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Доклад конференции
L’inscription de la famille dans le travail et la vie des petites entreprises. Lecture à partir d'entreprises agricoles

Une des questions est celle des connaissances dont on dispose sur le travail, les conditions de son exercice, et ses évolutions au sein des TPE/TPI. Quelles sont les évolutions du travail dans différents secteurs d'activité à l'échelle des territoires ? Cette communication vise à apporter des éléments sur le travail...
2013 - HaL Archives Ouvertes

“New Success Factors” - "The Cascinadda"

Documentaries on the Best Practices in Rural Development carried out by young farmers that have been granted support under EU Rural development policies.
2013 - Rete Rurale Nazionale - Italy

Conservation Agriculture - Global Prospects and Challlenges

The book covers the spread of Conservation Agriculture (CA) in countries including Brazil, Argentina, the USA, Canada, Australia and emerging CA destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa. Topics covered include the performance of CA as an approach to sustainable crop intensification and how it can contribute to enhancing productivity, improving...
2013 - CAB International

Газетная статья
Food sovereignty and rural development: beyond food security

Food sovereignty and food security are not the same issue. Both are different but many people around the world confuse the two. This article explores and analyzes the issues surrounding food security and food sovereignty in order to explain the differences between them, identifies the principal statements in food sovereignty...
2013 - Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Работа конференции
Voluntary Standards for Sustainable Food Systems: Challenges and Opportunities: A Workshop of the FAO/UNEP Programme on Sustainable Food Systems

The aim of the workshop is to examine various types of standards and labels and to build upon lessons learned from concrete examples to identify issues and challenges to be addressed, discuss their potential contribution to improve sustainability of food systems, and propose measures in order to improve their effectiveness....
2013 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Rural Investment and Services Project

The project is the second Phase of a two-phase Rural Investment and Services Program (1st phase 2002-2006). The project strives to continue to foster the post-privatization growth in the agricultural and rural sectors of Moldova by improving access of farmers and rural entrepreneurs to legal ownership status, know-how, knowledge and...
Republic of Moldova
2013 - Consolidated Agricultural Projects Management Unit

Empadre y parición de alpacas

Cartilla técnica para la crianza mejorada de alpacas
Más de 170 mil familias, ubicadas en su mayoría en la zona altoandina «puna y cordillera», participan en la cadena productiva de la alpaca. El 75% de ellas vive en situación de pobreza extrema. La crianza de alpacas en un 80% se realiza bajo un sistema tradicional, caracterizado por un...
2013 - Soluciones Prácticas

La sécurité alimentaire de la planète passe par l’agriculture familiale

C’est le message que veut envoyer la FAO, l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture, en faisant de 2014 l’Année internationale de l’agriculture familiale. Au Québec UPA Développement international (UPA DI) s’associe à ce projet. C’est pourquoi l’UPA DI accueille en ce moment Nora Ourabah Haddad, coordonnatrice pour les activités liées...
2013 - Radio Canada International

Purchase for Progress. Final Consolidated Farmers’ Organizations and Capacity Development Report

The Final Consolidated Farmers’ Organizations (FOs) and Capacity Development Report provides a snapshot of P4P’s engagement with FOs from 2009 to 2013. P4P engaged with over 830 FOs over the duration of the pilot, with the FOs actively targeted in December 2013 representing over 1.5 million farmers across the 20...
2013 - World Food Programme (WFP)

Family Farming in Romania

There are 3.9 million farm holdings in Romania, the majority of which are Family Farms of extensive semi-natural grassland pastoral systems and mixed farming systems. These semi-natural smallsale farmed landscapes are of significant economic importance. For example, the 1 million holdings between 1-10 ha (3.1 m ha, 20% of Romania’s...

