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Women, Girls and Land campaign

About #HerLand campaign Together with partners, activists and influencers, UNCCD is launching the campaign #HerLand to promote successful examples of women and girls’ contributions to sustainable land management and mobilize support to advance land rights for women and girls around the world.  You too can lend your support by reaching out to your communities and advocating...
2023 - UN Convention to Combat Desertification

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Tackling loss and damage in countries vulnerable to the effect of the climate crisis: improving evidence and co-generating pathways to impact

Loss and damage is one of the most important issues for climate-vulnerable developing countries.   Communities and ecosystems around the developing world are experiencing unprecedented extreme weather events. Driven by climate change, these shocks will worsen with every increment of global heating, exposing billions of people to catastrophic loss and damage – from loss of...
2023 - IIED

Электронные учебные курсы
Transforming dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral systems

This course seeks to build the competencies needed for program and project managers, field practitioners and policy makers to apply a transformational sustainability approach to decision-making in the management of dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral production systems.
2023 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Organic's recommendations for the pesticides use regulation (SUR)

In this video, part of the longer one "Organic approach to plant health care and pesticides regulation", we focus on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulation that is currently being discussed in the EU. IFOAM Organics Europe supports this crucial reform, but considers that, in order for it to be...
2023 - Ifoam Organics Europe

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Sowing the seeds for a just transition

Increased investment in the food and agriculture sector is central to achieving many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including the goals on gender equality, reduced inequalities and climate action.  Yet IIED research shows that contracts and contracting processes used by companies operating in the food and agriculture sector in low- and middle-income...
2023 - IIED

Resultados económicos de modelos productivos porcinos. Informe N° 78. Enero 2023

Este documento elaborado en el marco del Proyecto “Caracterización de gestiones económicas de sistemas de producción agropecuarios de pequeña y mediana escala” (vigente desde enero del 2020) presenta estimaciones sobre comportamientos de resultados económicos de modelos productivos y tiene como propósito aportar información que favorezca la inclusión de productores, mejore...
2023 - Centro de Información de Actividades Porcinas (CIAP)

Launch of Europe-wide research project on soil health

In mid-February, the transdisciplinary project BENCHMARKS was launched at Wageningen University. The 5-year research project focuses on monitoring soil health across Europe. FiBL Switzerland is one of the 29 partner organisations from across Europe. The European Commission, the Joint Research Centre and representatives of the business and land management sectors...
European Union
2023 - FiBL Switzerland

Living Labs and Lighthouses in the EU Soil Mission - Giulia Campodonico, ENoLL

The Horizon Europe project NATI00NS contributes to the Soil Mission objectives by mobilising potential applicants for regional soil health Living Labs open calls funded by the Mission through diverse events whose main results will be reported back to provide policy recommendations and inputs for potential future calls. Giulia Campodonico, Head...
2023 - NATI00NS

Политический обзор/документ
Habitat connectivity: good for the environment and good for business

Habitat connectivity helps sustain biodiversity in rural Europe and can also bring about economic benefits. This Policy Insight aims to help raise awareness about funding available through the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for landscape features, which facilitate better habitat connectivity and thereby environmental benefits which can also be economically advantageous....
European Union
2023 - EU CAP Network

Mapa de Feiras Orgânicas

O Mapa de Feiras Orgânicas é uma ferramenta de busca, idealizada pelo Idec (Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor), com o objetivo de estimular a alimentação saudável e sustentável em todo o Brasil e mostrar que os produtos orgânicos e agroecológicos podem ser mais acessíveis aos consumidores. O Mapa visa a...
2023 - Mapa de Feiras Orgânicas

Rainforest Alliance Prohibition of Paraquat: Farmers' Experiences with Integrated Weed Management

The Rainforest Alliance prohibited paraquat in its first sustainable agriculture standard, published in 1993. Since then, and in close collaboration with farmers who participate in the Rainforest Alliance Certification Program, we have shown that key crops can be grown without paraquat in tropical agriculture supply chains. More generally, phase outs...
2023 - Rainforest Alliance

Тематическое исследование
Organic policies in Denmark

Thematic Group on Strengthening the position of farmers in the Organic Food Supply Chain
Denmark has the highest market share in the world of organic food and beverages (13,0% in 2021). Danes are proud to have a shared vision to be the world leaders in developing sustainable organic production. Denmark is a small country with a high proportion of agricultural land (good soil, good...
2023 - EU CAP Network Thematic Group on Strengthening the position of farmers in the Organic Food Supply Chain

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The idea of a Liberation Agriculture and the rise of a new food system

From the 1960s and onwards we witnessed the rise of the liberation theology movement. This movement emphasized the need for social justice and a critical and affirmative stance towards oppression and marginalization. The church during this time was enamoured by celebrity preachers and aligned to an oppressive status quo. Jesus,...
2023 - iZindaba Zokudla

Тематическое исследование
Enhancing agrobiodiversity in smallholder agroforestry systems in Madagascar

This agrobiodiversity case study (No.3) from Madagascar is the third of six case studies prepared by forest and farm producer organisations (FFPOs) for the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF). It describes the actions of the Analamanga Regional Branch of the National Platform for Women, Sustainable Development and Food Security (Antenne Régionale...
2023 - International Institute for Environment and Development IIED

BENCHMARKS Soil Health Project

BENCHMARKS proposes the co-development within 24 European case studies of a multi-scale and multi-user focused monitoring framework that is transparent, harmonised and cost-effective. Underpinned by the best scientific knowledge and technologies this framework provides a clear soil health index for benchmarking, using indicators that are pertinent to the objective of assessment,...
European Union
2023 - European Union

Тематическое исследование
Organic policies in Luxembourg

Thematic Group on Strengthening the position of farmers in the Organic Food Supply Chain
Luxemburg has experienced immense population growth since 1970, almost doubling to some 650,000 today. This population growth has been largely due to immigration. Luxembourg also experiences significant daily cross border movement of workers with some 220,000 arriving and leaving every day. These consumers are very much tied to their own...
2023 - EU CAP Network Thematic Group on Strengthening the position of farmers in the Organic Food Supply Chain

Тематическое исследование
How tree seedling nurseries are furnishing landscape agrobiodiversity in Zambia

This agrobiodiversity case study (No.6) from Zambia is the sixth of six case studies prepared by forest and farm producer organisations (FFPOs) for the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF). It describes the actions of the Choma District Tree Nursery and Growers Association (CDTNA). CDTNA represents 111 members, either individual nursery growers...
2023 - International Institute for Environment and Development IIED

Политический обзор/документ
Advancing ecological organic agriculture in Africa

State of scientific evidence and recommendations
African food systems are facing a number of interconnected challenges, due to the negative impacts of climate change, among other factors. Nevertheless, Africa holds a primordial position to create more resilient and sustainable food production systems. More than half of the African population base their livelihood on agriculture; and half...
2023 - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, Switzerland

Политический обзор/документ
Thematic Group on Strengthening the position of farmers in the Organic Food Supply Chain

Conclusions & Recommendations
The Group came together to identify ways in which the role of the organic producer in the organic value chain can be strengthened through cooperation. During the two thematic group (TG) meetings members took stock of the policy & regulatory framework; identified the key enabling conditions and barriers to strengthen...
European Union
2023 - EU CAP Network Thematic Group

Рабочий документ
Working with informality: constructive ways to transform food systems

Many people in low-income countries rely on informal food systems for food and livelihoods. But informality puts food systems outside — or partly outside — the governance of states and value chains. This working paper explores the challenges involved in reversing decades of underinvestment, and why focusing too closely on formalisation...
2023 - International Institute for Environment and Development IIED
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