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Professionalisation of family farming

Tools for technical and organisational capacity-building of farmers’ organisations in sub-Saharan Africa
According to the FAO, IFAD and the WFP, 805 million people in the world – one person in nine – suffer from hunger. Humanity has the means to put an end to hunger, but the key will be to invest in family farming to ‘feed the world by producing more...
2015 - CTA

Журнальная статья
Livia Gîrboiu - Winemaking as a family legacy

The Gîrboiu wine cellar is a family business created in 2005. The vineyards are set in the Cotești village, located in an area with a climate extremely favorable for growing grapevine and a soil rich in mineral, unique in the south-east of Romania. This area has a vast tradition in winemaking,...
2015 - Romanian Rural Development Network

Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (CSUTCB)

La Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (CSUTCB), fue constituida legalmente el 26 de junio de 1979, mediante Resolución suprema nº 200352 de fecha (1-8-85). Es la máxima organización natural que representa al conjunto de las naciones y pueblos indígena originario campesinos del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia  con...
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
2015 - Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (CSUTCB)

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La agricultura familiar presente en FeriCerdo

Qué es lo que se debe tener en cuenta en la producción porcina de pequeña escala?. Para responder a esa pregunta se llevó a cabo hoy en el marco de FERICERDO 2015 una charla sobre La Cadena Porcina de la Agricultura Familiar. Lo que se analizó es qué estrategias son las...
2015 - Centro de Información de Actividades Porcinas (CIAP)

Информационный бюллетень
Agricultures familiales en Afrique de l’Ouest: nuancer les affirmations pour faire avancer le débat

nuancer les affirmations pour faire avancer le débat
Les Bulletins de synthèse Souveraineté alimentaire sont une initiative conjointe d’Inter-réseaux Développement rural et de SOS Faim Belgique. Ils visent à produire une synthèse sur un thème lié à la souveraineté alimentaire, à partir d’une sélection de références jugées particulièrement intéressantes. Ils paraissent tous les trimestres et sont diffusés par...
2015 - Inter-réseaux Développement rural

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Productividad e inclusión rural orientarán el diálogo de los Ministros de Agricultura

Del 19 al 23 de octubre, los Ministros de Agricultura de las Américas se reunirán en la Riviera Maya, México, para debatir sobre las alternativas que tiene la región para impulsar su productividad agrícola y el desarrollo de sus territorios rurales. Con el tema “Productividad agrícola sustentable e inclusión rural”, el...
Costa Rica
2015 - Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA)

Журнальная статья
Agroécologie en Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre : réalités et perspectives

Grain de sel est la revue semestrielle d’Inter-réseaux Développement rural. Chaque numéro est consacré à une thématique précise et vise à faire participer aux débats et réflexions autour de ce thème une diversité d’acteurs et de points de vue.
2015 - Inter-Réseaux Développement Rural

Журнальная статья
More and more women assume the management of agricultural holdings

The area where the beneficiary of this project activates is in a vegetable area with tradition in Braila County, but which is insufficiently exploited due to the population aging process. Considering the growth of the consumption of vegetables and fruit, especially of the local and natural ones, Aurelia Dunose decided...

OK-Net Arable for more knowledge exchange in organic farming

The complexity of organic farming requires farmers to have a very high level of knowledge and skills. But exchange on organic farming techniques remains limited. OK-Net Arable promotes exchange of knowledge among farmers, farm advisers and scientists with the aim to increase productivity and quality in organic arable cropping all...

Журнальная статья
My farm - Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea, business with a royal emblem

After they took over the royal vineyards in Segarcea, Cornelia and Mihai Anghel now produce some of the best known wines in the country, which have been rewarded at great international competitions of the industry. They are convinced that wine means art, science, emotion, passion, work and divine goodwill. Mihai...
2015 - Romanian Rural Development Network

Campaña para mujeres rurales

Aida Pesquera de Oxfam habla de la campaña #apoYOmujerRural que busca que por fin se respeten los acuerdos con las mujeres rurales.
2015 - OXFAM - Colombia

Статья в блоге
Consideraciones sobre la agricultura familiar en Venezuela

Marcelo Resende, Representante de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO) en Venezuela
En Venezuela desde el inicio del gobierno del ex presidente Hugo Chávez hasta el actual mandato del presidente Nicolás Maduro, el compromiso político con la agricultura familiar ha sido evidente. Para comenzar, destaca que la Constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela condena el latifundio y dispone que el Estado debe...
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
2015 - Fundación de Capacitación e Innovación para Apoyar la Revolución Agraria (CIARA)

Organic Opportunities for Sustainable Rural Development to 2020

Today, the crisis situation in the European dairy sector clearly highlights the failures of our current EU policies for supporting viable farm enterprises and balanced rural development. As a result the programme will include a panel discussion looking at whether EU agri-food policies are capable of supporting sustainable farming and...

Статья в блоге
AsiaDHRRA shares stories of family farmers’ post-yolanda recovery

In this blog article, AsiaDHRRA is pleased to share its latest video highlighting some of the results of farmers organizations’ (FOs’) projects that are being supported through the Post-Yolanda Fund Facility for Local Initiatives (Year 1). The supported FO-managed projects have assisted them in coping during the early days after...
2015 - Asian Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia (AsiaDHRRA)

Tercer curso de formadores en ganadería familiar

El INTA y la coordinación de Agricultura Familiar del Senasa dictaron el 3º curso de formadores en ganadería familiar para capacitar a técnicos veterinarios en aspectos sanitarios de la producción pecuaria familiar.
2015 - Pampero TV

Статья информационного бюллетеня
Agroecologia: os desafios econômicos, sociais e ambientais da agricultura familiar

Cáceres (MT) – A pesquisa Promovendo Agroecologia em Rede, que a Articulação Nacional de Agroecologia (ANA) está realizando no país, envolvendo sete regiões brasileiras, com o apoio da Fundação Banco do Brasil e do BNDES na realidade traça um retrato da agricultura familiar no momento histórico. Sem contar as diferenças...
2015 - Articulação Nacional de Agroecologia (ANA)

Статья информационного бюллетеня
Caribbean looks to aquaculture food security to combat climate change

To ensure food security, the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), the regional body responsible for the responsible use of regional resources, is promoting aquaculture as part of a range of initiatives to build climate-resilient fisheries. A five-year plan has been drafted by the Secretariat and a working group established to...
2015 - Caribbean News Service

Professionnalisation des agricultures familiales

Outils pour le renforcement des capacités techniques et organisationnelles des organisations paysannes en Afrique subsaharienne
Selon la FAO, le FIDA et le PAM, 805 millions de personnes dans le monde, soit une personne sur neuf, souffrent de la faim. L'humanité dispose des moyens pour mettre un terme à la faim, mais pour y parvenir, il faut impérativement investir dans l'agriculture familiale pour « nourrir le...
2015 - CTA

Статья информационного бюллетеня
Agroecological family farmers can become “the backbone of food security in Europe”

In September 2015, family farmer Jyoti Fernandes spoke at a Policy Debate in the European Parliament. The video is embedded below and a full transcript of the talk is available here. Being part of the UK Landworkers’ Alliance and the European Coordination of La Vía Campesina (host of the debate),...
2015 - Agroecology Now

Тематическое исследование
Building carbon in farm soils

Carbon-conscious farmers in the UK work with nature not against it, concerned about the health of their soils for future generations. They use principles of ‘feeding the soil not the plant’, understanding and encouraging soil biology, and harvesting sunlight to maximum effect. These farmers understand that we must repair damaged...
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2015 - ILEIA, Center for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture
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