Farmer-To-Farmer Exchange: Promoting Conversion to Organic Farming

Converting to an organic farming system or developing one further, can present major challenges for conventional producers who lack basic or advanced information about agro-ecological practices, or who do not understand the value of such practices. This often creates a barrier to potential new converts, or for the up-take of...
2015 - IFOAM EU Group

The consumption of fish and fish products in the Asia-Pacific region based on household surveys

This study, carried out by the Asia Pacific Fishery Commission, examines household survey data pertaining to fish and fish product consumption in 30 countries across the region. The information is also compared and contrasted with consumption estimates obtained through Food Balance Sheets. It is hoped that this publication can help...
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


天津田园派CSA农场,位于天津蓟县,是一家实践社区支持农业(Community Support Agriculture,简称CSA)的生态农场,只有7亩地。发起人高源、小沈夫妻俩在天津市区都有各自的全职工作,他们把大量业余时间投入到农场运作当中,和蓟县礼明庄村的农户静霞合作,在这小小地块上种植生态蔬菜和杂粮,分享给天津城区20多户会员家庭。在小编探访过的众多推崇CSA理念的农场中,田园派是极少见的、真正由城市“草根”消费者发起、并且由消费者和农户共同协作管理的一个特例。本文来自有机会——中国有机生活第一平台.
2015 - YOGEEV

Manual de capacitación para una nutrición sustentable

El Manual de capacitación para una alimentación sustentable nace en el marco del proyecto “Saberes y Sabores: Mejoramiento de la nutrición, la productividad y las ventas de productos campesinos en familias de las provincias de la Sierra Centro del Ecuador” cuyo fin es combatir la malnutrición de los sectores: campesino...
2015 - Fundación Heifer Ecuador

Review of food and agricultural policies in Malawi

This report provides an in-depth analysis of the effects of selected food and agricultural policies in Malawi over the period 2005-2013 and carefully examines: the effects of policies and market performance on price incentives for producers, consumers and other agents in six key agricultural value chains; the level and composition...
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

El MAG impulsa huerta familiar para la producción y el consumo

Dentro del marco del apoyo a la actividad ecológica con el consumo de productos orgánicos, la Dirección de Apoyo a la Agricultura Familiar (DAAF), dependiente del Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería (MAG), lleva a cabo el Proyecto de Equipamiento de la Producción Agrícola en el Paraguay, con el estilo de...
2015 - La Nación

Fair Trade International y CLAC se reunen con la Iniciativa Colombiana de Pequeños Productores de Comercio Justo Solidario y Sostenible

Conscientes de la necesidad de Fortalecer el trabajo de mercadeo y visibilización de las 47 organizaciones de base y 4 de segundo nivel de Pequeños productores de café pertenecientes a la Iniciativa Colombiana de Pequeños Productores de Comercio Justo Solidario y Sostenible – LA INICIATIVA COLOMBIANA; El Sr. Rene Capote,...
2015 - Iniciativa Colombiana de Pequeños Productores de Comercio Justo Solidario y Sostenible

Responses to weather and climate

A cross-section analysis of rural incomes
How much do poor rural households rely on environmental extraction from natural ecosystems? And how does climate variability impact their livelihoods? This paper sheds light on these two questions with household income data from the Poverty and Environment Network pantropical data set, combined with climate data for the past three...
2015 - World Bank Group

La agricultura familiar y la economía solidaria

Avance de investigación
A raíz de la investigación enmarcada en la celebración del Año Internacional de la Agricultura Familiar 2014, se adelantaron estudios de caso vinculando tanto instituciones académicas (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, UNIMINUTO, Instituto Mayor Campesino –IMCA-, Corporación Universitaria Santa Rosa de Cabal – UNISARC-, Universidad de Caldas –U de C-) como organizaciones...
2015 - Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia

Country report on the implementation of the new CAP and its possible effects on permanent pastures: The UNITED KINGDOM

Agriculture is a devolved power in all 3 cases in the UK (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland); English agricultural matters are run by an England-only administration (Defra) but under the control of UK Ministers and the UK parliament. The environment is similarly devolved, but habitat conservation status for Article 17...
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2015 - European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism

Газетная статья
Broken dreams? Youth experiences of agrarian change in Morocco's Saïss region

Important social and agrarian changes are taking place on the agricultural plain of the Saïss in Morocco. Rural young men and women are key players in this process. In this article, we use the experiences, aspirations and dreams of rural young people in the Saïss to describe and discuss current...

Concurso: Contribuciones de los pequeños productores frente al cambio climático

Con este concurso se espera dar un reconocimiento a los pequeños productores de comercio justo, miembros de CLAC, que contribuyen para la adaptación o mitigación del cambio climático, divulgar los trabajos realizados para aumentar el intercambio de conocimiento entre productores a través de las herramientas virtuales Progreso Network y [email protected]
2015 - Coordinadora Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Pequeños Productores de Comercio Justo (CLAC)

Protein Tips: Producing More Organic Fodder Locally In Response to Climate Change

The aim of the project Protein Tips was to increase the amount of locally produced fodder, as a response to climate change, in order to reduce the need to import soy beans for protein fodder. Research showed that the use of locally produced protein fodder crops could considerably improve the...
2015 - IFOAM EU Group

Granjas agro-acuícolas en Guatemala

Experiencia en el establecimiento de granjas agro acuicolas de truchas en el altiplano de Guatemala en contribución a la seguridad alimentaria y nutricional en el marco de la Agricultura Familiar.
2015 - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

Social protection and sustainable natural resource management: initial findings and good practices from small-scale fischeries

Using small-scale fisheries as an illustrative case, this publication explores how social protection interventions can be used to reduce the vulnerability and strengthen the resilience of households and communities that depend principally on renewable natural resources to sustain their livelihoods and food security. It identifies and reviews existing social protection...
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Changing Lives: Farming for the Future in Georgia

Georgia’s dairy farmers face huge challenges to modernise and increase production – not least following the signing of a free trade agreement with Europe. The EBRD, and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations are on board to lend a hand.
2015 - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Jyoti Fernandez - Public Debate on Agroecology in the European Parliament

In September 2015, family farmer Jyoti Fernandes spoke at a Policy Debate in the European Parliament. The video is embedded below and a full transcript of the talk is available here. Being part of the UK Landworkers’ Alliance and the European Coordination of La Vía Campesina (host of the debate),...
2015 - La Vía Campesina

Soutenir les luttes paysannes d’Afrique de l’Ouest pour accélérer la transformation de l’agriculture familiale et de l’élevage en 2015 avec ECOWAP+10

La campagne CULTIVONS, en Afrique de l’Ouest, se joint à la mobilisation du 17 avril, journée mondiale des luttes paysannes lancée par Via Campesina, et soutient les différentes initiatives prises dans les pays de la sous-région à cette occasion. CULTIVONS est une campagne globale coordonnée par Oxfam. Présente en Afrique de...
2015 - Cultivons

Addressing climate change in Eastern Africa through evergreen agriculture

Declining soil fertility, escalating costs of farm inputs and lack of capacity are persistent problems that farmers in eastern Africa continue to grapple with. Such factors have resulted in high levels of poverty and food insecurity due to poor performance of the agriculture sector. Climate change adds a big blow...
2015 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Strengthening Madagascar’s capacities for better locust management

An ongoing locust plague is threatening the livelihoods and food security of 13 million people in Madagascar. To address this major issue, the Ministry of Agriculture of Madagascar and FAO developed a “Three-year emergency Programme in response to the locust plague” comprising three successive locust campaigns (2013–2016).
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
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