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Growing Health

A guide to Establishing Sustainable Food & Medicinal Herb Gardens in Southern Africa
Permaculture Trainers Reference Manual.
South Africa
2008 - GardenAfrica

Land redistribution and poverty reduction in South Africa

The livelihood impacts of smallholder agriculture under land reform
The first objective was to develop a comprehensive picture of each project in terms of its membership, its activities and its internal organisation. The second was to situate the projects within their wider context, which included the local community, local government (represented by officials and councillors of local and district...
South Africa
2008 - Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS)

Политический обзор/документ
The Impact of Climate Variability and Climate Change on Water and Food Outcomes

A Framework for Analysis
Over the coming decades, global change will have an impact on food and water security in significant and highly uncertain ways, and there are strong indications that developing countries will bear the brunt of the adverse consequences, particularly from climate change. This is largely because poverty levels are high, and...
Ethiopia - South Africa
2008 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Политический обзор/документ
How can African agriculture adapt to climate change

Vulnerability and the impact of climate change in South Africa's Limpopo River Basin
With likely long-term changes in rainfall patterns and shifting temperature zones, climate change is expected to increase the frequency of climate-related shocks, such as floods and droughts in Sub-Saharan Africa. For farm households, an increase in the frequency of climate-related income shocks could lead not only to lower expected income,...
South Africa
2008 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Политический обзор/документ
Micro-level analysis of farmers’ adaptation to climate change in Southern Africa

Agricultural production remains the main source of livelihood for rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, providing employment to more than 60 percent of the population and contributing about 30 percent of gross domestic product. With likely long-term changes in rainfall patterns and shifting temperature zones, climate change is expected to significantly...
South Africa - Zambia - Zimbabwe
2008 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Marine Conservation and Coastal Communities: Who Carries the Costs?: A Study of Marine Protected Areas and Their Impact on Traditional Small-scale Fishing Communities in South Africa

This study analyzes five marine protected areas (MPAs) in South Africa, which span three of the country’s four coastal provinces, namely, the Langebaan Lagoon MPA, the Maputaland MPA, the St Lucia MPA, the Tsitsikamma MPA and the Mkambati MPA. A biological, conservation-oriented fisheries science dominates the agendas of these MPAs....
South Africa
2008 - International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

Информационный бюллетень
Dimitra Newsletter: Rural women, literacy training and communication

In this latest edition of the Dimitra Newsletter, as in previous editions, we highlight the importance of access by rural populations, and particularly women, to information and communication. The ability to access information and to share it through dissemination and networking is crucial in order to combat inequality, malnutrition and...
Democratic Republic of the Congo - South Africa - Sudan - Uganda - Zimbabwe
2007 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Газетная статья
The full financial costs of irrigation services

A discussion on existing guidelines and implications for smallholder irrigation in South Africa
Considering water as an economic good entails, among other requisites, properly assessing the cost incurred by supplying and managing the resource, and the required infrastructure thereof. Regarding irrigation, the International Commission for Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) set up a method for assessing the full financial costs, in the form of...
South Africa
2007 - Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement

Climate variability and climate change in Southern Africa

Impacts and Adaptation in the Agricultural Sector
This paper proposes to discuss the current vulnerability of the southern African region to climate variability, the projected impacts of climate change and the various strategies and policies that are being deployed to address climate issues, focussing mainly on the agricultural sector. The potential role of research and technology in...
South Africa
2006 - United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)

Газетная статья
Potential role for wild vegetables in household food security

A preliminary case study in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
The value of wild edible vegetables in food security has not been given sufficient attention in South Africa. Consequently, there are no formal interventions that seek to encourage people to use traditional vegetables as sources of essential nutrients. Studies on the role of wild leafy vegetables in food security could...
South Africa
2006 - University of KwaZulu-Natal

Газетная статья
Smallholder farming styles and development policy in South Africa

The case of Dzindi Irrigation Scheme
Diversity among smallholders farming 1.28 ha plots at Dzindi Irrigation Scheme in the Thulamela Local Municipality of Limpopo Province; South Africa is investigated by applying farming style theory. Farming styles refer to specific farming strategies, which are conscious responses of farmers to the prevailing ecological and socioeconomic conditions. The specific...
South Africa
2006 - Tshwane University of Technology

South Africa: A smallholder’s innovative approach to producing and exporting fruit

Exporting deciduous fruit from the Western Cape Province of South Africa to markets in Europe, North America and Asia contributes significantly to the province's Gross Domestic Product. The main export producers are large-scale farmers. Even with the change in discriminatory legislation and practices in South Africa after 1994, few smallholder...
South Africa
2005 - World Bank Group

Технический документ
Strengthening farm-agribusiness linkages in Africa

Summary results of five country studies in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa
Over the past decade, Africa and other developing regions have been in the midst of tremendous changes. Market liberalisation and governmental decentralisation policies have interfaced with globalisation and urbanisation trends to dramatically transform social, political, economic and cultural lives. Agriculture can no longer remain behind-serving only to meet subsistence food...
Ghana - Kenya - Nigeria - South Africa - Uganda
2004 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Тематическое исследование
Conservation Agriculture in development

The case of Africa
The rising world population is increasing the pressure on agriculture to produce more food. This is more so for the African continent, where it is not just about food supply, but also a critical factor in economic development, poverty alleviation and improving living standards especially in rural areas. On the...
Botswana - Brazil - Kenya - Namibia - South Africa - Zambia - Zimbabwe
2002 - Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)

Тематическое исследование
An investigation into the options and prospects of family farming in South Africa

Implications for agricultural policy
In South Africa the racial and agricultural policies aimed at national food self-sufficiency created an agricultural structure dominated by large, mechanised farms that are owned and operated by a small number of individuals or companies. New agricultural policy should therefore focus more on peasant farming in the subsistence sector in...
South Africa
2000 - Stellenbosch University

Политический обзор/документ
IFAD’s Gender Strengthening Programme in Eastern and Southern Africa

This publication is intended to inform IFAD-supported project management units (PMUs), other donors and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in Eastern and Southern Africa about IFAD’s Gender Strengthening Programme in the region. The programme is currently in the process of identifying challenges faced by projects, emphasizing empirical findings from field diagnostic...
Angola - Botswana - Burundi - Comoros - Eritrea - Ethiopia - Kenya - Lesotho - Malawi - Mauritius - Mozambique - Namibia - Rwanda - South Africa - Eswatini - United Republic of Tanzania - Zambia - Zimbabwe
2000 - United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Политический обзор/документ
Encouraging sustainable smallholder agriculture in southern Africa in the context of agricultural services reform

This paper summarizes the results of six DFID funded country studies on encouraging sustainable agriculture in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. It emphasises the need for continuing government and donor support for sustainable increases in agricultural productivity which must underpin poverty alleviation. In this context, moves toward...
Botswana - Malawi - Namibia - South Africa - Zambia - Zimbabwe
1998 - Overseas Development Institute
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