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Women shaping sustainable food systems – Episode 55

Women are the unsung heroes of our world's food systems. They produce up to 80 per cent of all food in developing countries despite being saddled with a disproportionate share of unpaid work, such as childcare and cooking. To mark International Women's Day, we explore how gender inequality and gender-based violence can...
2024 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

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A revolution for our soil

Degraded soil can be repaired, and replenished with nutrients, until it produces abundant harvests at lower costs, while removing carbon from the atmosphere, and putting it back into the ground. This is the optimistic message of David Montgomery’s book, Growing a Revolution.
United States of America
2024 - Access Agriculture

Fishery and Aquaculture Statistics – Yearbook 2021

The FAO Yearbook of Fishery and Aquaculture Statistics, prepared by the Statistics Team of the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Division, offers a synthesis of the major trends in the fisheries and aquaculture sector. Statistics are presented in eight main thematic chapters, covering statistics of production (total, aquaculture, capture fisheries), employment,...
2024 - FAO

LEY Nº 14.828, DE 20 DE MARZO DE 2024

Esta Ley cual modifica la Ley nº 11.326, de 24 de julio de 2006 (Ley de Agricultura Familiar), para ampliar el alcance de la planificación y ejecución de las acciones de la Política Nacional de Agricultura Familiar y Empresas Familiares Rurales.
2024 - Presidência da República, Casa Civil, Secretaria Especial para Assuntos Jurídicos

Zero waste, full plates: winning with school meals - Episode 54

Our planet faces a paradox: nearly a third of the world's population experienced food insecurity in 2022, yet a third of the food we grow is never eaten at all. Food loss and waste doesn't just rob billions of nourishment, it unnecessarily drains resources and harms the environment. In this episode,...
2024 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Agricultural value chain interventions can improve women’s incomes, assets holdings, productivity and savings

Agricultural value chain interventions, such as market integration strategies, negotiating better prices and developing new and more profitable products are important mechanisms to increase farm incomes.While women play a critical role in agriculture, power dynamics and sociocultural norms often restrict their participation to parts of the agricultural value chain that...
2024 - CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform

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Opinion: Restoring mountain ecosystems in the Himalayas is a global imperative

The Hindu Kush Himalaya faces a critical need for the restoration of its diverse ecosystems, underpinned by the indispensable stewardship of Indigenous communities and local efforts
Mountain ecosystems, including rangelands, wetlands, peatlands and both alpine and temperate forests, are unique habitats characterised by complex geography and rich biodiversity. These ecosystems are integral to the cultures and traditions of diverse Indigenous communities, providing essential goods and services such as food, water, climate regulation and cultural aesthetics. Despite their high economic...
2024 - International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)

Swaying the power of seaweed - Episode 53

Seaweed packs a punch. It produces more than half of the world’s oxygen and removes millions of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. It's also incredibly nutritious and easily cultivated, with seaweed farming making up nearly a third of all marine aquaculture. From the Irish Sea to the...
2024 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

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Reinas Obreras: Mujeres apicultoras transforman su comunidad en Ecuador

La historia de las apicultoras en Ecuador demuestra que al brindar a las mujeres un acceso más equitativo a los recursos y mercados, mejorar sus habilidades y conocimientos técnicos, abordando las normas sociales profundamente arraigadas que perpetúan las desigualdades de género, la programación de género transformadora tiene el potencial de...
2024 - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

Navigating marine biodiversity for a better tomorrow – Episode 52

Marine biodiversity is a precious resource – but it has long been under threat. Today's coral reefs, for example, cover half the area they did in 1950, and nearly 10 per cent of marine life is at risk of extinction. How can we support small-scale producers who rely on the sea...
2024 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Resultados económicos de modelos productivos porcinos. Informe Nº 91. Febrero 2024

