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Статья в блоге
Mujeres algodoneras de América Latina comparten experiencias y desafíos en evento virtual y dialogan sobre acciones conjuntas en la región

La actividad fue promovida por la Red Latinoamericana de Mujeres Algodoneras y el proyecto regional +Algodón.
Mujeres del sector algodonero de países de Latinoamérica se reunieron el 24 de marzo para un evento virtual donde compartieron compartir experiencias y dialogaron sobre los retos y brechas que aun enfrentan en la cadena algodonera en la región. El webinar regional Mujeres del Algodón: Empoderamiento Económico para Cadenas de Valor con...
2023 - Programa de Cooperación Internacional Brasil-FAO

Mujeres Algodoneras: empoderamiento económico para cadenas de valor con enfoque de género

La agenda internacional al desarrollo, por medio de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS), expresa la importancia de avanzar hacia la igualdad de género (ODS 5) y el poner fin a todas las formas de discriminación contra mujeres y niñas, garantizando de tal forma el ejercicio de los derechos humanos...
2023 - Programa de Cooperación Internacional Brasil-FAO

Статья в блоге
The WRF and the forest and farm facility promote the catalytic role of cooperativism in empowering rural women

Through the “Women and cooperativism” project, led by the WRF together with six regional organizations, 23 successful experiences were identified and analyzed, which served as the basis for developing a cycle of exchanges and material outlining recommendations and lessons learned from women in cooperatives in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. As...
2023 - WRF

Тематическое исследование
7 success factors to empowering rural women through ICTs

Using technology to transform lives
The digital revolution has changed the way we work, access information and connect with each other. It offers opportunities to those who can use the new technologies, but also presents new challenges for those who are left behind. Often referred to collectively as Information and Communications Technologies or ICTs, these technologies...
2023 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Статья в блоге
Climate-resilient women: Seaweed farmers in the Philippines feed families and futures

Despite the ravages of storms, seaweed farming is transforming the lives of Filipino families in traditionally male-dominated fishing communities, turning women into family breadwinners who are paying for their children to go to college. The Cherish Fisherfolk Cooperative of 120 seaweed farmers in the Palawan village of Balintang is named after...

Информационный бюллетень
Shedding New Light

The 2023 Illuminating Hidden Harvests Report is arguably the most concerted and comprehensive research effort so far to focus exclusively on small-scale fisheries but it is not enough. Jointly produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Duke University and WorldFish, the 2023 Illuminating Hidden Harvests (IHH)...
2023 - The International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

Информационный бюллетень
Family Farming Knowledge Platform (FFKP) Monthly Digest October 2023

The Family Farming Knowledge Platform (FFKP) Monthly Digest showcases the latest contents uploaded in the FFKP to provide its readers with relevant and up to date information on family farming main themes such as agroecology, smallscale fisheries, pastoralism, indigenous people, and more. For more documents, feel free to search in the...
2023 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Информационный сборник
Bolivia: The Economic Inclusion Programme for Families and Rural Communities (ACCESOS)

The Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP) piloted talking maps in Bolivia. This innovative tool brings together science and traditional community knowledge to identify key issues and adaptation priorities, giving Indigenous Peoples, women and youth a voice in decision-making.
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
2023 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Тематическое исследование
How the sweet sound of buzzing bees changed the tune of one Uzbek woman’s life

Modern equipment and training ensure traditional livelihoods can provide for rural households
Morning breaks in the village Durmon, a quiet hamlet in the Bukhara region of southern Uzbekistan. There is no bustle of a big city. The only sounds are of chirping of birds and the humming of peaceful nature. This is the setting for an ordinary day in the life of Gulhayo...
2023 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Статья в блоге
CSAs as spaces of care and self-exploitation: a feminist perspective from the UK

I have worked in Community Supported Agriculture for the last 15 years in the UK. Over the last year, I have combined this activity with CAWR’s MSc Programme in Agroecology, Water and Food Sovereignty.  The gender module has allowed me to piece together new narratives through which to explore and contextualise...
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Политический обзор/документ
Can innovations in agri-food systems deliver gender equity and resilience?

Agri-food systems constitute a huge proportion of global jobs and economies, but are failing to provide healthy diets, equitable livelihoods and sustainable practices. Women in rural areas are highly prominent in the sector and most vulnerable to climate impacts. Co-designing and bundling innovations could offer significant opportunities to achieve better outcomes....
2023 - International Institute for Environment and Development

Beyond Business as Usual

The Illuminating Hidden Harvests report showcases the contributions of small-scale fisheries to sustainable development
One of the final events marking the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture (IYAFA), 2022 was the hybrid launch of the report Illuminating Hidden Harvests: the contributions of small-scale fisheries to sustainable development (the IHH report) on March 16, 2023. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations...
2023 - The International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

GOOD PRACTICES: A Digital Tool for Empowering Women Farmers

Women constitute a substantial proportion of the agricultural workforce; yet they quite often face significant barriers to accessing information, resources and technology that could improve their farming practices and enhance productivity and farm income. This good practice note examine the challenges that women farmers face, as well as how innovative...
2023 - Agricultural Extension in South Asia

Политический обзор/документ
The Challenging Climate for Women in Caribbean Fisheries—From Seaweed to Seafood, and Practice to Policy

While scholars agree that Caribbean small-scale fisheries should be managed as social–ecological systems, the domination of natural science over social science is staggering. This inequity is reflected in gender analysis of impacts of climate change and variability on women in fisheries. There is little information on how climate impacts women’s...

Статья в блоге
The Innovation Award for Women Farmers

This competition was developed by Copa-Cogeca to shed a light on the hundreds of innovative projects conducted every year all over Europe by Women farmers. In 2023 it will particularly showcase the innovative and novel solutions implemented by women that are supporting all the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental...
European Union
2023 - Copa&Cogeca

Статья в блоге
FAO initiative validates new advocacy strategy to boost women’s capacities to scale up gender-responsive policy making

A new advocacy strategy to scale up dryland women’s participation in climate change policy discussions was officially validated by WeCaN members at the initiative’s first Global Gathering today. WeCaN is an FAO platform for women’s empowerment in dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral areas. It is a South-South knowledge sharing space for women to connect,...
2023 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Рабочий документ
Gender assessment study for improved fruit tree and Macadamia nuts value chains in Mzimba and Kasungu districts of Malawi

The growing national and export markets for improved fruit (including mango) and macadamia nuts in Malawi could offer promising opportunities for smallholder farmers if they are better integrated (with appropriate resources and training) within their respective value chains. While the macadamia value chain is highly structured, export oriented and dominated...

Информационный бюллетень
Samudra Report No.90, December 2023

The current edition, SAMUDRA Report No. 90, dated December 2023, features a range of articles from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, with a special focus on climate change. The editorial Comment that opens the current issue of SAMUDRA Report argues that adaptive social protection and effective fisheries management can be...
2023 - The International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

India: Tap into the Potential

The limitations of India’s local self-government institutions can be overcome through capacity building and institutional strengthening
Community participation and the use of technology in disaster response as well as the role of local self-government institutions (LSGI) in fisheries management were the highlights of a two-day workshop on Sea Safety and Fisheries Management in the southern state of Kerala. It was organized jointly by ICSF and the...
2023 - The International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

La situación de las mujeres en los sistemas agroalimentarios

Los sistemas agroalimentarios, además de ser una importante fuente de empleo para las mujeres en el mundo, en muchos países constituyen una fuente de sustento más importante para estas que para los hombres. Así pues, empoderar a las mujeres y cerrar la brecha de género en los sistemas agroalimentarios mejora...
2023 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO
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