Mujeres y pesca artesanal en la Región Centroamericana para todos

Promoviendo alianzas y contribuyendo al mejoramiento de capacidades de los hombres y mujeres trabajadores de la pesca de pequeña escala en Centroamérica
Este documento presenta de forma interactiva la importancia de las mujeres en la pesca artesanal de Centroamérica, describiendo sus actividades, estadísticas regionales y detallando los derechos de las mujeres.
2013 - Cooperativa Autogestionaria de Servicios Profesionales para la Solidaridad Social (CoopeSoliDaR)

The institutional structure of rural extension and public-private relations in Latin America

Given the importance of agriculture and the rural medium for countries’ growth and development, policy makers must strengthen the institutional structure of rural extension and increase public and private investment. Abundant natural resources, knowledge, technology, and extensionists are not enough. Countries lso need policies, institutional frameworks, and solid management that link...
2012 - Latin American Network for Rural Extension Services (RELASER)

Mejorando la calidad de nuestra semilla de papa mediante la selección de las mejores plantas

Selección positiva. Guía de campo para agricultores
Este libro indica que en los últimos años, la producción de papa ha experimentado una significativa innovación técnica y comercial, lo que ha permitido el desarrollo de su valor agregado y el surgimiento de nuevos mercados especialmente para las variedades nativas de papa. Sin embargo, esta rápida expansión de la...
2012 - Centro Internacional de la Papa (CIP)

Manejo de plagas de la papa en la región andina del Perú

Guía de capacitación
Este curso está dirigido a los extensionistas con el objetivo de mejorar el entendimiento de la biología y la ecología de las plagas lo que es importante para la correcta aplicación de estrategias de control; así como compartir información a fi n de actualizar el conocimiento de nuevas estrategias ecológicas...
2012 - Centro Internacional de la Papa (CIP)

Журнальная статья
Agriculture of the Future in Antonesti - Moldova

Alexandru Malancea started working in agriculture in 1996, at the beginning helped by his parents. He became a land owner later, when he received a land parcel. He felt a call and vocation for agriculture and decided to extend his land, by acquiring a new plot, where the village farm...
Republic of Moldova

Тематическое исследование
Equator initiative case study series

The Smallholders Foundation Nigeria
The Smallholders Foundation promotes sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation through educational radio programmes. Smallholder Farmers Rural Radio broadcasts daily programs on agricultural management, environmental conservation, and market access, which reach over 250,000 smallholder farmers. Broadcasts are done in the local Igbo language, and reach listeners in three local government catchments...
2012 - United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Технический документ
Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation - Challenges and Opportunities in the Food Sector

The aim of the workshop is to examine various types of standards and labels and to build upon lessons learned from concrete examples to identify issues and challenges to be addressed, discuss their potential contribution to improve sustainability of food systems, and propose measures in order to improve their effectiveness....
2012 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Газетная статья
Land degradation and smallholder farmers’ response

A case of villages in the southern parts of Ludewa District, Iringa Region
A cross sectional study was conducted to investigate response of smallholder farmers to land degradation in the southern parts of Ludewa District. The study involved 240 respondents randomly selected from stratified population based on gender and type of village. Besides, focus group discussions were made to gauge farmers’ opinions based...
United Republic of Tanzania
2012 - Open University of Tanzania

Líneas y variedades de algodón (Gossypium sp.) de fibra larga y extralarga para mercados de exportación

Resultados de la investigación en algodón, ensayos de rendimiento y pruebas regionales 2009 a 2011
El algodón es producido en el mundo por alrededor de 100 países, pero solamente un pequeño grupo de ellos concentra en gran parte la producción mundial. En los últimos años esta producción mundial alcanzó las 67,3 millones de toneladas, de las cuales el 75 % se concentró en 6 países,...
2012 - Corporación Colombiana de Investigación Agropecuaria (AGROSAVIA)

Ola invernal tecnologías para recuperar el sector agropecuario

Guía de campo para la identificación y manejo de enfermedades y plagas en el cultivo de fríjol
Corpoica a través del componente fitosanitario del proyecto de ola invernal en el Caribe seco, ejecutado desde el C.I. Caribia, además de realizar el diagnóstico de la situación sanitaria de los cultivos de mayor importancia afectados durante esa temporada invernal, se trazó como meta el acopio de información técnica y...
2012 - Corporación Colombiana de Investigación Agropecuaria (AGROSAVIA)
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