécialisée
Impact de la réforme foncière sur la gestion de l'espace pastoral en Mauritanie : du collectif au domanial

Pays du Grand Maghreb, la République Islamique de Mauritanie a voulu rompre avec la coutume dans le domained u foncier. En règle générale, comme dans les autres pays d’Afrique du Nord, le droit musulman s’appliquait ; la terre morte, inoccupée ou improductive, appartenait à celui qui la mettait en valeur et...
1997 - Centre International de Hautes Études Agronomiques Méditerranéennes (CIHEAM)

Bulletin d'information
Caravan 6: Review of agriculture in dry areas

In this issue ICARDA is celebrating it’s 20 years old. They have not been easy years; agricultural research for a fragile environment is difficult. What have ICARDA learned in 20 years? It can be highlighted in a single point; it would be the dynamic nature of agricultural research. Agricultural research...
Bangladesh - Egypt - Ethiopia - Syrian Arab Republic
1997 - International Center for Agriculture Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

Article de revue spécialisée
La adopción tecnológica en sistemas agropecuarios de pequeños productores

Partiendo de un marco teórico que considera al cambio tecnológico como un componente normal de la conducta campesina, este trabajo analiza las principales características del proceso de adopción tecnológica por parte de pequeños productores rurales. El proceso de adopción tecnológica es complejo debido a que no sólo están en juego...
1997 - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

Globalization, Gender and Fisheries: Report of the Senegal Workshop on Gender Perspectives in Fisheries - Women in Fisheries No. 4

The fourth in the Women in Fisheries series, this contains the report of the concluding workshop of the first phase of the Women in Fisheries programme of ICSF. Held in Rufisque, Senegal, in June 1996, the Workshop attracted 33 participants from 12 countries.
1997 - International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

Women for Sustainable Fisheries: Report of the First Phase of the Women in Fisheries Programme of ICSF - Women in Fisheries No. 3

This, the third in the Women in Fisheries series, draws on reports from seven countries to arrive at an understanding of the issue of gender in fisheries. In the process, it questions traditional norms in male-dominated fishworker organizations, both in the North and in the South.
1997 - International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

Women First: Report of the Women in Fisheries Programme of the ICSF in India, Volume 1 - Women in Fisheries No.2

The second in the Women in Fisheries series, this contains details of women's involvement in fisheries in each of the nine maritime States of India.  This Dossier is an acknowledgement of the role women have played in sustaining coastal communities through thick and thin. It is an effort to make...
1997 - International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

Article de revue spécialisée
Privatisation de la terre et éclatement des structures familiales dans le Sud tunisien : cas d'El Hamma-Gabès

La privatisation des terres collectives dans la région d'El Hamma (gouvernorat de Gabès) a entraîné des mutations socio-économiques touchant les pratiques agro-pastorales. En effet, cette privatisation des terres s'est traduite par la fixation des anciennes nomades et par l'extension des plantations arboricoles. Elle a fait baigner les Beni-Zid dans un...
1997 - Centre International de Hautes Études Agronomiques Méditerranéennes (CIHEAM)

Article de revue spécialisée
Impacts socio-économiques et écologiques de la privatisation des terres sur la gestion des espaces et la conduite des troupeaux : cas de la commune de Telagh (Sidi-Bel-Abbès, Algérie)

Les restructurations et réorganisations successives des terres productives, et leur orientation à très court terme vers la privatisation, ont des répercussions certaines sur la structure de l'espace. L'impact de cette dynamique sur le régime foncier dans sa globalité influence la relation entre l'espace et ses utilisateurs. Cette relation a été...
1997 - Centre International de Hautes Études Agronomiques Méditerranéennes (CIHEAM)

Article de revue spécialisée
La privatisation du foncier : impact sur l'environnement et sur les ressources génétiques en Algérie

L'accès à la propriété foncière a des conséquences énormes sur l'environnement et sur les ressources génétiques, particulièrement au niveau des régions arides et semi-arides. L'utilisation de techniques (souvent inadéquates) et le choix de systèmes d'exploitation des terres provoquent la dégradation non seulement de la végétation spontanée mais aussi des sols....
1997 - Centre International de Hautes Études Agronomiques Méditerranéennes (CIHEAM)

Article de revue spécialisée
Response of farmers to agricultural insurance in Kogi State, Nigeria

This study conducted in Kogi and Adavi Local Government Areas of Kogi State, assessed farmers response to the Agricultural Insurance Scheme of the Nigerian Insurance Company (NAIC). The willingness of farmers to take up the scheme was also determined. The data obtained were subjected to descriptive statistics and multiple Regression...

Note/document d'orientation
Financing smallholder farmers

This paper discusses the merits and de-merits of different means of financing smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, with special reference to Zimbabwe. This financing includes inter alia multilateral and bilateral agreements with governments and other agencies, micro-financial institutions coming from both the private sector and nongovernmental organizations.
1996 - Agricultural and Rural Development Authority, Zimbabwe

Document de travail
Planning and Policies on Extensive Livestock Development in Central Asia

The main objective of this review is to identify policy and research issues on range livestock production in Central Asia. This report reviews collected material in English, and presents a bibliography and abstracts of works in Russian, on extensive livestock production systems dependent on natural pastures in the ex-Soviet Central...
Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - Turkmenistan
1996 - Overseas Development Institute

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Instituto Plan Agropecuario

Sitio donde se encuentra toda la información de la Institución "Plan Agropecuario", áreas de trabajo, publicaciones, proyectos y servicios que presta. Entre sus objetivos, este Instituto realiza actividades de extensión, transferencia de tecnología y capacitación relacionadas con la producción agropecuaria, con la finalidad de promover el desarrollo del sector. También abarca...
1996 - Instituto Plan Agropecuario

Revue spécialisée
Las Organizaciones Campesinas Paraguayas y el Desarrollo Rural Sustentable

Las más de 250.000 familias de pequeños productores rurales con menos de 20 has. Del país es quizás el grupo social que de manera más notoria ha estado excluido de estos programas gubernamentales que intentan propiciar el desarrollo rural. Es en función a esta realidad que el presente Proyecto tiene,...
1996 - Base Investigaciones Sociales (BaseIS)
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