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Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools

The junior farmer field and life school concept was introduced in four schools in the district in 2004. Then, as the fields prospered and participating students and facilitators became more confident, teachers and students from other schools were invited to visit the fields and learn about the method. As of...
2010 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Доклад конференции
Agricultural trade liberalization and small-holder development: West African rice farmers in perspective

The world’s agricultural system has become globalized, income distribution asymmetrical, and poorer and small-scale households in rural areas turned into net buyers of food, which has heightened the threat to food security and livelihoods, especially for the poorest people in developing countries. Yet, controversy still surrounds the extent to which...

La agricultura de Costa Rica

Situación al 2010, su evolución y prospectiva
La agricultura de Costa Rica: Situación al 2010, su evolución y prospectiva constituye tan solo un insumo para contribuir a la valoración del desempeño del sector agropecuario nacional, tanto desde la perspectiva de la actividad productiva primaria, como de la agroindustria y de los servicios vinculados a las mismas, en...
Costa Rica
2010 - Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA)

Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools inventory

The programme was piloted in Mozambique in 2003-2004 and JFFLSchools have been implemented since then in: Burundi, Cameroon, DRC, Ghana, Gaza & West Bank, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nepal, Rwanda, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe (foreseen next: Burundi, Congo and Rwanda). Programme evaluations have been undertaken in various countries:...
2010 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Eco - Health Farm Network in Latvia

Latvian farmers propose traditional farming practices, healthy living, and preventative health care values to locals and tourists in order to improve human and environment health. The Eco-Health Farms (EHF) model was created in the 90’s by Mara Bergmane, her husband Dainis Bergmanis and Latvian colleagues, in order to address three key...

Газетная статья
The restoration of traditional agricultural systems damaged by hurricanes: the case of the Sierra del Rosario

The restoration of damaged agricultural systems, especially in the traditional agriculture is one of the challenges that impose the changing conditions of the planet in the last decades. The objective of the present work was to evaluate the sequels of these phenomena and to put into practice measures to mitigate...
2010 - Instituto de Investigaciones Fundamentales en Agricultura Tropical (INIFAT)

Электронные учебные курсы
Enhancing participation in CODEX activities

The course explains the organization and operation of the Codex Alimentarius Commission and its subsidiary bodies and the process of developing international food standards. Information is also provided on strenghthening national Codex programmes and FAO/WHO scientific advice. 
2010 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Работа конференции
Youth in agriculture regional workshop

The workshop was designed to address the main contributors to the lack of youth involvement in the sector and also to provide an enabling environment for the young and the not so young within the network to come together, exchange ideas, develop leaders and find common solutions to common problems....
Antigua and Barbuda - Bahamas - Barbados - Belize - Dominica - Grenada - Guyana - Jamaica - Saint Kitts and Nevis - Saint Lucia - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - Suriname - Trinidad and Tobago
2010 - Caribbean Farmers Network (CaFAN)

Доклад конференции
Gender dimensions of climate change adaptation and mitigation by smallholder farmers in Uganda

Climate change is now recognized as serious with long term negative effects on agricultural productivity, and hence on the well-being of communities especially in Africa. Farmers have experienced climate change effects and have tried to mitigate these effects by adapting new/different production practices. This study has been set up to...
2010 - Makerere University

Building resilience to climate change

root crop and fishery production
This Food Security Toolkit, designed specifically for Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs), aims to improve Pacific Islanders’ ability to produce and access safe and nutritious foods that meet their dietary and cultural needs. Targeting food security in the Pacific region is a critical action in the face of climate...
Cook Islands - Fiji - Kiribati - Marshall Islands - Micronesia (Federated States of) - Nauru - Niue - Palau - Papua New Guinea - Samoa - Solomon Islands - Tonga - Tuvalu - Vanuatu

Small farms tackle big problems in Bulgaria and Romania

Sofia, Bulgaria - Visitors to the first Terra Madre Balkans event, which opened in Sofia today, were greeted with specialty cheeses, artisan breads, jam and honey. The food fair for small-scale farmers and producers, devised by the organization Slow Food and supported by WWF, kicked off in the Botanical Garden...
Bulgaria - Romania
2010 - WWF

Газетная статья
Uso de camas profundas en los sistemas de engorde de cerdos en el sector campesino en Cuba

Se evaluó la tecnología de cama profunda como alternativa para el engorde de cerdos en el sector campesino en Cuba. Realizándose 2 ciclos de crianza de 106 días con 108 animales cada uno (hembras y machos castrados), de la raza Yorkshire Landrace YL (Camborough), de aproximadamente 21,0 kg de peso...
2010 - Instituto de Investigaciones Porcinas (IIP)

Marine Protected Areas in Thailand: Time for a Sea Change: A Study of the Effectiveness of Biodiversity Conservation Measures and Marine Protected Areas Along Southern Thailand’s Andaman Sea Coastline

This study examines how Thailand’s biodiversity conservation measures affect fishing communities, especially in the marine protected areas (MPAs) on the Andaman Sea coastline. It documents the various efforts of the local fishing communities to protect the resources in the area. Also included are recommendations for government agencies, civil society and...

Журнальная статья
Agricultural boom and persistence of rural poverty in Latin America

Some reflections
This article focuses on the analysis of some factors that would be widening the gap between the dynamism on the agricultural sector and progress related to reduce rural poverty. This is analyzed in relation to the different countries capacity about the progress on these two dimensions, poverty and growth. Here...
2010 - Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh)

African Smallholders - Foodcrops, Markets and Policies

This study was presented during the conference “Production and Carbon Dynamics in Sustainable Agricultural and Forest Systems in Africa ” held in September, 2010.
2010 - SIANI

Газетная статья
Tourism and its interactions transformations in rural areas

Discussions related to the appropriation of nature and the notable changes in the rural areas have gained strength in recent times. Usually, such ideas are contextualized in the theme of sustainable development, however, there is still no consensus. The present study is to  analyze the tourism phenomenon and  its interventions...
2010 - Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh)

The Organic Business Guide

Developing sustainable value chains with smallholders
Sales of organic products are steadily increasing, and so is organic production in low and middle income countries. For good reason: for farmers it is an opportunity to increase their income and manage their land in a more sustainable way. Getting the produce from the field to the market requires...
2010 - IFOAM - Organics International

Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010

Country Report: Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Sustainably managed forests have multiple environmental and socio-economic functions important at the global, national and local scales, and play a vital part in sustainable development. Reliable and upto-date information on the state of forest resources - not only on area and area change, but also on such variables as growing...
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
2010 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Рабочий документ
Agro-ecologie et developpement durable

De façon à répondre aux exigences d’économies d’échelle manifestées par les grandes firmes semencières et agroindustrielles, nombreuses ont été les agricultures ayant connu récemment des évolutions non compatibles avec les exigences du développement durable, tant par la dégradation des agro écosystèmes qu’elles induisent, que par le primat des logiques de...
2010 - ISDA 2010

Pastoralisme méditerranéen: patrimoine culturel et paysager et développement durable

Actes de la deuxième réunion thématique d’experts sur le pastoralisme méditerranéen, 12-14 novembre 2009 –Tirana (Albanie)
Le pastoralisme est une des pratiques les plus anciennes de l’activité humaine. Il produit des paysages spécifiques, à la fois par la marque qu'il imprime au territoire et par les traditions culturelles matérielles et immatérielles qui leur sont associées. Exposé à des mutations profondes dans certaines régions, en voie de...
2010 - CIHEAM (Centre International de Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Méditerranéennes)
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