Este documento elaborado en el marco del Proyecto “Caracterización de gestiones económicas de sistemas de producción agropecuarios de pequeña y mediana escala” (vigente desde enero del 2020) presenta estimaciones sobre comportamientos de resultados económicos de modelos productivos y tiene como propósito aportar información que favorezca la inclusión de productores, mejore...
2024 - Centro de Información de Actividades Porcinas (CIAP)

Технический документ
Bioinsumos: Oportunidades de inversión en América Latina

Los bioinsumos son una pieza clave de la transición agroecológica y pueden facilitar el acceso de los productos agrícolas a algunos exigentes mercados internacionales. A su vez, la promoción y aplicación de los bioinsumos enlaza de forma directa con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible, ya que permite aumentar la producción...
2024 - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2024

Blue Transformation in action
The 2024 edition of The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture features the Blue Transformation in action, illustrated by activities and initiatives, led by FAO in collaboration with Members, partners and key stakeholders, to integrate aquatic foods into global food security and sustainability, enhance policy advocacy, scientific research and capacity...
2024 - FAO

The Costs to Smallholders of AfDB’s Feed Africa Initiative: A Closer Look at the 40 Country Compacts

The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) today unveiled a comprehensive report critically examining the African Development Bank’s ambitious Dakar II initiative, part of the broader Feed Africa program. This initiative, titled ‘Feed Africa: Food Sovereignty and Resilience’, aims to revolutionize African agriculture with a focus on turning the...
2024 - Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA)

Seminario Internacional Agricultura Familiar: Retos y perspectivas 10 años después del año internacional de la agricultura familiar 2014

La Universidad Federal de Rio Grande Do Sul (RS, Brasil), el CIRAD, la Red PP-AL (Políticas Públicas y Desarrollo Rural en América Latina), el Ministerio de Desarrollo Agrario de Brasil (MDA), y el IICA se han asociado para organizar un seminario internacional sobre agricultura familiar en Porto Alegre, Brasil, del...
2024 - Universidad Federal de Rio Grande Do Sul (RS, Brasil)

Regards sur le foncier N° 18 : Les transactions foncières et marchés fonciers ruraux et péri-urbains au Sénégal

Ce numéro de Regards sur le foncier a été produit dans le cadre de l’École-chercheurs sur les transactions foncières et les marchés fonciers au Sénégal et en Afrique de l’Ouest, proposée et organisée par IPAR, le pôle foncier de Montpellier et l’UGB à destination de chercheurs, enseignants-chercheurs, doctorants et membres d’OSC. Bien...
2024 - IPAR

Planting banana and plantain

Banana plants have superficial roots. Proper spacing, planting, and mulching will yield better and more fruit. You can also intercrop your banana and plantain plants with food crops, medicinal plants and other trees to provide additional sources of income and create a suitable micro-environment.
2024 - Access Agriculture

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Reviving Resilience: Chimanimani’s Journey from Cyclone Devastation to Sustainable Recovery

Five years after the catastrophic Cyclone Idai hit Chimanimani District in Zimbabwe, claiming over 500 lives and causing extensive destruction, the community's journey towards recovery and resilience offers a beacon of hope. This article by John Willson delves into the heart of Chimanimani's efforts, showcasing how the district is confronting...
2024 - Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA)

State of the Global Climate 2023

The publication provides a summary on the state of the climate indicators in 2023 with sections on key climate indicators, extreme events and impacts. The indicators include global temperatures, greenhouse gas concentration, ocean heat content, sea level rise, ocean acidification, Arctic and Antarctic sea ice, Greenland ice sheet and glaciers...
2024 - World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Информационный сборник
Brief Guide to Food Plants in the Magdalena Milpas Altas Region

Formed in 2007, Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group (FPS) creates science-based educational materials, which: identify highly nutritious local food plants, explain how to grow them in a sustainable, agroecological way, detail the nutritional value of the plants and describe why human bodies require those nutrients. The resources created by FPS allows people to better...
2024 - Food Plant Solutions
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